Our vision hinweisen vistax.org is a world in which organizational agility zu sein easy zu achieve, regardless of in organization’s size. Bei other words, vistax.org zu sein a device built for everyone—and that inclusivity should be reflected in the people who imagine and build die product itself. Since die company’s starts five years ago, we’ve prioritized diversity, engagement und belonging bei our hiring, practices und workplace culture. That core zu our values and our mission to do people’s working leben simpler, more pleasant und more productive.

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Our method

As us did bei 2018, we are again publicly releasing our Employment information Report, or EEO1. Based on rückmeldung from our employees, however, us are deshalb including additional information an our very own report to better reflect exactly how our employees oase chosen kommen sie self-identify. Where we have expanded our definitions, we carry out clear details of those changes—and their impact on ns results—in the reporting below.

Where we gestanden today¹

Overall, our diversity metrics have remained consistent, also as ours headcount has actually grown from 716 employees as of januar 31, 2017, to 1,502 employees as of january 31, 2019. We’ve make incremental gains bei the representation von women and underrepresented decimal (URMs) and will continue to invest an these areas—especially bei women in leadership roles and URM managers, two areas an which we experienced slight declines.

In collecting and reporting our diversity data², we’ve made the following transforms from our 2018 report zu more totally represent ours community:

Transgender people are civilization whose gender identity zu sein different from their geschlecht assigned hinweisen birth. We have enabled employees to identify whether they are transgender or gender-nonconforming. Transgender and gender-nonconforming employee account zum 0.7% des individuals punkt vistax.org.³ In our dünn on gender punkt vistax.org, transgender frauen are included in our reporting on women, und account zum 0.2% von women hinweisen vistax.org. Center Eastern employee are now included bei our report on URMs⁴, accounting for 0.9% von our workforce und that portion von the increase an total URMs at vistax.org. Previously, bei aligning ours race and ethnicity categories v those des the U.S. Equal Employment possibility Commission (EEOC), middle Eastern dünn was not reported, however we are jetzt including those numbers. While we previously had a einzel Asian category kommen sie align with the EEOC, we have now broken this the end into ost Asian, southern Asian and Southeast eastern categories kommen sie give employees more options in self-identifying und to more accurately reflect our population.

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Globally, frau constitute 45.8% of our workforce, up from 44.7% (+1.1 pts.) indigenous our belastung report bei April 2018.

34.6% of people bei technical roles are women, hoch from 34.3% (+0.3 pts.) belastung year.50.2% von our managers (employees with direct reports) are women, trost from 48.0% (+2.2 pts.) tonnage year.29.6% of our management (director level und above) space women, down from 30.6% (-1.0 pt.) belastung year.

In die U.S., 14.0% von our workforce is composed des people indigenous one or more underrepresented racial and/or ethnic backgrounds, nach oben from 12.6% (+1.4 pts.) tonnage year.

14.2% of our U.S. Technical organization ist composed von people indigenous underrepresented gyeongju and/or ethnic backgrounds, up from 12.8% (+1.4 pts.) last year.13.0% of our U.S. Supervisors are native underrepresented gyeongju and/or country backgrounds, under from 14.0% (-1.0 pt.) tonnage year.8.8% of our U.S. Leadership team are indigenous underrepresented racial and/or country backgrounds, trost from 6.0% (+2.8 pts.) belastung year.

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In the U.S., we deshalb look punkt LGBTQ, disability and veteran status among employees.⁵

7.8% des our U.S. Workforce determine as LGBTQ, down from 8.3% (-0.5 pts.) belastung year.7.8% des our U.S. Managers determine as LGBTQ, under from 8.7% (-0.9 pts.) last year.1.7% von our U.S. Workforce recognize as having actually a disability, trost from 1.4% (+0.3 pts.) belastung year.1.4% of our U.S. Workforce identify as veterans, trost from 0.9% (+0.5 pts.) tonnage year.