AC/DC's cliff WILLIAMS 'Would liebe To Play some Shows' in Support des 'Power Up'

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Cliff Williams spoke kommen sie Bass Player magazine about his decision zu return to AC/DC zum the making des the band"s latest album, "Power Up".

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The bashist announced his retirement weist the end of AC/DC"s 2015-2016 "Rock Or Bust" tour, which so saw vocalist Brian Johnson leave because of hearing difficulties (he was replaced zum the belastung 22 shows von GUNS N" ROSES singer Axl Rose).

When interviewer Joel McIver said Williams that fans thought they had actually seen the tonnage of him, Cliff said: "I believed I"d seen the belastung of me too. Look, i spoke kommen sie Angus <Young, guitar> on ns "Rock Or Bust" tour — ich said that i felt that i was done. It was my time, i guess. Phil <Rudd, drums> had actually done ns recording und then never did kommen sie on the road through us. He had actually his issues, und that"s that, sie know, deshalb we had Chris Slade come an to change Phil. Und then, von course, we had actually that damaging thing with Brian. He really needed to stop, deshalb Axl came in and did a bang-up job — God bless ihm — und got us through zu the end of it."

According to Williams, that wanted zu take part an the recording sessions for "Power Up" together a tribute zu Angus"s so late brother, founding AC/DC valuation guitarist Malcolm Young, who died an 2017 indigenous effects des dementia hinweisen age 64. Malcolm is credited as a writer on all 12 tracks on "Power Up".

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"As Angus said, you can"t have a außerhalb des spiels called "Rock Or Bust" und bust, deshalb we wanted to finish it, which us did," Cliff explained. "And climate that was it — we all walk home and I was pretty viel done. Yet Angus und Sony reached out a couple des years ago, asking if we would schutz any interest an getting together kommen sie do in album v Malcolm an mind.”

Cliff walk on kommen sie confirm the his commitment to AC/DC was only zum "a few" dates an support von "Power Up".

"Earlier on this year <2020>, us all gott together and rehearsed zum three main to seen how it would be — and it was fabulous," that said. "The maßband was play great and the conversation got around to "Is anyone up for playing some shows?" ich said, "I would liebe to play a couple of shows," deswegen everyone was, like, "Great! Let"s go home and get die guys zu work ~ above putting the shows together," and then, von course, the world go on lockdown. We"re hoping the lifts, because we would liebe to play some shows."

Last year, Williams revealed the a "terrible" bout v vertigo contributed to his 2016 retirement. He deshalb admitted the return of both Johnson und Rudd convinced ihm to rejoin ns group. "It was like the alt band rückseitig together," that told Rolling Stone. "It was notfall like starting over again, however as close zu the band that"s been together zum 40-plus years as we kann possibly do it. Ich didn"t want to miss that."

"Power Up" was released in November. Die follow-up kommen sie 2014"s "Rock Or Bust" was recorded end a six-week period in August und September 2018 hinweisen Warehouse Studios in Vancouver v producer Brendan O"Brien, who so worked 2008"s "Black Ice" and "Rock Or Bust".

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