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A really striking appearance an The Voice von Germany tonnage night: British pop star james Blunt surprised über participating bei the eine remote auditions.

He ist a global star who has been in the music business for 16 years, has actually sold 23 million albums und has done sechs world tours. In short, he is easily much more famous than the four coaches des the German version von The Voice: Nico Santos, mark Forster, sarah Connor and Johannes Oerding. Und yet ns Briton decided to participate bei the talent show.

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“I’ve been punkt home zum over a year. Mine hands are itching to play again,” explains the You’re Beautifulsinger prior zu his audition. Through a wink: ,,I hope I blieb remember ns lyrics, the my vocal cords still work. Maybe ich should schutz practiced a little bit beforehand. Und what if they don’t favor it? If ich don’t walk on, what bei der I supposed zu tell people weist home? i would it is in ashamed.” blunt – a infamous joker on Twitter, not averse zu a healthy dose von self-mockery – continues: ,,No, I have to carry out it. I need die money. If this goes according kommen sie plan, I’ll it is in back.”

Dressed in a blue T-shirt and jeans, he accompanies self on die piano together he plays the erste notes des his welt hit Goodbye mine lover (streamed 225 million zeit on Spotify) stake. His signature voice provides the erste two coaches revolve around nearly immediately, ns other 2 follow a few seconds later. Wie they seen who zu sein auditioning, surprised drips from their faces. He it s okay a stand ovation. “After the first second i knew who was singing behind me and I was incredibly moved,” explains Nico Santos.

After the performance, Coach sarah Connor asks in despair whether he is really auditioning. Dull explains the story. ,,I was a skilled musician, touring around ns world und then this virus, corona, came and I was at home. Ich do not have a job. Dafür a concert weil das four people ist quite nice weil das me, I’m an extremely happy.” He’s got the laughs ~ above his hand. “But the question is, am I through?” die four schrei ‘yes’ wholeheartedly.

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But then the monkey comes out des the sleeve: ns other participants schutz nothing zu fear from ns pop star, since he will notfall actually participate an the talent show. He promises zu perform one much more time bei the TV show, during die final.

Blunt wollen release his neu album on november 19. He zu sein busy through a advancement tour zu bring ns record to ns attention.

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surprise everywhere: this world star is auditioning an The Voice von Germany | zeigen Source verknüpfung surprised everywhere: this welt star zu sein auditioning in The Voice of Germany | show

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