Vergleich fitbit charge 2 und charge 3

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( - Fitbit offers numerous devices in the activity monitor market, from the plain and simple inspire 2 zu its top-of-the-range smartwatch Sense.

The charge 5 is bei activity tracker that sits in between die Fitbit inspire range und the Fitbit Versa range.

We"ve compared it kommen sie its precursors - the Charge 4 und Charge 3 - to lakers how die devices differ und help you arbeiten out if you should upgrade.



Charge 3: OLED touchscreen, buckle, aluminium, interchangeable interchangeable straps, water-resistantCharge 4: OLED touchscreen, buckle, aluminium, interchangeable straps, water-resistantCharge 5: AMOLED always-on color touchscreen, buckle, aluminium, interchangeable straps, water-resistant

The Fitbit charge 3 und Charge 4 room virtually identical in design, however Fitbit has actually pivoted away from die square look des these devices zum a sleeker und thinner fee 5 body.

Despite the Charge 5"s redesign, lock all still share the same penchant zum interchangeable straps. However, because des that new look, there"s so a range von slightly various designs kommen sie pick between - traditional silicone alternatives are joined von breathable sport alternatives, nylon hook und loop bands and hand-crafted Horween leather straps.

After offering in OLED display screen with the Charge 3 und Charge 4, the Charge 5 is also the erste to feature an AMOLED screen. This makes every little thing you seen on ns wrist viel brighter, if Fitbit has deshalb installed in always-on display option for the zuerst time on a tracker.

The three gadgets all oase buckle fastenings und they every feature an optical love rate überwacht that sit on ns underside of their main bodies, and also water resistance up to 50-metres, making them ready zum the swim pool.

Specs and sensors

Charge 3: HR, SpO2 monitor, linked GPS, NFC in some modelsCharge 4: HR, SpO2 monitor, integrated GPS, NFCCharge 5: HR, SpO2 monitor, EDA sensor, ECG readings, integrated GPS, NFC

All three Fitbit Charge gadgets being compared here have an optical heart price monitor, giving automatic und continuous heart rate tracking. They so all have an accelerometer, altimeter and vibration motor.

Each also finds room zum relative SpO2 sensors, too, permitting users kommen sie view a graph an the Fitbit app to see bei estimate of the oxygen level variability in your bloodstream, which is designed to help show variations an your atmung during sleep.

However, ns Charge 5 zu sein the only device zu feature an EDA sensor and the Fitbit ECG app. The former zu sein able kommen sie detect klein changes bei your finger"s sweat glands, und as a result, stress and anxiety level changes, while ECG readings room able kommen sie detect ns heart"s rhythm und check zum signs of atrial fibrillation. These two features, and the accompanying säule available bei the Fitbit app, make it a much more severe health tracking device 보다 we"ve viewed previously bei the fee lineup.

In terms des location tracking, fee 3 just offers linked GPS. This provides your smartphone weil das the general practitioners signal, meaning you"ll need kommen sie bring it through you wie you go zum a run or to walk if freundin want thorough map data. The Charge 4 and Charge 5, however, offer integrated GPS and result an untethered tracking. There are seven GPS-enabled practice modes zu choose from.

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All three also have NFC on board, enabling you to pay through your task tracker at contactless terminals v Fitbit Pay. While the NFC chip come as standard on the Charge 4 and Charge 5, though, it"s just available bei the Special auflage models von the fee 3.



Charge 3: Activity and sleep monitoring, auto-exercise recognition, multi-sport tracking, smartphone alerts, swim tracking, goal-based exercise, run detect with automobil stop, accept/reject calls, quick Replies, NFC, energetic Zone MinutesCharge 4: Adds spotify support, SmartWake alarmsCharge 5: Adds daily Readiness, Stress monitoring Score

The Fitbit charge 3, 4 and 5 all feature all-day activity monitor (steps, distance, calories, floors climbed, task minutes, hourly activity, stationary time) und sleep security with Sleep Stages and Sleep Score. They so all enable you kommen sie see daily stats on your displays, follow me with smartphone notifications, which are much more advanced with quick Replies if you"re top top Android.

Other features uncovered on every three gadgets include SmartTrack, which immediately recognises wie man you exercise, Multi-Sport tracking, Cardio Fitness Level (an estimate of your VO2 Max) und Guided Breathing, which supplies personalised breathing sessions based on your heart rate.

In addition to all ns features offered on these charge models, they all so have swim tracking on board, Goal-Based Exercise, operation Detect with auto-stop, a timer option und weather information.

There"s deshalb a feature called energetic Zone Minutes. This function uses your personalised heart rate zones kommen sie track her effort for any energising activity, enabling you kommen sie earn credit transaction towards die recommended 150-minute weekly goal zum each minute of moderate activity bei the fat burn zone and double the credit zum vigorous activity in cardio und peak zones.

Adding to the Charge 3"s features, ns Charge 4 offers spotify support weil das control des the streaming platform from your device, and also SmartWake, i beg your pardon uses an equipment learning kommen sie wake you at ns optimal time. This feature was previously only available on Fitbit smartwatches.

From there, ns Charge 5 has deshalb debuted some new features. Die device möchte offer a jeden tag Readiness score to Fitbit Premium members, which ist calculated from her activity, heart price variability and sleep data. Einzelheiten on what affected die score and recommendations based upon the die info are deshalb provided.

The Stress management Score, which steps your responsiveness, exertion balance and sleep patterns, will so be available for Charge 5 customers within the Fitbit app.

Price und conclusion


The Fitbit fee 3 might be a wenig long in the tooth, but it could still be a great option for some - especially given that the entwurf is essentially the same as die Charge 4. It has actually a good feature set und you can find it punkt a decent preis compared to die Charge 4.

With ns Charge 4, however, extra features like spotify control und built-in gps that"s a really solid model to go for if your spending plan allows. If sie like ns feature set of the charge 4 and want something that"s a little more concentrated on delivering the same health monitor as many of Fitbit"s smartwatches, though, then your just option is really die Charge 5.

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By adding die ECG app, an EDA tension sensor und building neu metrics into the anwendung for Fitbit Premium users, this is now a an extremely advanced device.It also improves the design considerably, which ist ideal for those who prefer thinner trackers, always-on displays und brighter screens.