Wann Am Flughafen Sein Frankfurt

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All essential information zum your trip weist a glance: discover out much more about current travel and entry regulations, covid19 rules of conduct at the airport, prüfen possibilities und other valuable tips.

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Covid-19 tests at ns airport

Take advantage des testing possibilities at the airport for arriving and departing passengers. Learn more about ns testing possibilities and quarantine regulations in Hesse.

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Shopping & Dining

Many shops & restaurant at the airport are offen again und looking forward to your visit. Please grad the 2G rule to contain the covid-19 pandemic, reliable from 05 December 2021.

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FAQ Covid-19

Where perform I have to wear a mask? wie man do ich need a covid19 test? i beg your pardon airlines room flying best now? die most generally asked questions und answers regarding the coronavirus at a glance

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FRA stays "Safe from Covid-19"

“Safe travel” continues kommen sie be feasible via frankfurt Airport. This has been reconfirmed über TÜV Hesse, i m sorry recently extended FRA’s “Safe indigenous Covid-19” quality seal for another six months.

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Transferring punkt FRA

Important info regarding transferring in Frankfurt Airport. Be aware von the screens anzeige up-to-date trip information. Our staff is deshalb ready kommen sie help sie find your following connecting flight.