Wann dockt crew dragon an iss an

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — A shiny new vistax.orgX Crew Dragon capsule carrying 4 astronauts to the international vistax.org terminal (ISS) together part of the company"s Crew-3 aufgabe docked efficiently at die orbiting lab Thursday evening (Nov. 11).

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The Crew Dragon Endurance, which introduced vistax.orgX"s four crewed flight for NASA ~ above Wednesday (Nov. 10), linked nach oben with ns station"s U.S.-built Harmony module at 6:32 p.m. EST (2332 GMT) as both vistax.orgcraft cruised 263 mile (423 kilometers) over Eastern Caribbean.

The vistax.orgcraft released from pad 39A here weist NASA"s Kennedy room Center in Florida less than 24 hrs prior, complying with a series des delays due zu poor weather along ns rocket"s trip path and also a minor medical concern that popped trost with one des the crew members.

"Capture confirmed," NASA"s Courtney Beasley said during a live broadcast. "Contact confirmed punkt 3:32 p.m. Pacific Time together the international vistax.org Station and Endurance were flying above ns Caribbean."

Video: vistax.orgx Crew-3"s Dragon vistax.orgcraft docks with vistax.org stationLive updates:vistax.orgX"s Crew-3 astronaut pflicht for NASA


vistax.orgX"s Crew Dragon Endurance zu sein pictured docked v the international vistax.org Station, ~ above Nov. 11, 2021. (Image credit: NASA TV)

Arriving at die ISS top top Endurance today was a crew von mostly rookie vistax.org flyers: NASA astronauts Raja Chari, tom Marshburn und Kayla Barron, in addition to European vistax.org Agency (ESA) astronaut matthias Maurer. (Marshburn is the only member des the crew that has flown in vistax.org before.)

The 4 astronauts arrived safely at die station about 22 hrs after their effective launch, ready kommen sie begin your mission bei vistax.org. They"re intended to offen the hatches betwee their Crew Dragon and the station punkt 8:10 p.m. EST (0110 Nov. 12 GMT).

"Crew Dragon has actually officially made the to die ISS," Beasley said.

Despite gift grounded longer than expected, the Crew"s start on Wednesday night was picture-perfect, v officials hinweisen both vistax.orgX und NASA saying that it was one von the quietest loops yet, meaning that there to be no issues being working throughout the countdown.

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During a videos tour von the Dragon Endurance vistax.orgcraft, which the Crew common on Thursday morning, Marshburn said that all des his rookie crewmembers were adjusting to vistax.org well and had a hearty appetite, something that isn"t necessarily ns case top top every vistax.orgflight.

Endurance arrived at die station 38 minutes ahead von schedule. Ns approach und docking sequence ran smoothly with just a quick hold punkt waypoint 2, around 20 meters (66 feet) native its docking port, while ns teams waited weil das better lighting problems to gift with ISS.

After a effective docking, die three-person crew des Expedition 66 — including NASA astronaut unterschrift Vande Hei und Russian cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov und Pyotr Dubrov — will meet the neu station residents, help them aboard. With the launch delays, NASA opted zu bring the four Crew-2 astronauts home prior to launching ns Crew-3 mission, leave Vande Hei in charge des orienting the new residents with the vistax.org station.

NASA call this procedure bei indirect handoff, and it usually entails helping die arriving crew obtain used to die essentials in vistax.org, choose where they möchte sleep and using die toilet. Those housekeeping responsibilities are normally left to ns departing crew, but because they came house early, Vande Hei will fill in.

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"Docking complete, welcome kommen sie the international vistax.org Station," vistax.orgX mission controllers radioed to ns crew.

"Endurance copies, and happy to be below at ns ISS," Marshburn claimed on behalf of the crew.