Stiftung warentest regularly tests sunscreen weil das its effectiveness. Bei their belastung published sunscreen prüfung (July 2019), ns testers uncovered many great sun protection products with sun protection aspect 30 und sun protection element 50 and 50+. T-online.de presents the best sunlight creams at this time available.

Du schaust: Uv-gel stiftung warentest

Very gratifying: von 19 sunscreens tested with ns sun protection factors (LFS) 30, 50 and 50+, 17 were rated with the overall rating “very good” or “good”. Even an the prüfung from summer 2018, the result was so gratifying. Two sunscreens failed fully due to insufficient sun protection.

All other products bei the prüfung – no matt what skin type or which sun protection aspect – has an common the they sell very an excellent UVA and UVB protection.

Update from Monday, april 27: the waterproof spray from Jean & Len with sunlight protection variable 50 is currently not available, so we redirect kommen sie our links to ns same product v SPF 30, i beg your pardon is also fully recommended and test winner. Ns spray bottle v 250 ml expenses 9.95 euros.

Testing sun creams: These products are recommended

Good und very an excellent products deshalb performed well und not nur the expensive sunlight creams from ns pharmacy und perfumery. The prüfung winner with ns overall rating “Very Good” ist the Sundance sun milk from DM with SPF 30, the Ombra Sun extremist Sensitive sunscreen native Aldi (North and South) through SPF 30, die Elkos sun sun milk from Edeka through SPF 30, the Sun spray indigenous Jean & Len v SPF 50, die Sunozon sun milch from Rossmann (SPF 50) und the Lavozon sun milk from müller (SPF 50). We existing a prüfen winner to you an more detail:

Waterproof sun spray über Jean & Len

The waterproof spray native Jean & Len is one of the prüfen winners of the stiftung Warentest with the overall rating “very good” und is particularly positive due kommen sie its high sun security factor of 50. Ns sunscreen zu sein vegan und free des additives. Because it does notfall contain parabens, silicones, nanoparticles und emulsifiers, it is deshalb suitable zum allergy sufferers. Together a spray, die sunscreen zu sein easy kommen sie apply to ns skin. Anyone who typically needs a high sun protection factor ist well advised with this product.

Other present recommendations from fundament, stiftung Warentest

The adhering to four products are also fully recommended. They all got a an extremely Good an the partial referee “Compliance with ns protection awarded”. Bei addition, ns microbiological quality was notfall objected to in any of the sunscreen assets tested.

Good sunscreen creams from the 2018 test

Some assets that to be tested von the fundament, stiftung Warentest an summer 2018 are ausblüten available on the market. Including die Cien sunlight Sun milk Classic (SPF 30) von Lidl and the la Roche-Posay Anethelios XL Wet Skin Gel. Since the recipe has not changed, die good test results remain.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios


The la Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Wet Skin gelatin sunscreen received in overall rating of “Good (1.6)” from ns testers von the organisation und vorschriften Warentest. The sunscreen convinces v both UVA and UVB defense with a very great protective effect. Ns skin’s moisture buildup through die product und the user application are also good.


The at this time tested und presented sun creams every offer comprehensive protection. No matt which sunscreen freundin buy, with the right application and the right choice des the sun protection factor you are very well protected.

Why should you use sunscreen?

The gelb rule for sun protection is “Abundant und regular”. Protecting ns skin from die sun must be die top priority. Because sunburn is not just annoying und painful, it so permanently damages ns skin. In the worst case, skin cancer can result from too much exposure to die sun there is no protection. Unprotected, ns skin eras more and is an ext susceptible zu sun allergies.

Therefore: Sunscreen, sun oil or sun milk must it is in applied zu all unprotected parts des the body. This must be done before sunbathing and repeated hinweisen regular intervals.

How much Sunscreen Should i Use?

Do notfall save with die protective product wie man using, but constantly apply the cream generously. For in adult, dermatologists recommend around 40 to 45 milliliters von cream operation (three tablespoons full).

If sie wear makeup, you should first apply ns sunscreen and let the soak in. You can then put on your make-up as normal.

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How frequently should sunscreen und sun spray be applied?

How regularly sunscreen should be applied depends on ns situation. If freundin are in the sun for a entirety day, you should apply your first cream about 20 minutes before walk into ns sun. Pay distinct attention to the bridge von the nose und ears, where sie get sunburn very quickly.

The protection need to then be renewed weist least double throughout ns day, even with a high sun defense factor. ~ bathing, ns sun protection must always be renewed, even if ns sun protection product is advertised as waterproof. The same applies to sporting tasks that make freundin sweat. The sweat reduces die effect von the sunscreen.

The protection duration offered should not be exhausted. A new lotion does not extend die protection, it zu sein better kommen sie leave the sun.

Sun spray is easier kommen sie spread 보다 sun milch or sunlight cream, but should it is in applied in two layers. After the first application, wait until the agent has absorbed and then repeat the process.

What does the sun protection factor on the sunscreen mean?

The sun protection variable (SPF) indicates die time by which ns correct use des the sunscreen extends ns time zum which a person can expose self to the sun there is no damaging die skin. There are die protection classes defined by an EU directive: base (SPF 6-10), medium (SPF 15-25), high (SPF 30 and 50) und very high (SPF 50+).

An example: If a person tun können stay in the sun zum 20 minute on a sunny early summer job before die skin transforms red, sunscreen with sun protection factor 20 rises this time by 20 times. The maximum protection period would be 400 minutes – over sechs hours.

However, these values ​​should it is in treated through caution, as they space determined in ideal activities situations. Bei addition, the SPF info relates to die proportion of short-wave UVB radiation from die sun. This zu sein primarily responsible weil das the sunburn. UVA radiation, on ns other hand, ist held responsible weil das skin aging.

Important: Apply die sun care again and again throughout ns day. Also note the solar radiation zu sein stronger an southern Europe and in tropical locations than in central and northern Europe. A sunscreen through a higher protection factor is recommended here.

A low defense factor ist more suitable zum people with darker skin tones or those that are currently tanned.

Terms such together “sunblock” need to be provided with caution because they give ns impression von total protection. However, this zu sein wrong. Die situation ist similar with self-tanners. Together a rule, they market no protection at all, together they just simulate tanning des the skin.

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