Unterschied Instax Mini 9 Und 11


Nearly three years oase passed because Fujifilm announced ns Instax Mini 9 camera. Yesterday we met the successor, ns Instax Mini 11, which aussehen a last like its predecessor on ns outside however introduces a couple of important upgrades to the exposure settings and lens. Let’s uncover all the taste differences bolzen these two instant cameras now!

What ns Mini 9 and Mini 11 have bei common:

60mm lens (1:12.7)real image finder with 0.37x magnificationconstant shoot flashtwo AA batteries

1. Automatically Exposure

Unlike the Instax Mini 9 which had a dial through five different presets (Very Sunny, Sunny, Cloudy, Indoors und Hi Key) zu change ns exposure, the Mini 11 counts on bei Automatic Exposure mode that adjusts the shutter speed und flash output automatically. Ns shutter speed varieties from 1/2s to 1/250s, und the exposure from Lv 5.0 zu 14.5 depending upon how viel light is in the scene.

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No doubt Fujifilm determined this new system since with die Mini 9, it was easy zu forget zu turn die dial to the appropriate preset if sie were in a rush zu take a picture. And as we all know, each wasted photo zu sein approximately $1 out des your wallet!

2. Selfie Mode

If you wanted kommen sie take a close-up or take self with die Mini 9, her only option was zu attach the optional take self lens that came in the box. Doing deswegen would reduce the camera’s minimum focus street from 60cm kommen sie anywhere between 35cm und 50cm. There were a few caveats however: it was quite fiddly zu attach and remove, and so very easy to forget hinweisen home!

The selfie lens that comes go together with die Mini 9

Now, ns Mini 11 has in integrated take self mode. Every you oase to do zu sein pull out ns front des the lens to set it to a distance des 30cm zu 50cm. Just remember kommen sie pop the back in once you’re done!


3. Neu Accessories

In addition to the strap that currently came with die Mini 9, Mini 11 comes with two shutter taste accessories: one that looks like a jewel und a 2nd one the glows in the dark. Ns colour von both equipment matches ns colour of the camera.

4. Neu Colours

The Mini 11 comes in a various set of colours to die Mini 9: skies Blue, Blush Pink, Charcoal Gray, ice White und Lilac Purple.


The Mini 9 is available in the adhering to shades: Cobalt Blue, ice Blue, Flamingo Pink, Lime Green and Smoky White.

5. Minor entwurf Tweaks

The new Mini 11 has a an ext rounded appearance than the Mini 9 und according zu DPReview, uses a different kind of zutat around the lens contrasted to die rest of the body.

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There are jetzt small indents on ns shutter button und on/off button, presumably zu help sie locate them wie man shooting, a smaller sized indented fixed on the rear, and a large Instax logo design on the film door.



In addition zu being a little lighter than the Mini 9 (293g vs 307g with the batteries, strap and film), that is also thinner (107.6mm mit 116mm) and taller (121.2mm mit 118.3mm). The depth is more or less die same (67.3mm vs 68.2mm).


The best difference betwee the Mini 9 and 11 ist that ns older modell gave freundin some control over ns exposure whereas the new modell makes all the decisions zum you.

On one hand, having actually some control kann sein be a good thing, as the camera may notfall always judge the lighting correcting, however on ns other, it is so easier to make mistakes und waste fairly a last of expensive film in the process. Whether you choose one or ns other really relies on how confident sie are an your very own ability to select die right exposure.

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Another thing to consider zu sein whether freundin plan zu take a lot of self or close-up shots v your Instax camera. If so, you might discover a modell like die Mini 11 an ext convenient since it has actually a built-in macro option. Kommen sie be fair, ns separate selfie lens des the Mini 9 works nur fine, but i can’t count just how many zeit I’ve forgotten it hinweisen home.

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