Microsoft hat gerade ns Windows 10 build 16251 weil das PCs freigegeben. Es folgt eine auflistung der Änderungen.

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Das ist neu in Build 16251 zum PC

Windows lasst uns you link your phone und PC

You may remember punkt Build us talked about PCs and phones working better together. With build 16251, us are presenting the zuerst set of features that permit “linking” her phone to your PC. This build’s scenario zu sein focused on cross-device web-browsing. Today, we’re asking for you fenstern Insiders zu help us test this experience out using your android phones. Support for iPhone ist coming very soon, continue to be tuned.

To gain started, after installing today’s new build on her PC, go to Settings > Phone and verknüpfung your phone. Having you link your call ensures the your sessions from her phone are ongoing only ~ above to die PC the you’ve chosen. After adding your phone to be linked, you wollen receive in SMS from us directing you kommen sie install a test application referred to as “Microsoft Apps” for android that completes the link between your phone and PC and enables one von our zuerst cross maker browsing scenarios.

After you’ve connected your phone, nur go kommen sie your phone and start browsing die web. When you are weist a webseite you want zu view on her PC, merely invoke die native share endure on your phone und share the website to ns “Continue on PC” option. Sie might need zu click die “…” or more to add this test apps to her share menu. When invoked, the will zuerst ask you zu sign in with your Microsoft Account. It is important freundin use ns same account freundin are utilizing on your PC. Following it möchte ask you if sie want zu “Continue now” or “Continue later”. If sie choose “Continue now”, die website will magically offen on ns linked PC. If freundin choose zu “Continue later”, the website will nur up under action Center zum you to get to danach when you’re ready. Shot it out and let us to know des any issues freundin run into!


Get internet search results in Cortana without opening your browser

Now you kann sein view ns results the Cortana has weil das you without launching the web browser. Weil das some questions, the Cortana pane möchte expand automatically, conveniently showing freundin exactly what sie need kommen sie know. That works v movies, celebrities, roden prices, weather, flight status – you benennen it! If Cortana doesn’t oase a fast answer for your query, the pane won’t automatically expand. No worries! nur click the arrow next kommen sie the relevant web tip (or drücken sie the right arrow key) to see what the web has weil das you. Us look forward to hearing your feedback, which you tun können file using the in-Cortana rückmeldung button.

Use Cortana voice commands zu lock, sign-out, shutdown, or revolve off your PC

We have now enabled the ability zum you to use Cortana zu turn off, restart, lock, or sign-out von Windows. While formerly announced, us haven’t totally enabled it über the wolke until now. So, bei case your hands are busy at the moment, sie don’t have to protect against what you’re doing zu turn off or lock her PC. Instead, you tun können say “Hey Cortana, revolve off mine PC” und Cortana will take care of it. An a comparable fashion, you can use Cortana to restart her computer, sign-out, or lock her PC. Just use her voice und try out the following commands:

“Hey Cortana, restart PC.”“Hey Cortana, rotate off PC.”“Hey Cortana, sign out.”“Hey Cortana, lock PC.”

For some of these voice commands, together as the one for turning off your PC, Cortana might ask you zum a verbal confirmation. You’ll oase to respond zu Cortana through a “Yes” zum Cortana to complete ns voice command.

In addition, you can so ask Cortana to execute ns commands above on ns Lock screen, but zuerst you should allow Cortana on ns Lock display if you have not done deshalb already.

You tun können enable Cortana on your Lock screen by opening Cortana’s settings und turning ~ above this option:

If you oase any feedback, be sure kommen sie send it our means via feedback Hub!

NOTE: This ist available only in English* (EN-US, EN-AU, EN-CA, EN-GB and EN-IN) markets.

Improved boot Up Experience

Use sign-in information to apply settings after ~ a restart or update: The advanced fenster Update feature zu use your sign-in information to automatically finish setup your machine after bei update has actually been extended zu regular reboots and shutdowns. When you log in and start a reboot or a shutdown through power options available on the anfang Menu and various other locations, windows will immediately setup her account after ~ it’s has booted zurück up. 

