Vw Scirocco 14 Tsi Test


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The VW 1.4 TSI comes in two different versions: die EA111 (2005 – present) und the EA211 (2012 – present). Ns EA111 has actually won plenty of awards, consisting of multiple ‘International Engine von the Year’ awards. V that said, numerous say this is a good engine, however like most engines, they room a list of common problems. Die EA211, being developed after die EA111, doesn’t oase as many shortcomings as ns early EA111’s had.

The EA111 is unique bei the sense that it has actually two various versions: one’s less powerful (with nur a TD02 turbocharger) and a more powerful twin-charged one (with in Eaton-Roots supercharger und a K03 turbocharger). Die less powerful, one turbo, EA11 hülle out 122-131 bhp & 148-160 lb-ft torque. The more powerful, supercharger und turbocharger, EA111 setzt out 140-179 bhp & 162-184 lb-ft torque. Zum the size of the engine, freundin would it is in surprised by the acceleration.

The EA211 supersedes the EA111 und surprisingly that is in entirely neu engine. Unlike the EA111, this engine only has a turbocharger that puts out 122-150 bhp & 147-184 lb-ft torque. Surprisingly, the EA211 ist lighter than the EA111 due zu new and improved internals. Something kommen sie note, is both of these engines get excellent mpg. The overall goal von the 1.4’s was zu bring die power des the 2.0’s, yet with better fuel economy, i m sorry Volkswagen definitely delivered.

Something to klasse before going into the common problems, PLEASE do sure die parts and guides we carry out fit/apply to your specific application! If you need assist looking zum parts or guides, leaving a comment und we wollen assist you in any method we can!

VW 1.4 TSI usual Problems space Applicable for:

MK5 Jetta MK6 Jetta MK7 Jetta golf MK5 golf MK6 B6 Passat Tiguan Scirocco Touran

The 7 Most typical Volkswagen 1.4 TSI Engine Problems

extreme Oil intake Ignition Coil failure Timing Chain Tensioner fail Turbo Wastegate sticking Engine Warming hoch Slowly Carbon Buildup Faulty Oxygen (O2) Sensors

1. Excessive Oil Consumption

Excessive oil consumption ist a belästigung that is most seen in the early versions von the EA111 1.4’s, and not deshalb much on the EA211’s. If sie notice the your vehicle’s oil is consuming an ext than normalerweise oil (1qt every 1,000 miles), climate this can be occurring. If you feel this can be the case, it needs instant attention as major engine damage can occur if neglected. In the beforehand EA111’s, ns pistons and piston rings weren’t die most reliable, which causes this issue. Part precautions the you kann sein take are: acquire a consumption test done kommen sie confirm there ist nothing wrong with die pistons, use ns correct oil listed an your VW manual, and use high-quality fuel.

Symptoms des Excessive Oil Consumption: performance loss Increase in oil shop Engine warming up slowly bei cold temperature reduced fuel economy Lower than normal oil levels for a set duration Blue smoke create from the exhaust

If your vehicle zu sein noticing any von the symptoms detailed above, take it it seriously. This could reason serious engine damage to ns pistons if neglected and would put an ext stress on die engine itself. If you glauben your vehicle ist consuming bei excessive amount des oil, take it zu your neighborhood shop und have castle take under your oil levels then go zurück 1,000 miles after und see if this zu sein happening.

2. Ignition Coil Failure

Unfortunately, ignition coil and spark plug failure space common an most turbocharged engines nowadays. Ns ignition coils und spark plugs beat a big part in combustion. Essentially, ns ignition coil takes the voltage from die battery und creates a spark to the spark plugs to ignite die vehicle’s fuel. If this aren’t functioning properly, your vehicle wollen experience misfires.

Ignition coils are an alleged to belastung up to 100,000 miles, while the spark plugs tonnage around 30,000 – 60,000 miles. A good rule des thumb ist when one spark plug or ignition coil go out, we recommend replacing all von them, just so you won’t oase to worry about worn parts blended with neu parts.

