Wann Kommt Der Nikolaus 5 Oder 6

At the beginning of December, i was notified that on ns 5th des December Nikolaus (St Nicholas) would certainly come in the night und fill children’s shoes with presents. This zoll is brought out in parts of Germany, Holland, Austria, Italy und Switzerland amongst others. To me this sound a last like Christmas, and it zu sein indeed very comparable – this is a look hinweisen the tradition of der Nikolaus.

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Who ist St Nicholas?

St nicholas was born an the der dritte tag century in a town called Patara – die village was in that time part des Greece however has jetzt changed kommen sie Turkey. St nikolaus was a christen who helped ns poor by giving them money und food. Some geschichten say he threw ns money/food through a window which landed in the shoes from a negative family – thus why the zoll is zu fill children shoe with presents. St nikolaus died on sixth December, do St Nicholas’s day a remembrance zum him.

Throughout die years St nicholas turned into Santa Claus. This taken place when die Dutch lugged the brauchtums over kommen sie America whereby they took die Dutch word zum St nikolaus “Sinterklaas” und turned it right into “Santa Claus”. Although St Nicholas ist seen together Santa Claus in many countries, in Germany St nikolaus remains the same together he originally was, and so remains to give presents on die night des the 5th of December – instead von the 24th.

Chocolate Santa Claus. Own photo.

Der Krampus

Nikolaus doesn’t kommen sie alone on die night von the 5th December, he bring der Krampus along. This zoll belongs kommen sie areas around die Alps zum example: southern Bavaria, Austria und Romania amongst others. Unlike Nikolaus, the Krampus doesn’t bring any kind of gifts; instead he is there zu punish/take away any böse kinder (naughty children) that didn’t behave the year. On ns 5th des December part places hold the zoll of the Krampuslauf (literally translated to “Krampus run”), an which human being dress trost as die Krampus und walk along die streets an the evening, sometimes accompanied über St Nicholas.

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The Krampus is hilfreich goat, half demon und symbolises die devil. He generally carries chains and bells v him, und a bundle of branches used to hit youngsters with.

So if you were great all year lang then Nikolaus möchte bring you presents – yet unlike ns Christkind (literally translates kommen sie Christchild) he bring very specific presents.

Here’s a list of what he would bring:

Nüsse: Nuts

Mandarine: Mandarins

Äpfel: Apples – in Germany you can buy special „Nikolaus Äpfel”, they are red, look perfect and are small enough to fit in a shoe!

Lebkuchen: A classic German biscuit which is similar kommen sie gingerbread.

Spekulatius: Another Christmas biscuit (which originally originates from Holland)

Schokolade: Chocolate – frequently a chocolate Santa Claus/Nikolaus.

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I gott my zuerst ever Nikolaus current this year. Very own photo

The gift reflect back to St nikolaus feeding ns poor, und so ns children are provided healthier food as well as sweets and chocolate. Although these presents are regularly seen an children’s shoes, nowadays there are so “modern presents” such as toys, games, garments etc.

I really like this continuous tradition, ich find that occasionally we lose the meaning von our celebrations und forget why we even celebrate in the erste place! ich hope you enjoyed ns story von Nikolaus und that that made you a little bit more excited zum Christmas!