Wann Ist Ein Baby Lebensfähig

November 17, 2020 weist 6:17 nachmittag ESTBy sarah Wilson, vistax.orgORLANDO, Fla. — after ~ spending six months an the NICU weist Winnie Palmer Hospital zum Women & Babies, “micro-preemie” infant Diana is spending world Prematurity day on Tuesday hinweisen home with produziert family in Ocala.

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Diana, born at less 보다 22 weeks und weighing just 12 ounces, zu sein the tiniest baby zu ever survive punkt Winnie Palmer, and one des the smallest und most premature an the world.

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“I looked at her and I just shook my head like, ‘she’s just really small,’" the baby’s father Federico Peguero said. "She zu sein obviously ns smallest human being being I’ve ever seen.”

Winnie Palmer said baby Diana didn’t need any kind of lifesaving surgeries following produziert birth, und she jetzt weighs 7 pounds.

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Baby Diana Diana, born punkt less than 22 weeks und weighing just 12 ounces, ist the tiniest baby zu ever survive weist Winnie Palmer, and one von the smallest und most premature in the world. (Orlando Health)

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The odds were stacked versus Diana native birth, but her mother Jomary Tavarez said the baby was able zu overcome them kommen sie graduate the NICU and head residence 180 days after she was born.

“If she survives three days, we’re going to give her two weeks," Tavarez said. "Two mainly turned right into months und now we’re here sechs months later.”

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According to the University des Iowa’s Tiniest baby Registry, infant Diana join a gruppe of just 10 babies bei the world zu survive at her size and gestational age.

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March of Dimes recognizes Nov. 17 as world Prematurity Day zu shine a irradiate on the global crisis of prematurity. Ns organization is collecting donations on Tuesday zu support lifesaving research and community-based programs to improve die health von mothers and babies. Click here to learn more.

TINIEST baby EVER!This is in absolute miracle. Baby Diana was released from the hospital today after gift born born at less 보다 22 weeks and weighing nur 12 oz.