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Fertilisation outside ns body

This option ist suitable if the fallopian tubes room severely blocked, or ns sperm quality zu sein severely limited.

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A happy conclusion from die laboratory: IVF (in-vitro fertilisation) and ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection)

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) has actually been provided successfully for 40 years. End eight million children oase been born making use of this method, und half a million an ext are born every year. Throughout in-vitro fertilisation, ns fertilisation von the egg take away place bei a test tube, fairly than an the mrs body. The egg and the sperm must accomplish fertilisation in the test tube itself.

BWith bei intracytoplasmic injection (ICSI), we space able zu help a little more: a einzel sperm cell zu sein injected through a really fine needle, directly into in egg cell that has been gotten rid of from the woman’s ovary.

These 2 types of artificial insemination are suitable for:

Women with tubal blockageMen with inadequate sperm productionCouples who have already gone through several inseminations without successCouples who oase been struggling kommen sie conceive a kid for in extended period von time

„How does fabricated insemination v IVF and ICSI work exactly?“

We stimulate ns ovary an order zum several eggs zu mature.RIf not nur one, however several eggs mature bei the cycle, the gelegenheit of finding ns right eggs weil das pregnancy increases, and with it, the gelegenheit of getting pregnant within the cycle.The stimulation hormones (gonadotropins) are administered bei the form of injections. The patient or couple kann sein usually self-administer these - sie would receive specific injection instructions zum this at die beginning des your therapy.We remove the mature follicle out of the ovary. We take ns follicle out of the ovary through a really fine needle. Ns eggs room then eliminated from die fluid under a microscope and prepared weil das the ideal procedure des artificial insemination.FWe introduce a irradiate anaesthetic zum our patients. There might be a small amount von bleeding und lower abdominal muscle discomfort afterwards. This ist completely normalerweise - notfall to cite harmless - and will stop after a couple of days.The egg is fertilised in the laboratoryThe retrieved egg are jetzt combined with ns partner’s or donor’s sperm in the laboratory. In order weil das this zu be successful, we need a new sample produced on die day des the procedure or a previously derived frozen sample.

Fertilisation an the “conventional” method (IVF)If the quality is suitable, then the sperm space prepared und combined with the eggs bei a nutrient solution. An the incubator, “almost natural” fertilisation takes ar - the sperm cells separately penetrate die eggs. However, this calls for a sufficient number of sperm cell (approx. 30,000 über egg cell) as well as great mobility.

Artificial Insemination (ICSI)If ns number or quality des the sperm cells ist limited, us recommend the ICSI technique (intracytoplasmic sperm injection). The reproductive biologist select die most an ideal sperm under a high-resolution microscope and inject it straight into die egg.

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With both techniques, ns presence von the sperm an the mature egg triggers ns fertilisation process, which ist checked under the microscope ns following day.

Fertilisation without hormone stimulation (“mini-IVF” or “natural cycle IVF”)

In current years, die term “less is more” has end up being more and more applicable zu fertility treatments. Bei our exercise we use hormone stimulation with caution, as a result des the feasible side results or risks weil das the patient.

Thanks to die latest medical modern technology - the Time-Lapse Incubator (Geri, Merck) - it ist possible to transfer single embryos there is no compromising a successful treatment, and thus reducing the risk des multiple pregnancies.

Despite needing the help of artificial insemination, weil das example in the case of blocked fallopian tubes, some women want a therapy that ist as “natural” as possible, without having hormone stimulation. Therefore, provided there space no bike disorders, we market egg fertilisation bei the laboratory without stimulation (natural bicycle IVF). Throughout this so-called “natural” IVF, us wait zum the regular kurse of ns cycle until ns egg follicle has actually matured sufficiently. We then induce ovulation (adding a klein amount of hormones) bei order to increase the chance of obtaining a mature egg cell during ns puncture. You kann sein find out more about organic IVF punkt our info evenings or additionally through the IVF-Naturelle Kompetenznetz (Natural IVF Competence Network), von which we space a member.

It zu sein noteworthy the the erste IVF therapies 40 years ago worked there is no stimulation. At die time, ns necessary medicine did not exist.

The infant moves into the uterus (embryo transfer)

Once a multicellular embryo has arisen from the fertilised egg after number of days, we insert that into ns patient’s uterus with ns help des a dünn catheter. It wollen embed here, and the pregnancy can begin. Die insertion von the fertilised egg is painless und therefore takes location without anaesthesia. Once ns egg is in the mother’s body, resting further is not necessary and does notfall improve die probability des pregnancy.

What are ns chances of my wish weil das a child becoming a reality?

It is very understandable that this question zu sein of details concern to our patients. IVF treatment ist considered successful if pregnant occurs after die embryo transfer. An our Wunschkinder practice, die pregnancy rate is > 40%. After 3 IVF/ICSI treatments, ns cumulative pregnant rate is at 70% worldwide.

This way that after 3 embryo transfers, much more than every second frau becomes pregnant!

Are mine chances greater abroad?

Fertility centres, particularly an neighbouring countries, frequently advertise pregnant rates von 60% per treatment. Most indicate that more zu sein possible in these nations than an Germany. However, we recommend you to be cautious with these figures: often the pregnancy rates are count differently and may notfall necessarily be an ext successful. A rate von 60% von treatment is not biologically possible. Often numerous embryos are transfer abroad, which can lead to multiple pregnancies (triplets, quadruplets etc.) that tun können be dangerous weil das mother und child.

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Obtaining sperm weil das the child sie want - a echt challenge zum your partner

Insemination treatment und artificial insemination outside des the body schutz one thing in common: on ns day des ovulation or egg retrieval, new semen zu sein needed from your partner zum fertilisation, which kann be best produced bei our practice. If this is not possible zum professional or other reasons, us can also offer to freeze the sperm in advance. Understandably, plenty of men discover 50 it difficult zu provide ns necessary semen hinweisen a precise time with die help von masturbation. Talk zu us if over there are any type of issues und we wollen be happy to recommend you.

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