Ben will not be attending his 20-year reunion, however. He committed suicide bei December of 2014.

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An offen letter zu members von the entire community of Collegeville, especially the Saint John’s Preparatory School klasse of ‘65 Reunion Committee including Kevin Campbell, John Fogarty, Don Genereux, Al Rudolph, david Thorman and Ray Turcotte.

Andert wollen Attend Reunion This Weekend, His Victim wollen Not

Father tom Andert, a 1965 graduate of Saint John’s Preparatory School ist celebrating his 50th high school reunion this weekend. Andert is acting prior hinweisen Saint John’s Abbey an Collegeville, Minnesota.

One des Father tom Andert’s “alleged” victims, Ben, was a 1995 graduate of Saint John’s prep School. Much of dad Andert’s background with Ben is well documented. In 2002, Abbot klassen even offered to pay weil das Ben’s therapy – bei arrangement brokered von another monk perpetrator.

Ben’s class, the klasse of 1995, is celebrating its 20th klasse reunion this weekend.

Ben will notfall be attending his 20-year reunion, however. He committed suicide bei December des 2014.

In one of Ben’s last email exchanges with me, Ben referred zu the “horrible society of hypocrisy” hinweisen Saint John’s. That hypocrisy möchte be on full display screen this weekend.

At 4:30pm top top Friday (June 26), Father tom Andert wollen say mass zum his classmates.

Reunion committee, i respectfully urge you kommen sie request the a replacement be found.

Despite gift accused von misconduct über at the very least three former students, his gift removed as Prep school headmaster an 1994 due zu his connection with Ben, his safety time weist Saint Luke Institute, his having a history des drinking und sophomoric antics — including play cards bei his underwear v college students — Father tom Andert has yet kommen sie be placed on border or it is in publicly named like so many des his monastic brothers. < see >Not only ist Andert notfall on restriction, he is currently front at ns abbey und is supposedly supervising die older monks who room under Safety to plan (for misconduct) at die abbey.

When Abbot john Klassen is far from the abbey, Father tom Andert is in charge. If something have to happen zu Abbot Klassen, father Andert take away over.

To date, no one has stood up und said v regard kommen sie Father tom Andert, “Enough!”

Perhaps that person ist among her committee?

Father Figure

Two former Prep college students newly recalled their experiences v Father tom Andert. The students to be classmates in the late 1970s. Neither graduated. Each reported the Father tom Andert ended up being a family friend. Every reported being pursued von Father tom Andert. Each reported Father tom Andert saying, “You’re the son ich never had.” Each zu sein deciding upon ns best next step v regard to this matter.

Ben’s story was no different.

Ben was no stranger zu Saint John’s prep School when he gone into as a sophomore in 1992. Father tom Andert und Ben’s father were at die Prep college around the same time.

Ben’s first stay at die Prep School was short lived, however. In early september of 1992, Ben referred to as his parents. They to be at an Elton john concert. Ben told his parental he was homesick und wanted to come home.

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Around Christmas, Ben chose that he would certainly return to the Prep School. Unbeknownst kommen sie Ben’s parents, Father tom Andert had been calling, and persuaded Ben to return to ns Prep School.

Over die next eighteen months, Andert und Ben spent far too much time together.

Several Prep college staff members felt the relationship had become inappropriate.

According to email from a previous Prep employee:

“Andert dropped completely an love through Ben XXXXXX and treated ihm as in equal–not die juvenile high college student the was. What a mess it was zum Ben und for Andert!” – september 20, 2007

spoke about kommen sie me bei overly-glowing terms (inappropriately deshalb for a middle-aged einer speaking of a teenager) und spent a gewächs of time with er one ~ above one– going out kommen sie dinner, visits in his office, trips kommen sie Mpls., etc.” – september 25, 2007

“Abbot Timothy met with me, Thamert und Andert und I was asked to provide my observations about Andert’s inappropriate closeness through Ben XXXXXX. It was enough information to make the abbot force Tom zu fully leave ns Prep School.” – september 30, 2007

And from an additional Prep employee:

“I saw Andert tear nach oben over Ben XXXXXX in his office roughly 1994…it wasn’t grief, however serious longing ich could lakers in his eyes…he said, “don’t you sometimes just want zu take these kids in your arms and hold them?” i sat there and blinked, and perhaps agreed bei a vague way, as i was truly afraid des him.” – December 22, 2014

Until a few months ago, Ben’s parental didn’t recognize that Andert had actually been eliminated as headmaster due kommen sie his “relationship” with Ben – or that Ben’s suicide attempt take it place die night before father Andert’s replacement, Father markierung Thamert, was announced.