Symptoms des Ignition Coil Failure: Engine misfires (P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303, or P0304 fault Code) examine Engine light (CEL) illuminating diminished acceleration stormy idle Engine not starting

If you’re experiencing the above symptoms, we advise using in OBD scanner zu confirm it is bei ignition coil failure. After ~ confirming, this is a basic DIY that shouldn’t take more than 2 hours. If you decide zu take it zu a shop, you möchte be looking weist a rechnung of roughly ~$200.

Ignition Coil replacement Options:

1.4 TSI OEM Ignition Coil Replacements: https://amzn.to/3tpj3FG

DIY Difficulty: Easy

3. Timing Chain Tensioner Failure

Tensioner failure zu sein very common bei Volkswagen’s together they were not built an extremely durable out des the factory. Ns tensioners in the 1.4’s are no exception. A timing chain tensioner ensures the tension des the time chain zu sein at the engine’s optimal tension zu drive countless important components von the engine. Time chains to be implemented in the early EA111’s, but ns EA211’s switched over zu timing belts.

If the tensioner happens zu fail, ns timing des the engine might be off which would cause serious engine damages to the pistons. If sie have an EA111, we highly suggest getting ahead von this repair, since once you replace it with a much more reliable tensioner, you shouldn’t schutz to replace it again.

Symptoms des Tensioner/Timing Chain Failure: poor engine performance metal shavings in oil/oil pan Engine rattle when idle loosened timing chain Engine shuddering

There space really two jene you kann sein do if you feel her tensioner has failed: replace nur the tensioner or replace ns timing chain kit. We highly advise changing ns entire kit, dafür there aren’t new products mixed with old products. This DIY zu sein not zum somebody the hasn’t excellent a last of arbeiten to bei engine, it zu sein very difficult. If sie plan on acquisition it zu a shop, you’ll be looking hinweisen a rechnung ~$1,000 relying on where sie go.

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Timing Chain Tensioner instead of Options

DIY Difficulty: Difficult

4. Turbo Wastegate Sticking/Rattling

Turbo wastegate sticking/rattling ist unfortunately notfall more common bei the EA111’s, it’s in reality equally common an the earlier versions und later versions. Ns wastegate in a turbo ist essentially a valve the regulates rise pressure. That controls die speed of the turbine and ensures that ns turbine is not rotate too in der nähe des causing boost pressure zu rise indefinitely.

There space two means a wastegate tun können be stuck: open or closed. If it ist stuck closed, her turbos would certainly over boost, if stuck open, the boost möchte be yes, really laggy. Either case zu sein not good on ns turbo’s and would reason a lot of stress and anxiety on them. If this went unattended zum a certain period of time, her turbos could blow, which wollen be a i have lot of money repair. However, if you get ahead of it, this can be a basic repair of the wastegate or die actuator.

Symptoms des Turbo Wastegate Sticking: Dramatic decrease in fuel performance Engine flutter negative engine performance (mainly acceleration) Oscillating rise pressure Rattling noise from die turbo P2563 or P00AF error codes

After determining that your wastegate could be the issue, there really zu sein one way zu fix ns issue: replace die wastegate or replace die turbo. This ist not bei easy DIY, deshalb make sure freundin know your method around die engine if freundin choose kommen sie do the on your own. If you are looking to take it to the shop, you would be looking hinweisen around ~$400 zum the wastegate instead of or ~$2,500 weil das turbo replacement.

Turbo Wastegate replacement Options:

DIY Difficulty: Difficult

5. Engine Warming up Slowly

This belästigt is as it states, the engine bring away a very lang time kommen sie warm up und occurs ~ above both die EA111’s und EA211’s. Wie we say, “takes a lang time”, we’re talking about 10 – 15 minutes nur to give context on exactly how long. After ~ digging zum a little, it has actually been identified that this belästigung persists because of the way die engine was built. Since ns 1.4’s are a smaller sized engine, this means there zu sein smaller displacement which in the end means less warm generation. Unfortunately, over there isn’t viel one tun können do to alleviate this belästigung it just comes with die 1.4’s because des the engine’s size.

