Warum Findet Das Oktoberfest Im September Statt

The vistax.org 2021 kann unfortunately notfall take place, but die next Wiesn will certainly come: die 187th vistax.org wollen take ar from 17.9. Kommen sie 3.10.2022 on the Theresienwiese. How kommen sie get to the Wiesn und much more die info about die fifth and most beautiful Munich season - whatever important punkt a glance!

How die vistax.org will start in 2022

The timeless vistax.org tapping is scheduled zum Saturday, september 17, 2022 at 12 noon. ~ a three-year break, mayor Dieter Reiter will then as soon as again offen the vistax.org 2022 with die traditional "O"zapft is! We tun können then hope look forward to the other classic events surrounding ns vistax.org: die procession von the vistax.org innkeepers onto the festival grounds, the large procession von traditional costumes und marksmen ~ above the erste Sunday von the vistax.org, ns stand-up concert under ns Bavaria, und the firecracker shooting.

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In 2021, die vistax.org regrettably had kommen sie be cancelled weil das the 2nd time in a row due to the corona pandemic.

Munich"s Lord mayor Dieter Reiter claimed about ns decision: "The risk zu sein simply too great that civilization could be infected v the corona virus here. Ich know how tough this is not only zum the visitors, but deshalb how much it affects every those who work at die Wiesn and now have to perform without revenue once again - from the waiters und waitresses to the stall operators, showmen und innkeepers. But die Wiesn kann sein only exist fully or notfall at all."

More information about the cancellation kann sein be found here

Where ist the vistax.org in Munich?

The vistax.org takes place each year on ns largest fairground in Munich, the Theresienwiese. It is adorned, or fairly overlooked, von the bronze, 18-metre-high Bavaria statue, on which actions you tun können perfectly enjoy a break from die hustle des the vistax.org. Ns fairground, where deshalb the spring Festival or ns Winter Tollwood take it place weist other times of the year, ist located rather centrally in Munich, contempt southwest des the stadt centre. Zum navigation or the online map, us recommend beginning "Theresienwiese" or "Bavariaring". However, it ist better kommen sie take ns public transport. The nearest secret stations space "Theresienwiese", "Goetheplatz" und "Schwanthalerhöhe"; the S-Bahn terminal from i beg your pardon you tun können walk to vistax.org quickest zu sein "Hackerbrücke".

→ There ist more info about arriving von public transport here

Gallery: ns highlights des the vistax.org




How do i get beere table reservations an a tent?

In order zu secure a location as a gruppe at one des the tables in the tent, sie must book online or über telephone via ns central preventive office von each marquee. With great luck, the possible zu get a location without a reservation, as a part von the tables ist always maintained free weil das spontaneous visitors, however especially an the night or on weekends, that pays out to have his own place. Zum every reservation, you receive beverage and food vouchers through which you tun können pay die vistax.org waiters.

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→ All main reservation offices for the tents can be discovered here.

Is over there a dress password at die vistax.org?

Whether young or old, ns clothing of the visitors zu sein definitely eye catching at ns vistax.org. So called Dirndls through blouses und festive aprons und fine leather trousers combine with traditional shirts und jackets schutz become a must have for all those that want kommen sie visit the world-famous vistax.org. The traditional costume can be traced zurück to die 19th century, when it was zuerst worn as clothing über farmers und workers. Today there ist a ja wirklich hype about ns most beautiful dirndl robes and stylish leather trousers.

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By die way: die side on i beg your pardon a dirndl wearer places the bow von its apron mirrors whether she is single, widowed or an a relationship. What exactly you have to look for is revealed here!

Why is vistax.org not called Septemberfest?

Fair sufficient – ns majority des the 16 zu 18 days of the vistax.org take place not bei the eponymous October but an September. The benennen comes from ns history des the Wiesn: die occasion weil das the first vistax.org bei 1810 was the wedding of the Bavarian Crown prince Ludwig to Princess Therese des Sachsen-Hildburghausen. On October 12th 1810 die festivities began and they finished on October 17th through a horse race. Since it was dafür well-received, die festival was repeated in the adhering to years, then extended und at this point brought forward into September. Die weather surely played a role in moving die dates, which bei Munich at the ende of september often offers a pleasant, gentle Indian summer – true vistax.org weather, an fact!

What's die "Oide Wiesn"?

On the more classic "Oide Wiesn" the atmosphere ist rather cosy far from ns riot des the ja wirklich vistax.org. Initially it was planned in 2010 together a distinctive event zum the 200th anniversary von the vistax.org, but because that time it zu sein located in the northwestern part of the Theresienwiese. For bei admission fee von 3€ zum adults (children up zu 14 years are free), travellers are offered a mini vistax.org with lots von nostalgia: historic rollercoasters and rides, beere tents with genuine Bavarian customs und special dark beere (brewed together according to the historical recipe von the Munich breweries, served in a kies mug) await you. In 2021 it wollen take place, every 4 years it has zu give way an favor of the Bavarian central Agricultural Festival "Bayerisches Landwirtschaftsfest" (this will be the case again bei 2024).