One des the ideal USB flash cd driver around ns house makes it easy kommen sie store, transfer and even zurück up her files

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Having one or more von the best USB flash cd driver around ns house lets you conveniently move large files indigenous one computer to another, and deshalb to printers, routers or even TV sets.

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Depending top top how large your USB drive is, you tun können use it for partial or full computer-system backups. Every you oase to do zu sein plug the drive into a USB port and drag-and-drop die files.

USB memory sticks jetzt hold much more data and can read and write it much more easily than lock did nur a couple of years ago, thanks zu faster protocols and cheaper warehouse costs. For just a couple of bucks, you tun können keep all the angestellter files you"ll ever before need right on your keychain.

Yet choosing ns right USB journey isn"t always simple. There are punkt least four various USB link protocols — USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB 3.1 and USB 3.2 — und each is several zeit faster than the previous one.Fast speeds tun können save freundin quite a bit of time wie man copying large files.

Not all her devices kann handle die fastest protocol, but the devices freundin buy bei the future will. (Each new protocol deshalb supports die earlier ones.) part USB drives so have integrated encryption, a strong safeguard if the drives gain lost or stolen.

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There are different connectors as well. Most flash drives blieb have a rectangular USB-A port, which wollen work ~ above all fenster PCs und older Macs, plus many printers, clever TVs, routers und other devices.

If you"ve gott a drive with a rounded USB-C connector instead, you"ll it is in able kommen sie use it through newer android smartphones und tablets, plus current Macs and even some von the newest iPads. Some USB flash drives kommen sie with secondary Lightning connectors zu plug right into iPhones und older iPads.

To help freundin choose ns best USB storage stick, right here are 10 of our favorites. Lock vary von price, format, speed, physical size and storage size. However regardless des which USB drive freundin select, it should hold every file you care about in a simple, easy-to-use package.

What are ns best USB flash drives?

We tested und used a variety of USB flash drives, in dwe found die Samsung fit Plus (MUF-128AB) kommen sie be die best. The offers an outstanding mix von features und affordability, through USB 3.1 support, data-read speed up kommen sie 300 MB/s und a design deshalb compact the you tun können leave ns drive plugged right into your laptop without worrying around damage.

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We deshalb found ns SanDisk Cruzer CZ36 zu be a good choice, as you get certain 128-bit AES encryption zum a very low price. Sie just schutz to be ready to live with USB 2.0 compatibility. If you want zippy read/write speeds, you"ll be hard-pressed to find plenty of USB storage devices far better than ns Kingston Digital DataTraveler G4.