Upgrade windows 7 auf windows 10

Did you sign up for the fenster 10 upgrade, but readjust your mind? This may fix her Win7/8.1 updater


You signed up zum the fenster 10 upgrade, but jetzt that die bits space ready, you"re obtaining cold feet. I understand. However there"s one little problem: Your fenster 7 or 8.1 maker won"t install any updates until sie install windows 10. Windows Update might say, "Your update to fenster 10 ist ready," und if sie check for updates, sie get "Windows upgrade cannot at this time check zum updates, because freundin must zuerst restart ns computer deswegen that a previous installation tun können be completed."

You may acquire a blog post that says, "Your upgrade ist ready zu install" und then, "Great, we"ll get the upgrade started." I"ve watched hundreds von posts (and much more than a few emails) from human being stuck in the exact same boat. If sie accepted ns offer for fenster 10 und later chose that you aren"t ready, Microsoft locks your machine into a situation where it"s an extremely difficult kommen sie say no.

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I"ve been playing about with this problem for a couple von weeks, ran it v a dozen testers on AskWoody.com, and think that maybe -- maybe -- this strategy may work. Please prüfen it. Ns worst that"ll happen is you"ll end up an the very same position, ~ 20 minutes to bei hour von hassle, zum which i apologize.

Try this:

Step 1. Wait till you schutz a spare hour. This is good to do before freundin head out zu a meeting, zu lunch, or punkt the end of ns workday.

Step 2. Turn off automatic Update. go into fenster Update (in Win7, using in administrator-level account, click Start, control Panel, und then System und Security; in Win8.1, when looking at ns old-fashioned windows desktop, host down the fenstern key and press X, then select Control Panel, System und Security). Under fenster Update, pick this setting: "Check weil das updates yet let me pick whether to download or download them."

Step 3. Hide die upgrade, if you can. in Windows Update, click zeigen all accessible Updates. If sie see in entry zum Upgrade to windows 10 (many of you won"t), right-click on upgrade to fenstern 10 and choose Hide Update.

Step 4. Delete the montage files. bei File Explorer, right-click on your samen drive and choose disk Cleanup. When Explorer come up zum air, click the boxen marked Clean up system files. When die list appears, check the kasten marked Temporary installation Files (it"ll be huge -- 5.8GB or so). Click OK. There"s a post that says "Are freundin sure you want to permanently delete?" Click Delete Files. Wait ... And wait ... Patiently. Remember, this ist Windows.

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Step 5. Get rid of the GWX (Get fenster X) patches. Back an Control Panel, include or eliminate programs, on the left click View installed updates. Look zum KB 2952664 (likely ~ above Win7 systems) und KB 2976978 (likely on win 8.1). Deshalb look for KB 3035583 (both Win7 und Win 8.1). If freundin find any of them (hint: click ns column heading to sort alphabetically), click it, und click Uninstall. (t/h EP)

Step 6. Reboot. windows will sofort you kommen sie reboot. Execute it. And wait. And wait. It may take in hour to reboot.

Step 7. Permanently disable ns GWX patches. die minute you"ve rebooted, go back in to fenster Update und "hide" KB 2952664, KB 2976978, and/or KB 3035583. Zu hide them, run Search for Updates, right-click on the entry and choose Hide. (t/h CT)

Step 8. Zum good luck, reboot again. That more than likely isn"t necessary, yet it"ll death off any procedure that thinks it need to be downloading the fenstern 10 passend zu files.

On the system I"ve tested, that"ll remove ns downloaded fenstern 10 files, the obnoxious nags an the system tray, and the "Your upgrade to windows 10 is ready" notification an Windows Update. I"m not absolutely sure it"ll work bei all cases, but ns worst case zu sein you"ve lost some time -- sie aren"t twiddling with any type of registry setups or act anything that could cripple her Win7 or Win8.1 system. It"s streng a home remedy, yet Microsoft definitely isn"t going zu distribute a magic fix.

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Suggestions and in-the-wild zustand reports many welcome. Hit me bei the comments.