Volvo xc60 neues modell 2021

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$41,700$44,886$47,049 / ExcellentT5 inert FWD$41,700$44,886$47,049 / ExcellentT5 momentum AWD$44,000$47,299$49,254 / GoodT6 momentum AWD$47,500$50,969$51,702 / GoodT5 R-Design FWD$47,850$51,335$52,329 / GoodT5 inscription FWD$49,200$52,750$53,432 / GoodT5 R-Design AWD$50,150$53,747$54,561 / GoodT5 inscription AWD$51,500$55,162$55,583 / GoodRecharge T8 inscription Expression Plug-in hybrid AWD$53,500$57,734$58,036 / ExcellentT6 R-Design AWD$53,650$57,416$56,911 / GoodT6 inscription AWD$55,000$58,831$57,921 / GoodRecharge T8 R-Design Plug-in hybrid AWD$59,650$64,087$62,651 / ExcellentRecharge T8 inscription Plug-in hybrid AWD$61,000$65,512$63,899 / ExcellentRecharge T8 polestar Plug-in hybrid AWD$69,500$74,477$69,984 / Excellent
Poor drive quality und excessive tire noise with large alloy wheel optionsComplicated multimedia system

The well-known XC60 is one of the dare that assisted bring ns Swedish automaker rückseitig to prominence in the deluxe sector. Now bei its 2nd generation, ns XC60 continues to be one von the strongest entries in its segment. A unique plug-in hybrid variant promises plenty of power there is no sacrificing efficiency. Like die three-rowXC90, ns five-seat XC60 supplies a patent minimalist take it on luxury finish with kühl driftwood trim, easily accessible brown leather upholstery, and a dash that"s largely free des buttons.

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All XC60s jetzt get the following as standard: blind-spot monitoring, behind cross-traffic alert, adaptive led headlights, 2 USB-C ports bei the rear seat area, led fog lights, und auto-dimming next mirrorsThe base Momentum now includes a hands-free tailgate, angeführt fog lights v cornering function, and keyless entryR-Design modell get heated former seats together standardInscription models now come with perforated Nappa animal leather upholstery, and heated and ventilated prior seatsHeated windshield wipers are now part von the Climate package on all trims except ns XC60 T8 pole Engineered (where they"re standard)

Get inside die Volvo XC60 kommen sie experience Scandinavian zen on 4 wheels. Ns beautifully do interior and its understated illustration exude sophistication without looking choose it"s trying auch hard. Practically everything freundin touch feels expensive, and the seat are so comfortable that you can easily drive for hours and get to your location refreshed.

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On the road, ns XC60 moves effortlessly regardless des the powertrain freundin choose. If you find yourself on a winding road, the XC60 can hustle v it smoothly and safely thanks kommen sie its stable handling. Even the base setup offers a an excellent balance bolzen comfort und agility. Beware des the larger alloy wheel alternatives because castle make the ride jittery on poorly maintained roads and produce extreme amounts des tire noise.

Volvo"s infotainment system looks modern und clean, however it isn"t the most user-friendly system. Regardless of its iPad-style look und layout, ns touchscreen isn"t that responsive and can acquire overwhelmed if you make auch many inputs. Sich entschuldigen CarPlay und Android automobil don"t project on the full display screen either; castle take up a chunk des the screen below a few menu items that stay on top.

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The 2021 Volvo XC60 zu sein available with a 2.0-liter I-4 paired to in eight-speed automatic transmission. Relying on the model you get, die engine möchte either it is in turbocharged, turbo- and supercharged, or turbocharged, supercharged, und electrified.

Model: XC60 T5 FWD und XC60 T5 AWDEngine und Transmission: 2.0-liter turbo I-4 - eight-speed automaticPower: 250 hp/258 lb-ft von torqueEPA-Rated Fuel Economy: 22/29 mpg city/highway (FWD); 21/28 mpg (AWD)

Model: XC60 T6 AWDEngine und Transmission: 2.0-liter turbo- and supercharged I-4 - eight-speed automaticPower: 316 hp/295 lb-ftEPA-Rated Fuel Economy: 20/27 mpg

Model: XC60 T8 eAWD und XC60 T8 polestar Engineered plug-in hybridEngine und Transmission: 2.0-liter turbo- and supercharged I-4 + electric motiv - eight-speed automaticPower: 400 hp/472 lb-ft linked (XC60 T8 eAWD); 415 hp/472 lb-ft (XC60 T8 pole Engineered)EPA-Rated Fuel Economy und Range: 26/28 mpg; 19 miles gesamt EV-mode range; 520 miles through a complete tank und charge