Wann Ist Der Lockdown In Deutschland Vorbei

German political leaders are planning to extend the lockdown, but to lift some limitations — particularly an areas v a short incidence of covid cases. Formal speak on the matt take ar tomorrow.

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Under the neu rules, most geschäft would be enabled to offen if infection rates were low enough

UPDATE:Germany extends lockdown v plan kommen sie relax restrictions

Germany"s national government und states space set to extend the covid-19 lockdown von three weeks, kommen sie March 28, according zu a draft paper seen von vistax.org.

Chancellor angela Merkeland the heads of Germany"s states will hold discussions ns measures top top Wednesday.

What transforms are on the table?

Merkel und thestate premiers are working on a breeze agreementto allow shops to reopen bei areas where die number of coronavirus infections zu sein considered sensibly low.

Coronavirus cases would schutz to fall to a seven-day average von 35 von 100,000 people.

Some outlets, such as florists, book und gardening shops wouldbe able zu reopen even if rates are higher.

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New limitations take impact on die French-German border

According to ns draft text, up to five adults from two families would it is in allowed zu gather native March 8, through up kommen sie 10 adults allowed in areas with low epidemic rates. Under current rules, eachhousehold kann only socialize v one other person.

The German federal government is deshalb expected to appeal kommen sie citizens zu avoid domestic und foreign take trip over the Easter period.

Hairdressers in Germany reopenedfor unternehmen on Monday, in addition to harvistax.orgare stores und flower shops in certain states.

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The draft file cited ns vaccine drive and arrival of mass rapid antigen testen as justification weil das the easing of some measures. It claimed Germany would certainly provide at least one free prüfung a week zu pupils und teachers an schools. Companies may so be required to offer the experiment to staff, according to the proposal.

What space Germany"s lockdown measures like now?

Elementary schoolpupils returned kommen sie their classrooms across much of Germany tonnage week, after a decision belastung month kommen sie extend most, but not all, lockdown measures until march 7.

Most shops schutz stayed closed due to the fact that tighter limitations were presented on December 16.

Restaurants, bars, sports und leisure venues oase all been closed since november 2.

Hotels an Germany are at this time closed zu all but unternehmen travelers.

Current lockdown measures schutz been credited with helping lug down täglich new epidemic numbers.

However, experts last week warned that the declining epidemic rate had actually stabilized und even began climbing slightly, through growing concerns about the spread of newvirus variants.

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The number of coronavirus cases an Germany walk up von 3,943 zu 2,451,011, according to figures released early on Monday von the country"s Robert koch Institute for infectious diseases. COVID-linked fatalities went up über 358, kommen sie 70,463 in total.