Ben mutual that he felt guilty zum ruining Andert’s career. Ben felt guilty zum bringing dead upon his family’s name. Ben felt guilty weil das not law more.

When Ben test suicide at ns Prep School in February of 1994, Father tom Andert was by his side almost immediately. Ben’s parents, unaware von the relationship, entrusted Father tom Andert with their son.

Father tom Andert’s published love letters < check out > began while Ben was still an the hospital – und as dad Andert was on his means out as headmaster hinweisen Saint John’s Preparatory School.

Again, Ben, permit me assure freundin fully + firmly des my unconditional love weil das you. I want to be ns “gas in your tank” dafür you can be “the treiber of her car”. Ich know the my love and support are really important kommen sie you, und you can count ~ above this relationship always. Freundin are a wonderful, caring + love person, und you are going kommen sie make it through this experience. Ich will never ever give nach oben on you, and you know that!!  – Father tom Andert – February 15, 1994

“I know i keep telling sie this, however if i ever had a son, i would want er to be nur like you! sie are a warm, compassionate, caring + nur plain wonderful. Ich sure liebe you really very much, as if freundin are my own kid! Crazy, huh? Imagine having a priest zum a dad!!! Wow!” – Father tom Andert – February 24, 1994

Despite being gotten rid of as headmaster, Father tom Andert, native a PR standpoint, remained a star weil das Saint John’s Abbey:

Fr. Schneidbrett Andert, OSB, who is completing a six-year term together headmaster of Saint John’s Preparatory School, has been selected by the school’s Alumni Association’s board of directors zu receive die 1994 Armor des Light Award throughout a social und dinner celebration weist St. Albert’s Parish Hall in Albertville, Minn., on april 23. – connections (April 21, 1994)

Multiple Reports

In October of 2005, Father tom Andert’s partnership with Ben was reported to die Abbey’s external Review Board und brought to the attention of Abbot john Klassen.

In January of 2006, according zu the external Review board minutes:

“Andert Complaint: There was a question von a member of the plank as to what taken place with the Andert complaint. The Abbot report that die victim would certainly not kommen sie forward.” – ERB minutes – Friday, january 20, 2006

Abbot Klassen was lying. Von 2006, the Ben/Andert story had actually been told at least twice.

Ben’s parents report Andert to Abbot Timothy Kelly an 1996. Throughout those meetings, Ben’s parents were shamed and intimidated.

With to the to ns 1996 meetings, richard Sipe recently wrote zu Klassen:

“Ben’s parents are in contact with me currently. Lock spoke with me already in 1996 around Ben’s abuse and his reactions und struggles through it und the “disrespectful und demeaning” (condescending) way Timothy cure them. Castle are ausblüten hurt und angry about the response von St. John’s.” Richard Sipe – April 3, 2015 < View >Abbot Timothy Kelly, a credibly-accused perpetrator himself < check out >, discounted die accusations versus Andert.

Ben come forward again bei 2002 kommen sie Abbot Klassen, through credibly-accused-monk-perpetrator father Brennan Maiers working as Ben’s intermediator.

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Ben wrote around his meetings through Brennan:

“During our “coffee conversations” us covered whatever from my experiences punkt St. John’s and Tom Andert kommen sie our an extremely differing see on monasticism/the Catholic Church und celibacy.  did share through me that he had actually been part of in “inappropriate relationship” together well, and 20 years later the victim sought legitimate action.” Ben – October 21, 2007

With Brennan’s help, Abbot klassen agreed kommen sie pay weil das Ben’s counseling.