Vanessa james and morgan cipres

Morgan Cipres, the French Olympic pairs skater who zu sein under investigation from the U.S. Center weil das SafeSport and the Pasco County, Florida Sheriff’s Office zum allegedly sending out two lewd photos to a 13-year-old American female figure skater, has retired from die sport.

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The French Federation of eis Sports announced Tuesday the Cipres, 29, und his pairs partner, Vanessa James, 33, were leaving the sport much less than a year und a half before ns next scheduled winter Olympics, die 2022 Beijing Games, where they would have been contenders for an Olympic medal.

On Dec. 3, 2017, Cipres allegedly direct messaged two photos von his penis on instagram to ns girl, who skated at die same rink together Cipres an Wesley Chapel, Florida. USA today Sports has reviewed those messages, i m sorry were sent out from what appears zu be Cipres’ proved account.

When asked in a December 2019 phone interview if that sent ns photos von himself to die girl, Cipres replied, “I cannot speak with sie about anything about that. I mean, I oase nothing to say about this allegation.”

SafeSport opened an investigation into die allegation late belastung year, according to the girl, her parents und emails obtained über USA today Sports. 

The girl and her parents so said Cipres’ coaches, john Zimmerman, a 2002 Olympian and member von the U.S. Number Skating Hall of Fame, und Silvia Fontana, a 2002 und 2006 Olympian representing Italy, tried kommen sie keep ns family from reporting ns alleged incident zu authorities über shaming und threatening the mädchen as Cipres, who then was 26, prepared zum the 2018 winter Olympics. 

The skater and her parents said that instead of going to polizei or SafeSport, i m sorry opened in March 2017 to investigate sex-related abuse in Olympic sports, Zimmerman und Fontana implored them kommen sie stay quiet due to the fact that Cipres und James were an the final stages von their preparation for the Olympics an South Korea, where they perfect fifth.

Zimmerman und Fontana have denied die allegations. Die girl and her parents are notfall being figured out because USA today Sports does notfall publish ns names des alleged victims von sexual abuse.

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Dara Bushman, a psychologist who operated with ns skater, claimed she “contacted the authorities” after gift made aware of the alleged incident bei a Dec. 30, 2017 emails from ns girl’s tutor. “I wanted kommen sie make sure die child was safe,” Bushman said.

When the authorities arrived to interview the girl, she refused to tell them what happened, her parents said. Within a few weeks of the alleged incident, the parents stated they took your daughter out des the Tampa-area rink und returned kommen sie their home an South Florida. She has been an therapy since, they said. Die sheriff’s office took no activity after the girl declined to cooperate.

But Pasco kreis Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Amanda Hunter said USA heute Sports an June the the ermittlung into die alleged sex-related abuse had been reopened: “This is now in ongoing, energetic investigation.”

Andrea Lewis, die attorney zum the skater und her family, confirmed bei June the the girl was “fully cooperating" with ns investigation.

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“Being victimized by in adult is traumatizing zum a child and she ausblüten struggles through what occurred to her on a jeden tag basis,” Lewis claimed in in email. “Not only was she harmed von the perpetrator, but deshalb by other adults that she trusted that attempted to hülle up his misconduct und intimidate produziert into gift silent. She ist extremely grateful for the words des support from survivors and other civilization all around die world. Those voices have given herstellung the courage kommen sie speak up and do what zu sein necessary kommen sie make sure that this never happens again.”

Former French skating federation chairman Didier Gailhaguet, who initially dismissed the allegation of sexual abuse versus Cipres, said hinweisen a news conference top top Feb. 5 in paris that Cipres “did something an extremely stupid. Ns stupid thing ist a photo des himself and his privatgelände parts. That made a major mistake ... A shameful act von stupidity.”

Gailhaguet, who resigned three days later over die federation’s handling des allegations of sexual abuse von underage skaters über their coaches, also said at die time that Cipres had actually resigned from the French sports federation’s council and was gift treated von a psychologist.