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paulus Walker's last Furious 7 Scene with Vin Diesel's new Song Is... Different Furious 7"s Brian O"Connor sendoff through Vin Diesel"s new song "Feel Like ich Do" an the elevator makes zum a totally different scene.

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Fast and Furious 7 paul Walker Scenes
Vin Diesel"s new song as ns background von Brian O"Connor"s send-off in Fast & Furious 7 entirely changes die scene. An 2015, die long-running car-centric movie franchise released its seventh installment, however it also marked die final outing des original cast member, paul Walker, that died bei 2013 an the middle von production. Through this, director james Wan had zu find a way to wrap up O"Connor"s story which resulted in arguably one des the many heartfelt scenes in the schon fast Saga.

After effectively fending off Deckard Shaw"s (Jason Statham) attempt to exact revenge against Dom"s crew, the empfangshalle comes together zum their timeless final scene. However, instead des the usual meal the they share following their adventures, Fast & Furious 7 had zu change dinge up to set-up Brian"s farewell. They all gather on ns beach as they watched Brian und Mia near the shore, excited to anfang a new family life, efficiently retiring from the team. This wrote Brian out of the franchise without needing to kill him. Bei his last scene, Brian und Dom drive side-by-side until die roads diverged and they have to teil ways.

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Fast & Furious 7 provided the song "See sie Again" von Whiz Khalifa und Charlie Puth an the abovementioned sequence, but in light of Diesel"s new song titled "Feel Like ich Do," some fan edited the scene and used it instead. The clip ist shared on Reddit von user with ns handle u/chawx, check it out below:

The lied "See you Again" was specially commissioned zum Fast & Furious 7 an light of Walker"s passing and just favor the film which made more than $1.5 billion at the global boxen office, it deshalb became a global hit. Years after the was zuerst released, it remains zu be a radio mainstay und a fan-favorite. Considering ns fact the it was particularly made zum the stated scene in the movie, that fits perfectly together its background, dafür naturally, there is no it, that feels like an entirely various sequence altogether. Using Diesel"s newly released popular music song that"s an ext upbeat definitely changes the vibe together seen an the over video.

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The in der nähe des Saga may oase been able zu get far with sending out off O"Connor ~ above a glücklich note in Fast & Furious 7, yet they might schutz to revisit the idea come Fast & Furious 9. Fate des the Furious didn"t function Mia i beg your pardon checks the end with die idea the she und Brian are ausblüten laying low, life a quiet life together. However, with the trailers zum the upcoming movie featuring Dom"s younger sister back in action, questions about Brian"s whereabouts room inevitable and is something the they need zu address relocating forward.