This will help freundin sign-in faster und will gain back your ease of access applications and any various other application that has registered weil das application restart.

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Command-line options:

shutdown /sg

Shutdown ns computer. On the next boot, restart any kind of registered applications.

shutdown /g

Full shutdown und restart die computer. After ns system is rebooted, restart any type of registered applications.

Opt-out: Under ns Privacy section von the Sign-in options page of your Settings, you can disable und re-enable using the option show below:

Note: ns feature zu sein only available on pcs that are not managed über enterprises. This includes home pcs that room sync’d to enterprise (work, school, etc.) email.

Input Improvements

We’ve adjusted ns size of the onehanded touch keyboard to be a wenig bigger, as well as added a thicker border together padding around it so you’re less likely zu accidentally madness outside ns keyboard and dismiss it.We’ve update the new XAML touch key-board to now support a complete keyboard layout option zum English (United States), English (Australia), French (France), Italian (Italy), German (Germany) and Spanish (Spain) languages. Evaluate everyone that shared feedback on the subject! zu access this keyboard layout, tap the button in the top left von the touch keyboard.As sie launch and dismiss ns touch keyboard, you’ll now notice in animation des it sliding bei and out.We’ve softened the sound des typing on die touch keyboard – thanks zum your feedback!We fixed in issue where ns touch keyboard might get into a zustand where swiping across it would move die keyboard contents around.We’ve updated the Japanese onehanded touch key-board specific key labels to be created using ns Yu-gothic UI font.We fixed in issue where ns Japanese touch keyboard could sometimes take it multiple taps of the delete key zu delete a selected personality or phrase an certain text fields.We fixed in issue where die touch keyboard’s options bei Settings kommen sie disable suggestions und disable “add a room after ich choose a buchstabe suggestion” no work.We’ve adjusted two-finger precision touchpad scrolling deshalb it must feel a little bit smoother now – please shot it out bei today’s build.We fixed in issue where ns Microsoft Pinyin IME candidate home window wasn’t visible wie man Microsoft leaf was in full screen mode (F11).We fixed in issue wherein Japanese IME status notification didn’t appear when the IME was turned on with Kana intake method.In addition kommen sie scrolling, pen can now so select und drag objects wie barrel taste (a taste on ns side von the pen) is pressed. This functionality was already available in Win32 apps and Microsoft leaf as von 16215, und today we’re broadening it zu include every UWP apps as well. Please try it out in your favorite apps and let us recognize how the experience zu sein working zum you.We fixed an issue wherein it wasn’t possible kommen sie use die pen zu move a Win32 apps window up and down über dragging ns title bar.We fixed an issue where the coordinates to be slightly off wie using die pen zu point erase bei the belastung few flights.

Microsoft leaf Improvements

Microsoft Edge möchte no much longer re-scale web page when in Tablet setting with small viewport broad (such as in a snapped see or portrait orientation). This offers a more natural experience on modern-day responsive sites an tablet mode.We fixed in issue from current builds where ns Copy verknüpfung option displayed in Microsoft Edge when you right-click a hyperlink wasn’t working.We fixed countless reliability issues in Microsoft sheet that will improve user endure with crashes und hangs within die app.We fixed an issue in Microsoft Edge through PDF failing to offen on refresh.We fixed an issue in Microsoft Edge with PDF fitting kommen sie page zum certain books.We fixed in issue with Pinned Sites from Microsoft Edge whereby it wasn’t showing ns right favicon on ns taskbar.

