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Mountain bike helmets - life insurance money on the trail


These days, hill bike helmets are bei indispensable part von the sport of mountain biking. This all weil das the ideal reasons, considering at what breakneck speed mountain bikers journey on rocky and root-heavy trails. Depending on the recommended use, different versions of helmets exist: shell helmets weil das race- und all-mountain-driven bikers, integral helmets or full face helmets for Downhill und Freeriders and special helmets zum Dirt bikers and BMX riders. Common to all is in essential characteristic: their standard-tested und thus dependable shock absorption in case des falls. The differences lie an the design and special attributes offered.

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Mountainbike helmets weil das every encourage use

Apart from ns use of in approximately comparable sporting equipment, ns ambitious up Hill Racer and Downhill rider have little to nothing in common. Logically together a consequence ns head protection zum these different greatly. Classic mountainbike helmets for race- und all-mountain-driven bikers come in a covering structure, which room similar to that of a roadway bike helmet. They room usually made with complete attention on weight saving and cover only ns skull. Die inner covering made des foam ensures trusted cushioning ~ above impact wie man a fall occurs. In important aspect in shell helmets like those von Giro or Lazer, is a adequate number von vents that guarantee ns supply of fresh air on strenuous tours. A detachable splash guard gives protection native rain and low hanging branches. Shell helmets for mountain bikers space compatible v bike glasses zum protection against insects und sharp wind. Flat seamed bike caps fit under the helmet und protect your head und ears from obtaining cold.

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In addition kommen sie protectors, ns integral helmet is part des the essential equipment von Downhill hill biking. Full challenge helmets indigenous POC or Bell provide not only shock absorption zum the skull but also protection zum the face area. Ns outer shell des the bike helmet abdecken the whole head and only leaves room zum a viewing window. Just deshalb that the eyes are also protected native dust, stones and mud, one put on a full face helmet through goggles. A strict screwed visor protects against low branches und brushwood. The comfort des a full challenge helmet is decided on its weight and ventilation. Due to the fact that it kann quickly get very warme under together a helmet, a to work system des venting slits is advantageous. External shells made von carbon give ns bike helmet a low weight und high stability. special helmets so exist weil das Dirt Bike and BMX riders. Half-shell helmets administer a compromise bolzen enhanced head protection und ventilation. For city riders, so called city helmets exist, which room similar in structure to die shell helmets weil das mountain bikers.

What kommen sie consider wie man buying mountainbike helmets?

As typically applies to functional equipment bei the sports sector: poor functionality there is no optimal fit. A mountainbike helmet that does not slip into die face or presses unpleasantly on die head need to be chosen. In addition, considerably above die wearing comfort, are die weight des the cycle helmet, ns quality of the chin closure und the effectiveness von the ventilation system.