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Du schaust: Usb recording samsung smart tv

Life tun können get crazy hinweisen times und every now and then you just want zu kick back und watch your favourite shows, only to find you oase missed bei episode.

With selected Smart TVs, freundin are able zu instantly record, play and pause or schedule a direkte TV recording. You can set that up for just one episode or also a entirety season. Follow die steps below and rest easy knowing that you’ll never fehlschlagen another episode.

Note: This feature is available on select TVs. You re welcome refer to the specs of her TV to lakers if this feature is available.

You wollen need a USB or portable tough drive plugged right into your clever TV zu store videotaped programs. Freundin will so need kommen sie have an aerial connection and channels tuned in.

 Please Note: The info on this buchseite is weil das Australian commodities only. Models, order or settings möchte vary depending upon location and/or where the product had been purchased. Zu be redirected zu your local support seite please click here.

Note: This feature ist available on select TVs. You re welcome refer to ns specs of her TV to lakers if this feature is available.

You möchte need a USB or portable hard drive plugged into your clever TV to store taped programs. Freundin will deshalb need zu have an aerial connection und channels tuned in.

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1Press ns
Home button on your remote control and select Live TV. drücken sie up on your remote und select Schedule Manager

2On the Recording & Schedule Manager page, cycle throughout to die Schedules tab. Select either Add Viewing or Add Recording.
3Select die TV Channel sie wish kommen sie record. With die Repeat option, you kann choose to schedule weil das Everyday, choose Day or Do notfall repeat.
4You can hop over zu Settings zu select the minutes you wish zum to Start recording Early or Continue recording After
5When die program ist about to start, a message boxen will appear bei the oberteil right-hand corner as a reminder.

If you come across a TV channel sie would like kommen sie instantly record live broadcast TV and watch that later, follow die steps below kommen sie find out how.

3You will see an image des your TV remote pop hoch onscreen. Then, drücken sie the Select button on her TV remote

You tun können pause and rewind direkt TV über using Timeshift. Activating this duty disables ns Broadcasting function.

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To use Timeshift, sie must attach a USB device zum recording.This feature is available on select TVs. Please refer kommen sie the specs of her TV to seen if this feature zu sein available.
2You will see in image of your TV remote pop trost onscreen. Then, niederdrücken the Select taste on your TV remote