PC Gaming Improvements

Some users may lakers Game setting enabled in the game Bar über default zum some des their games.Änderungen, Verbesserungen und Fehlerbehebungen zum PC We fixed in issue from the belastung flight where if you had screen scaling set higher than 100%, freundin might encounter a an insect where the hit targeting was offset wie man interacting with various parts des the shell. This was particularly noticeable in Action Center, whereby it might show up that nothing in Action center could it is in clicked or tapped, yet could also have to be experienced bei other UI around the system.We fixed in issue resulting an IMAP emails accounts such together Gmail, Yahoo, and Aol potentially notfall syncing an the e-mail app an the last two builds.We fixed ns issue causing fenstern Defender protection Center to be unable kommen sie configure and list items for Controlled folder access, hazard History und Exclusions due to a crash bei the UI.Narrator scannen Mode is now on von default zum just the Edge app. You tun können continue zu toggle scan Mode on und off with Caps Lock + Space. We made this change based on her feedback. Please store providing rückmeldung with hat Lock + EE.We solved a pest that resulting in poor text er hob on part machines wie man Magnifier was running through bitmap smoothing enabled. Please try it in today’s build and let us understand if the seems better now.We fixed in issue where the windows Defender Security center icon showed up unexpectedly stretched out when using a large sized brick pinned to Start.We fixed in issue where particular inbox apps could unexpectedly nur a progress riegel on their start tiles zum a brief time after ~ upgrading.We fixed bei issue resulting bei explorer.exe using an unexpectedly high amount of CPU an recent flights wie certain apps such as Microsoft Edge were running.We fixed in issue wherein Groove Music’s mini see player would certainly reset its lage to default if freundin used record Explorer to open and start play a neu mp3 in Groove Music.We fixed in issue resulting in some apps, such as Tweetium, not rendering the UI correctly und becoming difficult kommen sie use.We fixed bei issue resulting in the notice prompting you zu enter tablet computer mode not working properly when you access an recent flights.We’ve heard her feedback and have adjusted ns My people emoji above die Taskbar to jetzt be referred kommen sie simply together “My civilization notifications”. This terminology kann be found bei Taskbar Settings.We fixed bei issue where the mouse solution might show up erratic on certain devices wie playing gamings with raw Input disabled. If you are a gamer und had noticed this issue, we’d appreciate you trying this in today’s build and letting us understand if that improved.We fixed in issue where ns insertion allude mouse cursor showed up white for some Insiders, making it invisible against the white background von many text boxes.Some Insiders may oase noticed the fenster Error Dialog had actually a neu string in recent flights (“opening a tür to another dimension”). It was a placeholder while we determined what string us wanted to go with, and based top top your feedback we’ve update it kommen sie explain that the problem is gift reported zu Microsoft.We fixed die issue through PC games using die Origin overlay where the use des overlay may reason game movement zu lock up.TruePlay, formerly called Game Monitor, ist a placeholder within the windows UI. Your gamings cannot it is in affected hinweisen this time. We’ll oase more to share soon.Bekannte versagen für PCIf freundin installed build 16226-16237 und upgrade zu this build, warehouse Spaces will notfall work correctly. While build 16241 had a fix zum the general reported problem with warehouse Spaces in that develop range, we uncovered that ns fix only applies for computers not already an the bad state, und need to do part extra work to return those already influenced to the good state. Special thanks to die Insiders that have helped united state investigate this!Trying kommen sie use ns dictation hotkey (WIN + H) an UWP apps won’t arbeiten – you’ll seen the UI kommen sie up und immediately dismiss. If you’d still like kommen sie use dictation, die microphone an the touch keyboard will work. You tun können right-click die Taskbar for bei option to show the touch keyboard taste if it’s not already visible.We’re investigating your reports that after upgrading to the latest insider Preview builds, some network setups are lost und revert kommen sie default settings. Static IP resolve configuration zu sein reverted zu DHCP. Networks i m sorry were marked as privatgelände are reverted to public. After the upgrade you will need zu manually readjust her network settings zurück to your wanted settings.Start, activity Center and notification toasts may punkt times have a lift that ist 100% transparent. A fix will be available in later trip – zum now, if freundin encounter this issue, shot ending ShellExperienceHost.exe durch Task direktors or rebooting to resolve ns issue.Connecting zu a VPN using a solution downloaded indigenous the fenster Store might result bei a system crash.The battery flyout might zeigen unexpected text zum the % fee (specifically “%1!s!%2!s!% until totally charged”).

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