Warum ist das internet in deutschland so schlecht

Judging von the amount von posts in the various facebook groups und the comments’ ar on this really blog, newcomers never ever cease kommen sie be baffled around how bad access kommen sie reliable internet is in this country. Even if it is it’s hinweisen home or on mobile, it’s hard for some zu move kommen sie the erste European economic power und experience internet like it’s 2009.

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This happened kommen sie me auch naturally. It’s an ext expensive, slower than zurück home and don’t gain me started on how it takes zu even offen a line. This made me curious: how did this happen? ich mean surely, reliable and fast internet is key zu economic success. How has actually Germany let this develop?

Come v me top top a journey des poor technological choices, lobbying and weak politics will.

How much mobile dünn you can get weil das 30€ throughout Europe. Source:http://research.rewheel.fi/

How does ns future look like?

It’s basic to see that säule is playing a much larger part an our lives with each passing year and connection speed möchte continue zu be important. It is why fiber optics space a for sure investment weil das the future. Someone at this time living an the countryside, with just a basic internet connection, wollen need viel longer zu surf die internet, wait hours weil das large files to download. This holds them back!

Startups space formed bei areas where the internet is fast, and companies won’t invest outside of the cities without the necessary digital infrastructure. We as individuals are so increasingly dependency on a in der nähe des connection. Lernen are mirroring that our use of google is resulting in us zu forget details, learning we kann just quickly look everything hoch – externalizing our memories to the internet. Those through a slow connection won’t have the exact same access to information und lose valuable time with their processes. Time ist short, and even seconds of delay can add nach oben quickly.

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Disclaimer: this post is largely inspired from the excellent videobilien made von German Youtuber Simplicissmus. I recommmend ns full video zum more einzelheiten on die situation. This post zu sein just a short intro, many sources are there if sie want zu investigate further.

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Source: Simplicissmus top top Youtube

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