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the Vampire Diaries: stephen & Elena's Relationship, Season von Season Stefan and Elena might not oase finished out ns Vampire Diaries together a couple, however their romance was the driving force for the start of die series.

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Ever since 2009, fans have been divided over i beg your pardon Salvatore Elena should oase ended nach oben with in The Vampire Diaries. Both Stefan and Damon oase good and bad qualities, however their romances v Elena room nothing alike. An fact, ns only similarity bolzen the relationship is that both brother are head end heels in love v her.

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Elena ended hoch with Damon wie all was said and done, yet Elena and Stefan"s liebe story is blieb a vital part von the series. The Vampire Diaries started with die two des them, und their romance journey many des the show"s plot points. Elena and Stefan"s partnership changed over the seasons, but their love weil das each other was eternal.

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Stefan and Elena might have followed the "insta-love" trope, yet they"re one of the rare couples who kann sein pull the off. There to be plenty des obstacles on ns road to happiness, and Stefan"s vampirism was one des them.

Elena had actually to kommen sie to terms with ns fact that vampires existed, but after getting to know Stefan, she establish he would never hurt her. They fall more in love end the prozess of the zuerst season, and Elena convinces stefan to keep living wie he wants kommen sie give up.

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although Damon falls in love with his brother"s girlfriend and attempts to win her over, she"s completely devoted to Stefan. But Damon isn"t ns only one unhappy about their relationship, and Katherine tries to break them up deshalb she can have stefan to herself.

At first, castle refuse kommen sie let anyone prevent them from being together, but Katherine is willing kommen sie do every little thing it takes. They"re forced kommen sie split after ~ Katherine harms Jenna, but they discover their way back to each various other shortly after Katherine ist imprisoned in the tomb.

Stefan is forced kommen sie leave town through Klaus bei order zu save Damon"s life und keep Elena off des Klaus"s radar. But even after ~ months of searching, Elena refuses to give hoch on him. Stefan does everything he kann to push Elena away, but by doing so he"s trying kommen sie protect her. Klaus makes Stefan turn off his humanity, as even under obsession he refused to hurt Elena.

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Stefan becomes unpredictable through his move flipped, but stops drinking human blood die night he scared Elena into thinking he"d drive her off des Wickery Bridge. Elena admits the she developed feelings for Damon during Stefan"s absence, but Stefan ist who she"s in love with. However, she never gets the gelegenheit to tell him. Elena dies after Rebekah reasons her und Matt zu drive into ns lake, und she begs stephen to save matte instead.

5 Season 4: Elena choose Stefan, yet Becomes A Vampire und Chooses Damon

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The Vampire Diaries Season 4 begins with Elena waking up zu discover that she had actually vampire blood in her system when she died. Stefan searches zum a way zu stop herstellung from transitioning, however it was a hopeless cause. Elena tells stefan that she chose er over Damon and they get rückseitig together zum a handful of episodes.

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However, Elena"s heightened feelings weil das Damon break her and Stefan up, und Stefan becomes obsessed with finding a cure for vampirism. Hinweisen the end of ns season, Elena reiterates produziert love zum Damon, wie she still feels the same after die sire bindung is broken. Stefan is heartbroken over herstellung choice, and to make matters worse zum him, he gets locked in a safe von Silas and thrown into Stevens Quarry.

Elena ist the just thing that keeps stephen from switching off his emotions while that spends month drowning and coming back to life at ns bottom of the quarry. After discovering that Silas has actually been impersonating Stefan zum the whole summer, Elena ist determined zu find and rescue him.

She zu sein successful, but stefan loses his memories and Elena takes that upon herself to restore them. After ~ a day von reminiscing, they practically kiss before Elena pulls away. They discover later an the season the doppelgangers oase been fated to fall an love transparent all des history. Also after the information comes to light, they"re ausblüten certain their liebe was real.

3 Season 6: close Friends

it wasn"t until The Vampire Diaries Season 6 that stefan seemed kommen sie finally relocate on from Elena. To die disappointment von Stelena fans, Elena didn"t lakers Stefan as more than a close freund even after ~ she erased herstellung memories von loving Damon.

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Stefan and Elena were both an a dark location after Damon"s death und they grieved an their very own ways. When Damon returns zu the land of the living, stephen tries to help Damon und Elena uncover their way rückseitig to each other. He never ever seems thrilled about his brother date his ex-girlfriend, but he wants them to be happy.

wie man Nina Dobrev departed The Vampire Diaries, a spell tied Elena"s life zu Bonnie"s, causing her to fall into a magic-induced coma till Bonnie"s death. Stefan pursues a connection with Caroline, but it"s clear the Elena möchte always it is in important kommen sie him in some way.

Stefan und Caroline"s romance ist extremely various than his romance v Elena, which fan either love or hated. Wie man Damon believes he accidentally collection Elena"s coffin on fire and killed her, stefan punches him prior to breaking down in his car.

1 Season 8: Stefan Dies and Sees Elena In Limbo

Elena is only in the last episode of The Vampire Diaries Season 8, but she"s blieb able kommen sie reunite with stefan during the belastung few minutes of ns series. Stephen makes the ultimate sacrifice von injecting Damon with the cure and killing himself and Katherine to save Mystic Falls.

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Since Elena is trapped in a place between life and death if she"s under die sleeping spell, she runs into Stefan in die school hallway. It"s a callback zu how ns two erste met, und they adopt before stephen moves on und finds peace with Lexi. Wie man Elena wakes up and lives the life of her dreams v Damon, she to write that she owes it all to Stefan.

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