Von erholung war nie die rede zdf

The Bundschuh family ist on holiday, and on a really special one hinweisen that. Ns entire clan has travelled zu Majorca, und immediately things anfang going wrong. It was never meant kommen sie be relaxing!

Gundula Bundschuh is dreaming von a serene holiday an the Majorcan sunlight that might finally resolve die increasingly major problems between her and her husband Gerald.

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But she hasn"t accounted zum their oddball relatives, invited by her mother-in-law, Susanne, who room joining them together with plenty of neuroses, secrets und all die usual madness.

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Gundula"s brothers Hans-Dieter still dabbles bei writing esoteric self-help books und dominates his pregnant wife Rose, if Gundula"s parents, Ilse and Edgar, reap a renewed liebe affair thanks to Edgar"s dementia.

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What began as bei innocent family members holiday conveniently turns an to in emotional rollercoaster zum all involved, v life-changing consequences zum some family members.



RemarkFormat1 × 90′OrAndAvailableRemarkSpecialsProduced byZiegler FilmCastAndrea Sawatzki, Axel Milberg, Günther maria Halmer, Thekla Carola Wied, Judy winter a. O.Year von ProductionOriginal languageBroadcasterWriterDirectorAs seen onExtrasAvailable languages

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