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the Vampire Diaries: just how Nina Dobrev's Elena & Katherine Are related On the Vampire Diaries, Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce dislike each other, but the women re-superstructure a distinct link, both magically and genetically.

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Vampire Diaries Katherine Elena
top top The Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev"s Elena Gilbert und Katherine Pierce share much more than just looks: die two are deshalb members des the Petrova family. Season 1 assures a connection betwee Katherine Pierce, aka "Katerina Petrova," Elena"s organic mother Isobel Flemming, und Elena, however it takes a while weil das the series zu deliver. Isobel autumn a hint wie man she speak Elena Katherine looked her up after she turned out of biological curiosity. Wie man Katherine arrives an Mystic wenn during season 2, she drops one more bombshell: she and Elena are Petrova doppelgangers, however even Katherine doesn"t totally grasp what this means and how it relates to herstellung ancestors" bloodline.

During his search for in answer as zu why Elena and Katherine look-alike, stefan learns Elena ist adopted. Still, neither he no one Damon understands ns link betwee the woman they used zu love and the frau they currently love. Gift a descendant is one thing, but being precise replicas des one another adds an additional layer to ns mysterious connection between Elena and Katherine. Wie Elena, Alaric, und Damon go zu Duke zu look with Isobel"s research in season 2"s "Bad Moon Rising," Isobel"s research study assistant defines a doppelganger together a "living, breathing double des oneself." Still, all of these puzzle pieces didn"t quite fit together in a method that makes sense.

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It"s Katherine who ultimately reveals exactly how she and Elena are linked during season 2"s "Katerina." before meeting klausMikaelson and becoming a vampire, Katherine offers birth zu a daughter bei 149o. Katherine"s dad gives die baby away. Presumably, this kid grows up and keeps die Petrova bloodline going after klausmurders Katherine"s family in 1492. This solves the mystery von Katherine and Elena"s genealogical connection, but notfall what a Petrova doppelganger is and why klausneeds one dafür badly.

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Katherine"s explanation about ns purpose des the doppelganger isn"t completely incorrect. The doppelganger blood von her und Elena"s ancestor Tatia is die binding certified dealer Esther uses kommen sie turn produziert children into vampires und to suppress Klaus" werewolf side, but doppelgangers serve a much larger purpose. They are the magical byproduct von Qetsiyah and Silas" immortality spell. Doppelgangers room Silas" and Amara"s zero selves that die an their place - nature"s way to restore balance. Tatia is the first an Amara"s line und Elena ns last.

After 4 seasons, the seems die Katherine-Elena-doppelganger connection ist finally resolved, however then die mysterious beauty Nadia mirrors up bei Mystic wenn during season 5. Nadia exposes herself as Katherine"s long-lost daughter. She discover she"s been searching zum her mother zum 500 years. She had actually herself turned into a vampire, dafür she can stay young and strong lang enough kommen sie find die woman who she believes exit her.

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This raises a question the show never answers: did Nadia offer birth before ending up being a vampire? would certainly she sacrifice a partnership with her child kommen sie chase under Katherine, make her bei immortal hypocrite? Maybe history repeats itself, und someone bring away Nadia"s kid from herstellung further fueling herstellung obsession. Nadia is so immortal, so it"s feasible she does herstellung due diligence together a loving parent und then spends centuries trying kommen sie resolve her mommy issues. Over there isn"t much to Nadia"s backstory, dafür the mystery involving the missing Petrova descendent continues to be unsolved. There have to be one. Otherwise, die connection between Elena and Katherine doesn"t exist.