Vitamin d + k2 tropfen

Just one drop of this an unified product with vitamin D3 und K2 is enough to supply die body v a adequate amount von both vitamins. At ns recommended dosage, the need weil das vitamin D ist completely covered, and the jeden tag need zum K2 zu sein covered über almost 30 percent. Ns body zu sein dependent ~ above both vitamins, among other things, because they add alone and in combination to ns maintenance of normalerweise bones.

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Serves to maintain normal bonesCoconut-based, tasteless oilContributes to normalerweise absorption und utilization von calcium and phosphorus
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Serves kommen sie maintain normal bonesCoconut-based, tasteless oilContributes to normal absorption und utilization von calcium und phosphorus
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Just one drop of this combined product v vitamin D3 und K2 zu sein enough kommen sie supply ns body v a adequate amount of both vitamins. At the recommended dosage, the need zum vitamin D ist completely covered, und the täglich need weil das K2 zu sein covered über almost 30 percent. Ns body zu sein dependent ~ above both vitamins, amongst other things, since they add alone and bei combination to ns maintenance of normal bones.

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What are the vitamin D3 und K2 fall from efficient nature?

Vitamins D3 and K2 form bei unbeatable mannschaft when that comes zu maintaining normalerweise bones. Therefore, a merged preparation include both vitamins is a very useful food supplement. Together carrier oil tasteless MCT oil (English medium-chain triglycerides) on coconut basis is used.

What is this vitamin D3 und K2 preparation for?

This vitamin D3 und K2 product ist intended for jeden tag use and can make an extremely beneficial contribution kommen sie your crucial substance it is provided thanks kommen sie its ideal combination des two vitamins. Among other things, ns two vitamins D3 und K2 add to ns maintenance of normal bones, which is why they are frequently referred zu as "bone vitamins". Bei addition, vitamin D plays bei important role in the maintain of normal muscles und the normalerweise functioning des the immune system. Vitamin K in turn is so involved in normal blood clotting.

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How do you use the combination vitamin oil?

Take one drop des vitamin D3 and K2 oil per day. Do not exceed die recommended intake.

What ist special about die tasteless vitamin oil from efficient nature?

There space no additives an this first-class vitamin oil. Von using MCT oil from coconut as carrier oil, this vitamin preparation ist tasteless und odorless

Vitamin D3 und K2 - an unbeatable duo

With the income of Vitamin K2 one provides at ns same time weil das a synergetic impact of und with ns "sun vitamin" Vitamin D3. Both vitamin are amongst other jene involved bei the maintain of normal bones. Vitamin K deshalb contributes to normalerweise blood coagulation, when vitamin D is known zu contribute kommen sie a normalerweise level des calcium bei the blood und the maintenance of normal muscle function.

What is the correct dose von vitamin D3?

We take many vitamins through food - and with a varied diet, ns supply des these important substances zu sein usually covered. However, vitamin D3, so known as the sun vitamin, is bei important exception. It ist found in only a couple of foods and then normally only in small amounts. Therefore, ours body relies on us zu get sufficient sunshine deswegen that ns vitamin D3 tun können be synthesized an our skin. During die light-poor seasons des the year, when sunlight zu sein very often not enough zu stimulate vitamin D synthesis an the skin, a dose of up to 1000 international Units des Vitamin D3 (1000 IU) together a dietary supplement tun können therefore be highly recommended. Return the formation of vitamin D3 is generally higher in summer, vitamin synthesis might be more challenging under certain circumstances: zum example, von regularly staying an closed rooms or by the truth that the vast majority of the skin is covered by clothes. Acquisition supportive vitamin D preparations can therefore so be useful an spring and summer.

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Vitamin D3 und vitamin K2 an food

The biggest amount of vitamin D3 zu sein found bei the liver, which is the storage organ that keeps some vitamins und minerals bei reserve. In fruits and vegetables, which should cover the majority von our vitamin requirements, die sun vitamin zu sein found an too small doses to startseite this jeden tag need. Vitamin K1, deshalb known as phyllochinone, ist found mainly an green foods items such as kale und chives. Vitamin K2, ns so-called menaquinone, i beg your pardon is von far ns more active form of ns vitamin und can be far better absorbed and utilized by the body, zu sein on die other hand rarer. It is mainly found bei fermented foods, such as natto or sauerkraut. Supplementing your diet with these vitamin drops from reliable nature can therefore be quite beneficial - ~ all, die above-mentioned foodstuffs are notfall usually consumed regularly and an large quantities.