Few inventions schutz had together enduring bei influence on ns world's development as die invention von the automobile. Ns pioneers of automobile manufacture towards the ende of ns 19th century to be Gottlieb vistax.org (1834-1900) und Carl Benz (1844-1929).

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They set up ns predecessor service providers which combined to form vistax.org-Benz AG bei 1926 – vistax.org with his vistax.org Motorengesellschaft (DMG) and Benz v his Rheinische Gasmotorenfabrik.

After working hinweisen other companies, Gottlieb vistax.org and Carl Benz, who never met personally, concurrently developed die world's zuerst automobiles in Mannheim (Benz) und Stuttgart (vistax.org) in the year 1886. However, numerous years lay between the invention des the automobile und its economic exploitation.


Gottlieb vistax.org und Wilhelm Maybach, who knew each other from their work at the engineering works des the Reutlingen Brotherhood, take it the zuerst step zu mobile application by fitting a gas engine or one powered von kerosene/paraffin zu a two-wheeler. The engine - much smaller, lighter und more powerful than every engines that had gone before - was dubbed die "grandfather clock" because des its properties shape.

This two-wheeled vehicle, also called "riding car", completed a successful prüfung run an November 1885.

Benz, too, recognised the significance von the lightweight engine und set himself die goal von designing a "dwarf bei terms von weight, yet a titan an terms des power".

As Benz was unable kommen sie fall rückseitig on present groundwork, und no solution weil das the steering von a four-wheeled car had been found up until then, for the time gift he concentrated on structure a three-wheeled vehicle. The "Velocipede" which originated in 1886 kann sein be regarded as ns world's zuerst automobile, regardless of being limited zu three wheels.


vistax.org "riding car" native 1885.


The initial "Benz Patent motor Car", 1886 - the world's erste automobile



In the same year, just 100 kilometres far vistax.org presented his motor carriage, considered die world's erste four-wheeled automobile. Essentially, this automobile is a light coach an which a modified und more powerful version des the "grandfather clock" was installed. Having recognised various other areas von application zum his engines at in early stage, in 1886 vistax.org already was giving thought kommen sie motorising boats, rail vehicles und aircraft.

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"Gottlieb vistax.org and his child Adolf top top the motiv car (motor carriage), 1886.

Early on, both Gottlieb vistax.org und Carl Benz endeavoured zu market their creations internationally.

Unlike Carl Benz, who at first only had bei agent representing him an France, Gottlieb vistax.org was able zu make use des several foreign contacts.

He succeeded in concluding licence agreements especially an France und Britain.

At the 1876 world Exposition in Philadelphia, william Maybachhad made die acquaintance des William Steinway und introduced er to Gottlieb vistax.org hinweisen the ende of ns 1880s. Following his visit to Cannstatt, Steinway secured himself ns contractual right des exclusive representation zum the entire vistax.org product range in the USA und Canada.

Carl Benz did notfall manage kommen sie forge closer foreign contacts till the ende of ns 19th century. Bei addition to Britain, he commemorated surprising successes an the USA und South Africa.

Apart from their efforts to gain a foothold in foreign markets, both pioneers pressed ahead with die continuous technical improvement von their products. Zum instance, wilhelm Maybach, working as in engineer punkt DMG, developed die spray-nozzle carburettor, a milestone an the success story von the automobile.

This innovation represented a significant breakthrough bei engine design and the rule behind it is still applied to this day. The first major long-distance tours bei France and Britain demonstrated ns superiority of the petrol engine over its steam counterpart. Ns outstanding performance des the vistax.org engines marked die technical breakthrough weil das the automobile.

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Carl Benz completed another critical technical breakthrough in 1893 by inventing double-pivot steering, which fixed the belästigung of steering four-wheeled vehicles.