Echo Dot third Gen. Vs. Second Gen. Vs. 1st. Gen

Below we’ve gott a full scoop on just how the amazonas Alexa Echo Dot third generation stacks trost vs. Die 2nd generation Dot und older first generation Dot.

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What’s new with die Echo Dot third Generation?

There space a couple new features that collection the amazonas Echo Dot 3rd Generation personal from ns 2nd Gen and even first Gen Dots.

Aesthetics:The third Generation Dot has a rounded edge und softer look zu it. This refined look closely mimics the looks of thefull size amazonas Echo, while ausblüten reflecting die attractive low price that the Dot provides.

Speaker:The new speaker des the 3rd Generation Echo period wraps ns entire edge des the Dot, for improved sound.

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Pairing:The Alexa Dot third Generation kann pair up with all her music streaming services, like sich entschuldigen Music, Pandora, Spotify, Sirius XM, iHeart Rario and Tune In. You can also partner with smart home devices, using system like Philips Hue, samsung SmartThings (see our evaluation here), und more.

Skills:One of the zeichen features of the amazonas Echo Dot are its “Skills”. Skills are designed von third splitterpartei companies to schutz their products be obtainable through Alexa. Making use of voice commands, you tun können speak specifically kommen sie third splitterpartei devices. Play your favorite radio station, and integrate a variety von other smart home connectivity features accessible via Alexa.Home»Best smart Home Devices»Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Review

Echo Dot third Generation Design

The design of the3rd Generation Echo Dotis similar kommen sie past models, but so has a couple of differences. As you tun können see, appropriate off the bat, this third Generation aussehen more prefer theAmazon Echothan any type of previous Echo period models.


Instead von a hard, shiny, plastic shell, die Echo Dot third generation has a soft towel body v a matte top.

Have the tasten changed?

The physical taste are ns same on the 3rd Gen as ns 2nd Gen model. These tasten include:

Microphone Off– This permits you kommen sie disable Alexa wie man you don’t want zu use ns device. Zum personal conversations, bedtime, or any kind of instance wie you don’t desire Alexa to be chiming in.Volume Up– usage this button to turn the volume top top Alexa up.Volume Down– usage this button to turn ns volume on Alexa down.Action– die Action taste allows you to directly act und react zu Alexa and other connected skills.
Buttons on the new Echo dot (3rd generation)

As you can see, the design of ns 2nd Generation Dot has actually sharper corners v a matte plastic shell. In addition, die speaker ist only located incrementally around the top of the Dot, versus around the side von the speaker, as with ns 3rd Generation Dot.

The buttons on ns 2nd Gen are so slightly different. “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” schutz reserved positions, as oase the “Action” button and “Mute Microphone” button.

The Mute button deshalb has a neu pictogram that has actually been simplified—the microphone has actually been replaced with a simple circle with a line v it.

Amazon Dot third Generation Design

For comparison, here zu sein the theAmazon Alexa Dot third Generation. Ns function des the buttons are the same und there is blieb the blue Alexa light runden around the top edge.

The 2nd Generation had ns microphone design as in array, right following to ns light ring, whereas die Echo Dot 3rd Generation integrates the speaker into the side von the device, basically undetected.

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Amazon Dot second Generation Design

How is the Echo period powered?

The 2nd Generation Dot zu sein powered durch micro USB power. Ns 3rd Generation Dot is powered über a stärke pin connector.

Lastly, all 3 generations des Echo Dot utilize both bluetooth and a 3.5 mm output for an aux cord (to connector speakers) or headphones.

Amazon Dot dimension Comparison

Size ist one area whereby you tun können really lakers major differences between the Echo Dot 1st Generation, Dot second Generation, and Dot third Generation. Each of these Echo Dots room slightly different size.

Among these three models, theEcho Dot 3rd Generationis the largest, but its rounded edges and soft textile wrap makes it look an ext like a klein refined speak instead of a hockey puck. For this reason, ns size distinction may be much less noticeable 보다 it seems.

What’s in the Box?

TheAmazon Echo Dot third Generationcomes with everything sie need to get started:

Echo DotPower Adapter (115W)Quick start Guide
parts that kommen sie with the 3rd generation Echo period

This zu sein the specific same setup together the2nd Generation Dot(as shown below).

components that kommen sie with the 2nd generation Echo dot

The amazonas Dot zu sein quick und simple to setup.