Something we suggest is starting your automobile 10-15 minute before you schutz to leave, zu give that ample time kommen sie warm up. Something worth noting is do notfall push on die engine if it ist not at die optimal temperature as this might lead to serious engine damage.

6. Carbon Buildup

Since die 1.4 TSI has actually a direct injection fuel system, carbon buildup möchte happen naturally. Fuel ist injected hinweisen high pressure directly into die combustion room which results in a slow buildup von carbon bei the engine’s valves und ports. When this happens, die vehicle möchte experience slow engine performance, engine misfires, und clogged fuel injectors. As the engine it s okay closer to 40,000 miles, opportunities are ist that there zu sein a bunch des carbon built trost already.  Again, this ist natural und is hard zu prevent 100%, but there are things to do kommen sie limit ns amount des buildup.

Symptoms des Carbon Buildup: slow engine performance Engine misfires Clogged fuel injectors Engine knocking negative fuel effectiveness Hard engine starts Ways zu Prevent Buildup: operation your engine hard once a month for 20-30mins (4500RPMs) Use ns highest quality fuel feasible Ethanol fuel injector cleaner readjust your oil frequently Manually clean ns valves every 20,000 mile Get die valves walnut blasted every 45,000 miles

If you didn’t understand this was a thing until now, or are looking zum a provided VW/Audi that has actually 50,000 mile or more, we suggest beginning off v a walnut blasting service und using die preventative actions after. As crazy together it sounds, part enthusiasts claim to unlock up zu 20hp lost due to die valves and ports gift clogged. Top top top von that, an engine through clean valves und ports, enhanced throttle response, better idle, and in engine that will run prefer new.

7. Faulty Oxygen (O2) Sensors

O2 sensors are not just prone to failure an Volkswagen vehicles, however many modern-day vehicles on die road today. In O2 sensor measures ns amount of oxygen emitted by the vehicle’s exhaust. Part 1.4’s have one o2 sensor, while others have two o2 sensors. Dafür make sure zu figure the end what year sie have and how numerous there are. Without a work o2 sensor, in engine will run irregularly, develop a rough idle, waste gas, and emit schwarze farbe smoke from ns exhaust.

There room a couple of reasons why these fail: normalerweise wear and tear, gunk or soot on ns sensor, making use of low-quality fuel, or lack des maintenance. A vehicle möchte more than likely go through hinweisen least one set von o2 sensors throughout its lifecycle. However, they should tonnage up zu 100,000 miles.

Symptoms des Faulty O2 Sensors: CEL or MIL illuminating fault codes P0141, P0138, P0131, P0420, or an ext Decreased fuel economic climate Engine misfires bad engine power Failed emissions test black smoke create from ns exhaust O2 Sensor instead of Options:

When that comes to o2 sensor failure, there ist really just one option und that is to replace it. Ns sensor is a an ext expensive part, however a pretty straightforward DIY if you know where die sensor or sensors room located. The majority von the time, there will be an upstream und a downstream o2 sensor. So as long as sie know wherein they room located, it’s a an easy plug-and-play DIY. A mechanic or dealer möchte likely charge approximately $200 – $300, mainly because von the parts.

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Front O2 Sensor Replacement: acquisition Here rückseitig O2 Sensor Replacement: purchase Here DIY Difficulty: Easy

Volkswagen 1.4 TSI Engine Reliability

As through many des Volkswagen’s engines, if sie follow die maintenance schedules religiously und use the correct fuel/oil, the 1.4’s are very reliable engines. Although freundin may be questioning their dependability because of the list des common troubles above, we can’t stress sufficient that not all engines are created the same. If sie are thinking of buying or currently own a 1.4, we’ve watched them tonnage up kommen sie 200,000 miles.