On June 12 an Seedorf die Parachute Regiment 31 is officially ns FISH Aries passed. This zu sein 6c a VW ARIES T6 with die emission typical EURO. Overall, the bewaffnete kraft procured 400 vehicles, all des which should be authorized by august 31 von 2019. Since as von 01 September, the new stringent emissions standard euro 6d TEMP applies.

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Update: the Parachute Regiment 31 received on June 12, 2019 46 VW T6 Aries. (Photo: Bundeswehr)

The vehicle is prepared for the recording of the communication system FISH (management info system and host, FüInfoSys Heer). Ns sets, or your components, are gotten rid of from the alt Mercedes-Benz wolf (a total von 332 vehicles), processed and re-installed an new vehicles. Many harnesses etc. Had to be replaced because des remodeling associated with extensions etc. The relevant antennas were removed from wolf FüInfoSys and 1: rebuilt first

The assembly kits, such together SEM 80/90 and FüInfoSys equipment are available an companies and must be installed after delivery. Die company Freytag rebuilds only the passend zu kits. As currently mentioned, there are only 332 vehicles for conversion to the neu 400. Die rest des the sets to kommen sie out von the depot, or is supplied as FAIL. There are amongst other big problem with die base plates.

From Seedorf fully different tones tun können be heard. The Parachute Regiment 31 have to receive 46 new FISH Aries, in the site yet only in extremely klein two-digit number von old equipment kits are available. Yet of prozess the need zum a new solution is, of course, the wolves are weist least 30 year old. Meanwhile, ns Wolves FüInfoSys was charged von freight carrier übertragen to the company Freytag. Ns TMP damage to these vehicles were higher than the alt reprint no. 7 allows ns repair limits oase been exceeded.

but the system itself und its mobility space important and necessary. Because for the exchange of information in the context des national and alliance defense (LV / BV) and also VJTF (Very High Readiness Joint job Force), this vehicles are urgently needed.

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The FISH Aries möchte bring much more changes. Die vehicles used deshalb far room all foiled olive. Ns FISH Aries comes bei camo. This zu sein now a grundlegend demand that zu sein driven von the command army und the planning Office of the Bundeswehr. That is to say, it zu sein from jetzt a "must" demand for all van hümS (commercially accessible with armed forces special equipment). Ns Flecktarn on the VW Aries ist even painted und not laminated. Firm Freytag ist to repaint 12-year guarantee, in foiling that would, however, only 5 years schutz been. Die FISH Aries is verbunden with the vehicle-class trucks 0,5-1t hümS FüInfoSys. The vehicles wollen be procured utilizing BwFuhrparkService GmbH.


Other changes: die vehicle has no hand-operated transmission, but a doppel clutch infection (DSG), deshalb a roof rack the takes up hilfreich the roof. Seedorf complained that the new vehicle is not air-transportable und transported von air, partly because no anchor points space available. A Vergurtung over die roof tun können not be done. So that the neu vehicles space well suitable indeed zum the peace and exercise course, but not for the use von paratroopers. Even before die official handover bei Seedorf, numerous vehicles were throughout exercise environment-friendly Griffin an use. Die reaction des the soldiers was generally positive, the vehicle provides but new technology und more space. Nevertheless, ns question came up zum a second, designed zum one Etched vehicle.

Criticism so comes from the BAAINBw since logistically ns VW Aries wollen be a ja wirklich challenge. Bei the area des ​​the engine only a tiny Wartugsklappe is installed without Hebbebühne even minor works kann not be carried out. This "lifts solution" but must now be procured. It trips us hoch when advertisement vehicles are offered as a platform weil das which the manufacturer wants to tie ns customers to ns workshop.

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In addition to die VW Aries deshalb for replenishment zu sein to take ar from 700 GREENLINER (Mercedes-Benz G 280 CDI). Unequal the olive vehicles that are an use since 2008, the new version wollen include a double bottom and mine protection. The challenge zum the implementation hinweisen Mercedes-Benz must be kommen sie make this happen and to stay below ns 3.5 ns GVW.