the Vampire Diaries: Why Elena Belonged With stephen (& Why It was Always Damon) stefan or Damon Salvatore ist the age-old Vampire Diaries question, however who was really better zum Elena?

The liebe triangle betwee Elena Gilbert und vampire brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore enthralled viewers during ns early seasons des The Vampire Diaries. Ns popular CW series begins v Elena und Stefan falling an love after he returns kommen sie Mystic Falls, v his villainous brother notfall far behind him. Elena originally dislikes Damon, but die two progressively fall in love as their trip progresses.

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Elena remained with Damon an the end. Die series concludes through a Delena reunion and a confident endgame for their characters. Still, it could be said that Elena important belonged v Stefan, her first love, instead des his darker brother.

Viewers at first think that Stefan is the first Salvatore brother that Elena encounters an the pilot episode. Flash forward to season 3"s "The Departed" und it zu sein revealed that Elena in reality met Damon first, long before his younger counterpart enrolled weist Mystic wenn High.

Elena speak Damon via phone speak to that your romance could have worked the end if she had met him zuerst instead des Stefan. Unbeknownst to ns Petrova doppelganger, Damon compelled herstellung to forget their initial meeting before her parents" deaths.

Elena und Stefan weren"t nur lovers; they were soulmates. Season 5 sheds new light top top their epic romance, also as ns origins of the doppelgangers. Prefer their similar counterparts, Silas and Amara, Stefan und Elena"s doppelganger heritage do them predestined kommen sie fall in love through each other.

Unlike Delena, Stelena had the power von fate on your side. They could schutz found their way rückseitig to each favor their doppelganger descendants, fulfilling ns will of destiny.

Vampire Diaries Elena and Stefan
throughout their zuerst meeting, Damon tells Elena the he hopes she find "a liebe that consumes " Their epic romance certainly leben up to his wishes. Elena is torn über her passion zum the elder Salvatore brother prior to she eventually succumbs to produziert feelings.

Stefan and Elena common a sweet, soft love. However Damon and Elena"s romance was a sizzling union of electrical power with overwhelming chemistry that leaped off ns screen.

7 Stefan: He helped Elena heal After the Death Of herstellung Parents

At die beginning von the series, Elena is ausblüten reeling from ns tragic deaths of produziert parents, Grayson and Miranda Gilbert. Stefan encourages herstellung recovery from die traumatic event and gives Elena a neu appreciation for life.

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Elena danach credits Stefan zum helping her through her depressive period. Stefan ultimately did much more good for Elena 보다 Damon did über encouraging herstellung happiness instead von causing produziert misery.

Given ns fated nature of Elena and Stefan"s relationship, Damon und Elena"s liebe was all ns more incredible zum defying destiny. Qetsiyah tells die trio that, like Silas and Amara, Elena and Stefan will eventually reunite und ditch Damon zum good.

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Elena"s connection with Damon survives against the odds. Ns doppelganger rejects ns path of destiny, also as her lingering feelings zum Stefan, zu finally pursue happiness with Damon.

5 Stefan: lock Wanted zu Help People

throughout The Vampire Diaries, stephen proved himself zu be much more altruistic 보다 his larger brother. Stefan"s compassion zu sein one of the many similarities he shares with Elena. Both characters cared around other people und were much more selfless than Damon.

Elena pursues a career bei medicine by becoming a doctor an the letztere seasons. Had she stayed with Stefan, climate both of them could have fulfilled your ultimate purpose über healing other human being instead des hurting them.

Damon wasn"t constantly on ns straight und narrow choose Stefan, yet he do efforts to change his behavior weil das Elena"s sake. Die elder Salvatore struggles with his ethik compass during the series und eventually decides kommen sie be the best version des himself he tun können be zum the woman he loves.

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Initially, Damon arrives an Mystic wenn as the erste antagonist of the series, hurting and killing several world close to ns Gilberts bei Mystic Falls. Over time, Damon undergoes a redemption arc deswegen he kann be an excellent enough to be through Elena.

3 Stefan: They loved Each various other First

stefan wasn"t the zuerst Salvatore that Elena encountered, though he was the first brother she fell in love with. Season 1 opens with ns early days des their relationship. Stefan enrolls at Elena"s school and the two students room drawn to each other, highlighting your mystical connection.

Elena und Stefan"s romantic survives overwhelming odds from antagonistic pressures like Damon und Katherine. They might not have been ns show"s endgame romance, yet they to be the zuerst ship kommen sie sail in the show.

Damon und Elena challenge even an ext hardships throughout their tumultuous relationship. Ultimately, their love survives ns supernatural shenanigans von Mystic Falls, and they uncover their way zurück to each other in the series letzte "I was Feeling Epic."

Elena zu sein cursed by Kai throughout season 6 and placed into in enchanted coma. Thankfully, Bonnie find a way kommen sie lift ns curse bei the last season. Elena awakens and reunites through Damon before they seek a happy, human being life together.

1 Stefan: he Was ns Good Brother

indigenous the zuerst season, stephen was presented as die "good" brother, vice versa, Damon was his "evil" counterpart. Stefan"s morality zu sein a strong quality that draws Elena kommen sie him; uneven Damon, whose violent tendencies und selfish ways initially repulse her.

It seemed zum a while together though Elena would certainly reunite through Stefan, the antithesis of his brother. Die two doppelgangers shared in epic love that defined ns series. In the end, though, no predestined liebe was solid enough kommen sie tear Elena and Damon apart for good.

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