Echo dot Setup

To gain started, ns Echo Dot möchte need connection zu a wifi network. You will also need a device kommen sie access die Dot. This could be a Fire OS, Android, or iOS (Apple) device, or your net browser. The setup ist quick und pretty easy.

Step 1: Plug bei Echo Dot.

Once freundin plug bei your device, a light will illuminate ns Alexa Dot zum about a minute. After a minute, the light möchte switch zu a different shade (depending on ns generation), as in indication the it ist now in pairing mode.

Step 2: Connect kommen sie the internet with ns Alexa app.

Next, you need zu install the amazonas app top top your smartphone or tablet. The app will guide you through setup and connecting her Dot kommen sie your phone. You’ll need to log right into your amazonas account or create an account if you don’t schutz one existing.

After logging in, you will do it need zu pair your details device kommen sie your phone. This can be done manually or utilizing their automatic interface. From anfang to finish, it takes around 5 minutes zum your amazonas Dot to be up und running.

3: Talk kommen sie Alexa

Once connected, you wollen be able kommen sie address Alexa, utilizing your voice, native anywhere an the room. Merely say the word “Alexa” kommen sie alert the system that sie need something.

Echo dot Performance Features

What all can theEcho Dot 3rd Generationdo? Well, the features space pretty similar to that of the preceding 1st und 2nd Generation Dots.

Using the Echo Dot third Generation, freundin can:

Play musicSet a timerSet an alarmCheck die weather

Speaker Performance

The speaker power on theEcho Dot 3rd generationis how amazing good. Like most small speakers, as you get closer to the maximal volume die sound distorts more.

That said:

At a distance des about 10 feet the sound quality of the third Generation period was blieb pretty good zu my ear, up kommen sie about 70 dB.

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For comparison, the max volume of the Dot second Generation hinweisen 10 feet was only contempt less, around 66 dB.

Is Alexa a complete replacement kommen sie your house theater system or other luxury speakers? certainly not.


Audiophiles wollen probably find ns listening experience less than ideal. However, we don’t have audiophiles here atvistax.org. We’re just regular people.

While testing ns Echo Dot ich had it put on a counter that off my living room und kitchen. It was easily able kommen sie fill die entire space with music. I really favor that die speaker startseite the whole perimeter of the device. This improves the music quality, and overall sound disbursement with a room.

It was great to schutz a hands complimentary listening device in the kitchen on-demand whatever i needed.

Want zu take speakers to die next level?

If you want kommen sie do much more with the Echo period speakers sie certainly can. Ns Echo Dot tun können connect durch Aux cord to other speakers.

Echo Dot 3rd gen. Has 2 IO (input output). 1) input zum the energie cord und 2) output weil das the aux cable

So if freundin happen to have a more robust sound system that isn’t Alexa compatible, this is a an excellent way to add it kommen sie your smart home system.

Input & Output: third Gen vs. Second Gen

Echo Dot 2nd gen. Has 2 IO (input output). 1) input for the stärke cord und 2) output for the aux cable

What around that neu Alexa Echo Sub?

In October 2018, amazon released your newEcho Sub. This ist a devoted sub-woofer the pairs with various other Alexa devices. It’s more intended to be offered with ns Echo Plus, but i don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t arbeit with ns Echo dot also.

Read our complete Echo below review here (coming soon).

Alexa Sensitivity

Voice sensitivity is so great, which is to it is in expected.

You don’t need zu yell or also really raise your voice kommen sie communicate through Alexa. A normalerweise speaking voice, even wie on die other side von the room, zu sein usually sufficient.

Even if you’re several feet away, a little more than a whisper is enough kommen sie activate und control Alexa.

Alexa Skills

Alexa skills are unique zu the amazon Alexa AI. These skills allow third neben to develop in add-on that zu sein compatible to the amazon Echo Dot. This skills kann include transforming on specific lights, playing a particular radio station, or even reading audio books.

Skills permit Alexa zu integrate v tons des smart home tech, permitting Alexa to stärke it all durch voice manage or through the Alexa clever phone app.

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Amazon an abilities on Alexa period 2 vs. 3

Amazon skills are relevant with Alexa together a a system and not linked directly to your period device. That means that the amazonas Dot 2 and Dot 3 oase the very same skills.

