Usb stick als ram windows 10

bei windows it ist possible to use usb flash drive as a virtual ram. Ich wonder if it is possible zu do so an ubuntu? If the is, how might one perform it?

: ich mean Ready boost equivallent zum ubuntu. Ich know that it zu sein not a perfect replacement zum ram und it is not advisable zum longterm use.

Is developing swap file in a usb flash drive similar zu it? möchte it show performance gains over a swap file in a tough Disk Drive?



The prize Sean suggests is one way des accomplishing this, another would be to nur create a swapfile on die stick, that way you can so use her stick zum other files. Favor so:

find out where the stick zu sein mounted. Look in nautilus or issue mount in the terminal

create in empty file von dd if=/dev/zero of=/media/YOURSTICK/swap bs=4096 count=131072. This create a 512 MB file (512 * 1024^2 / 4096 = 131072)

create ns swap und enable it sudo mkswap /media/YOURSTICK/swap && swapon -p 1000 /media/YOURSTICK/swap

The swap on your USB pole won"t be quicker than one residing on your HDD. Also it will kill die stick top top the long term, composing does that to USB sticks.

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To increase the usable amount des ram inspect out zram.

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I discovered out around this when ich did the from

Plug-in her USB drive und make sure there are no important papers on the drive. Delete all ns files on ns drive or re-format it und go zu a Terminal.

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First, we need to unmount die drive if Ubuntu auto-mounted it wie you plugged the in:

sudo umount /media/drive-labelWhere "drive-label" zu sein the name you see weil das the USB drive when it zu sein mounted.

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Or you can so do that this way:

sudo umount /dev/sdx1Where "sdx1" is your drive/partition letter. You can find it von running this command:

sudo fdisk -lNow, we"ll create ns Swap file on your USB drive:

sudo mkswap /dev/sdx1Where "sdx1" is your drive letter we figured out from ns output des "fdisk -l" command above.

Now, revolve on your new Swap:

sudo swapon -p 32767 /dev/sdx1Done!

In order kommen sie make certain your neu Swap ist working, you tun können take a watch at ns output des this command:

cat /proc/swapsMy calculation is: