Difference bolzen EliteBook and ProBook

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The HP EliteBook und ProBook are a family von high-quality, elegantly crafted unternehmen notebooks made von tech gigantic Hewlett Packard. Specially crafted for corporate clients und SMB customers, ns EliteBook and ProBook series are some of the finest business class notebooks and great examples of successful innovations. Die company put its EliteBook series a wenig on die higher side compared to die ProBook series of laptops. Ns EliteBook is designed to perform when keeping nach oben with the US MIL-STD 810F military-standard test specifications, which method they are remarkably tough and sturdy enough to take top top some heavy beatings.

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The ProBook so comes v some pretty exceptional configurations punkt a an ext budget-friendly price. The ProBook are affordable unternehmen notebooks aimed weist mainstream unternehmen users und are priced reasonably lower than die EliteBook. Through all neu metal designs, ns ProBook ist packed v some pretty difficult hardware zu impress die ones in suits. Both ProBook and EliteBook are packed through Intel’s recent processors and come in a range des sizes – meaning there ist one to fit just around any need. However, ns EliteBook is the top-tier business notebook it is built kommen sie last und the ProBook is one tier below die EliteBook however packs almost die same arsenal. Let’s take it a look at some vital distinguishing point out to lakers which one is the much better deal.


What zu sein HP EliteBook?

The EliteBook is the lineup des premium business-class notebooks made von HP. The company introduced die EliteBook series des laptops bei Aug. 2008 in addition to EliteBook mobile workstations which were later rebranded und introduced together HP ZBook an Sept. 2013. Die EliteBook set neu standards zum design, performance, und usability. Die EliteBook zu sein elegantly crafted and engineered kommen sie meet die MIL-STD 810G military-standard specifications for superior performance. HP redefined die commercial computer experience with die EliteBook which packs some severe hardware under die hood. Ns EliteBook is in its 5th generation jetzt with die EliteBook 830 G5, 840 G5, und 850 G5 latest an the series featuring 13.3, 14, and 15.6-inch complete HD display respectively. The 800 series is powered hoch to the 8th generation von Intel main point i7 processors and up kommen sie 16GB von DDR4 RAM.


What is HP ProBook?

The ProBook is an inexpensive alternate to ns top tier EliteBook series des notebooks, built zum the mainstream unternehmen users. Die ProBook series was zuerst introduced in April 2009 beginning with ns S-series, which was followed von the B-series und M-series. Ns ProBook notebook lineup was one des the zuerst to sell a choice of the recent processor technologies, consisting of both Intel und AMD solutions. Ns ProBook provides a neu standard zum performance an a lightweight form factor deswegen that you kann carry die ProBook zu office, coffee shop, or anywhere an between. HP announced that is sixth-generation ProBook 400-series notebooks in 2018, generally targeted at small und medium businesses. The ProBook 440 G6 und 450 G6 are die latest in the collection that kommen sie with 14-inch and 15.6-inch display.

Difference bolzen EliteBook und ProBook

Basics of EliteBook vs. ProBook

– Both EliteBook and ProBook room a family des high-quality, elegantly crafted unternehmen notebooks made über tech gigantic Hewlett Packard. When EliteBook is the lineup of premium business-class notebooks especially designed zum corporate clients und small and medium unternehmen customers, the ProBook is an inexpensive alternate to die top tier EliteBook series of notebooks, built weil das the mainstream unternehmen users. Both space some von the zuerst few notebooks from HP zu offer a choice of latest processor technologies, including both Intel und AMD processors.

The ProBook zu sein one tier below ns EliteBook.

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Hardware EliteBook vs. ProBook

– ns EliteBook is a premium enterprise-grade notebook that sports a sweet brushed anodized-aluminum exterior combined with magnesium alloy chassis, while so keeping up ns tough MIL-STD 810G military-standard test specifications for ruggedness and superior power under excessive conditions.

The ProBook, on die other hand, is bei affordable lineup of business-centric notebooks which package some major hardware under die hood minus the military-grade specifications for extra punch. With a lightweight form factor, the ProBook offers you the flexibility kommen sie be work-ready, deswegen that you tun können easily lug it to work, coffee shop, or anywhere in between

Target Customer zum EliteBook vs. ProBook

– ns EliteBook ist undoubtedly the gelb standard of unternehmen notebooks with exceptional design and superior performance, complimented with army grade test standards weil das temperature, humidity, und shock. The EliteBook zu sein top-of-the-line, mostly targeted hinweisen large business and enterprise customers looking for top-notch security features, an unified with ruggedness and flexibility.

The ProBook is designed zum small and medium unternehmen users who need everyday computer without the extra bells und whistles like deluxe graphics or 4K displays. Residence users could be same impressed von the flexibility and robustness des the ProBook.

Current models of EliteBook vs. ProBook

– die EliteBook is bei its 5th generation jetzt with ns EliteBook 830 G5 (13.3-inch), 840 G5 (14-inch), and 850 G5 (15.6-inch) latest bei the series, packed von up to eighth-generation des Intel core i7 processors und up kommen sie 16GB of RAM. The EliteBook 1050 g1 is the erste generation von the new series von premium business laptops through a 15.6-inch screen packed through a an effective battery.

The ProBook 440 G6 und 450 G6 are die latest in the ProBook collection that come with 14-inch und 15.6-inch display.

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EliteBook vs. ProBook: comparison Chart


Summary of EliteBook vs. ProBook

The EliteBook is at the top tier of unternehmen class notebooks designed zu meet die MIL-STD 810G military-standard specifications weil das increased durability und superior performance. EliteBook zu sein a series des premium unternehmen laptops, primarily aimed hinweisen large business und enterprise customers. Ns ProBook, on ns other hand, ist a series des affordable business notebooks aimed punkt mainstream business users and are priced reasonably reduced than die EliteBook. The ProBook so packs some major hardware but without die extra bells and whistles like ns EliteBook.