Echo Dot 3rd Gen. Max. Volume

At maximum volume, 10 feet far from ns unit, ns decibel level is 79 dB.

Echo Dot second Gen. Max. Volume

At preferably volume, 10 feet away from die unit, ns decibel level ist 66 dB.

To prüfung the maximal volume level we used die song,Assassin by Muse. The lied has a fairly continuous level of immediate and loud instrumentals und vocals, which we assumed would yield ns best results weil das this test.

Is Echo period worth it?

In our view, the Echo Dot 3rd generation (and even the 2nd generation) is in excellent value und is definitely worth die price.

It is arguably ns least expensive und easiest way to start building a flexible, robust, und intuitive clever home system.

The Alexa Echo Dot zu sein inexpensive, but still packs in incredible level of functionality into die device. It tun können easily sync with und control a large percentage of other smart home devices, plays music, sets timers / alarms, checks die weather, searches die web, und more.

The 3rd generation Dot design is great. I personally love ns aesthetic; clean lines and a minimal footprint. Die perimeter based speaker is a welcome improvement und helps to create full room sound.

Echo Dot 3rd Gen. Mit 2nd Gen vs. 1st Gen Specifications

Below you’ll discover a finish comparison of important specifications on the Echo Dot 3rd Generation models.

We’ve also included ns 2nd Generation and 1st Generation Echo Dot weil das comparison. Keep an mind, it’s ending up being harder and harder to find 1st Generation Dots with the rush des 2nd and 3rd Generations on ns market.

Check it out here:

ModelEcho Dot third GenerationEcho Dot second GenerationEcho Dot 1st Generation
Dimensions3.9" dia. Ns 1.7"H3.3" dia. Ns 1.3"H3.3" dia. X 1.5"H
ButtonsAction, Mute, Volume Up, Volume DownAction, Mute, Volume Up, Volume DownAction, Mute
PowerLine out v 3.5 mm cable + BluetoothLine out with 3.5 mm cable + BluetoothLine out through 3.5 mm cable + Bluetooth
Speaker SizeAdvanced 1.6" speaker BasicBasic
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Should sie Buy ns Echo Dot third Generation?

I would certainly recommend theAmazon Alexa Echo Dot 3rd Generationto world who want:

To Easily manage Their smart Home– There are a number des systems that incorporate with und allow control over a wide range of smart home gadgets (including Wink, SmartThings, und Google Home, amongst others), yet Alexa zu sein arguably ns easiest und most robust. Alexa allows integration and control over most tools within a clever home. You kann sein control lock via ns app, or in this case, via voice control with the Echo Dot.An inexpensive Way zu Improve Your smart Home– ns Echo Dot is debatably die least expensive way zu add greater automation und control to your clever home. The level of integration with other devices, simplicity, und price point are all right where lock need kommen sie be zu create in excellent value.Better Sound– If you looking zum similar capabilities zu the amazonas Echo dot 2, yet with improved wagen output, closer to that des the full size amazonas Echo, die 3rd Generation Dot is a an excellent option. When it’s notfall quite as superior as die Echo (which has its own 2.5″ woofer) or ns Echo to add (which has a 3″ woofer), the 3rd Generation Dot zu sein a definite advancement over die 2nd generation Dot.Better Design– ns improved speaker zu sein definitely nice, but ns biggest change is pure aesthetic. Die 3rd generation Dot just looks und feels fantastic. Amazon has dumped the old plastic enclosure body und created a clean fabric mesh cover, with soft rounded edges punkt every angle. The looks und feels like a true clever home device.

For more die info on theAmazon Echo dot visit here.

Why did ns Echo Dot third generation score the way it did?

Design– it’s simple, it looks great, 3 different colors, new speaker configuration zu sein a major improvement over second generation.Performance– Sound quality ist great considering the size and price. Integration with smart home ist simple und direct.Quality– an excellent plastics, cord, and mesh covering. Feels and looks great.Usability– around 5 minutes to install. Including skills zu sein simple und is easy kommen sie connect. Once setup und integrated with other gadgets usability is as straightforward as just talking.

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Value– Probably the least expensive way to start your clever home. Not viel more i would ask weil das at this price point.