The calculation Time and Cost applications helps you find shipment dates und times for all accessible package and freightservices an over 220 countries und territories. You can so use the Calculate Time and Cost applicationto determine shipping costs weil das a range von services in many countries served von

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How zu Calculate Time und Cost

The CalculateTime and Costapplication zu sein located on die Shipping tab of

From any page on, select the Shipping tab.Select CalculateTime and Cost.Follow the directions, noting die required areas (required areas are indicated with a

About delivery Time allows you kommen sie calculate die delivery time for any distribution going almost everywhere served von Wie man you calculate die delivery time, we"ll show youa host of options you can choose from zum getting her shipment to its destination. You"ll it is in able to observe die delivery time zum each shipment option, also as ns latest arsenal time. Through the auswahl to make fast updates to your inputs and instantly see your outcomes on die same screen, you tun können use this info to make ns best choiceonhow zu send her shipment.

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About Shipping Costs

The calculate Time and Cost applications helps you compare guaranteed shipment times und published shipping rates when sending shipments zu destinations around the world. Using ns Calculate Time und Cost application you can:

Get rates bei the beginning country"s neighborhood currencyGet rates und edit ns shipment einzelheiten for many packagesCalculate the cost von value-added services, whereby applicableReview rate summary info in bei easy-to-read chartView rate details, consisting of zones, only wie man you need themSort your results von time or costGet international delivery dates und times zum door-to-door dienstleistungen (including customizeds clearance)

Shipment cost die info is not available zum all countries. If die Calculate Time and Cost application zu sein not in option zum the countries freundin select, please call your local office for shipping price information.

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Additional note on distribution cost:

Shipping prices quoted are estimates based upon the die info you have supplied. Other shipping charges may apply and your last shipping charge might differ relying on your Account number and how sie tender die package kommen sie Please lakers the applicable Rate und Service Guide for details.Shipping rates do not include duties, taxes, or various other non-routine personalizeds brokerage charges. Various other shipping charges, surcharges, or value-added dienstleistungen charges might apply and your final shipping charge might differ based upon your shipper characteristics und the qualities of, and services asked for for, packages actually tendered to

Calculate Time und Cost

Consult die Zone and Rate Charts situated on kommen sie find shipping rates zum your shipments. Use ns zone Chart zu find die destination zum your shipment. Use the zone number obtained in the ar Chart and the weight des your shipment to get the shipping rate for the applicable service in the rate Chart.