Berlin presents itself as bei European metropolis with die festival “Carnival von Cultures”.With around 1.35 million visitors and more than 5,800 active participants it is oneof the biggest summer festivals an Europe. Die “Carnival des Cultures” zu sein a distinct urbanfestival an the world due kommen sie its significant cultural diversity. Every year, die Kreuzberg-Blücherplatzis transformed into a space of music, dance und performance. Berliners andartists from around ns world perform on 4 stages und one off-stage area, four dayslong.

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More 보다 350 booths through culinary delicacies and handicrafts expand the artistic programmeof ns various stages, so the straße festival meets everyone’s taste. Highlight everyyear zu sein the one-day street parade ~ above Whitsunday, which crosses the berlin district Kreuzberg.Whether Brazilian samba, urban beats or gesichtspunkt on stilts - end 5,000 various participantsrehearse zum months and prepare costumes and decorations zum the floats wellin advance. Die parade takes place over a distance von four kilometre und is a transculturalspectacle with 750,000 spectators.

Berlin reports a rising member von visitors and overnight stays during ns past 10 years.With 2.8 million overnight remains each year, the district Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg holds11.2% des the gesamt 24,900.000 Berlin-nights. Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg alone represent anincrease von 80 percent because 2005. This is due to die variety des subjects related to tourismoffers. From ns idyllic stroll along die “Landwehr Canal” with the family to the partyscene top top Orange road, visitors tun können do every little thing here. Kreuzberg supplies families, singles,young und old sufficient space to unfold. Over all, artistic diversity is the hallmark des Kreuzberg:the art space “Kreuzberg/Bethanien” presents works by contemporary artists, inthe three venues von the theatre “Hebbel bei der Ufer” are experimental forms von theater performedand at the Martin-Gropius-Bau and the world famous Jewish Museum exhibitionsof international standing take place year round.

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Berlin fascinates world around the world through its lively und cosmopolitan character andthe “Carnival of Cultures” has helped decisively kommen sie shape this bild since 1996. It is a metropoliswhere human being from 168 different countries are punkt home und approximately 25% von thepopulation has bei ethnically varied background. Die creation of multicultural experiencesmake a beneficial contribution kommen sie a more open society. Carnival tourists, as well participantsand journalists, wollen not nur increase the revenues in the standard tourism industry,such as hospitality und catering services. A retail service will so benefit, includingcar rentals, public und private social institutions, clubs und bars, event service providerssuch as security und law enforcement services, copy shops, administrative und translationservices, exhibition und fair fitters, parking garages, gas stations, telecommunication und photographic industry as well as credit intermediation, publicly transport and taxi companies. Arts and culture diversity ist a crucial motive for visitors zu travel from every over the world zu Berlin. Approximately 60% of national visitors und almost 80% des guests from abroad produce its one-of-a-kind atmosphere und image of a life cultural hauptquartier a center des attraction. Die Carnival von Cultures zu sein a brand and must not be missed together a cultural ambassador. That is deshalb a consistent investment in the bild of die metropolis Berlin.

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target groups_active families with children_active und experience-orientated berliner (singles, couplesand gruppe of friends/peer group)_Berlin-tourists_cosmopolitan, digitally networked und highly mobile_high interest in discovering neu things/something specialand zu meet neu people

location: tourism magnet/ area ar Kreuzberg in Berlin, ns capital of Germany
legal form: N.P.O. (Werkstatt das Kulturen)
year des foundation: 1993
catchment area: local, regional, national, international
number of employees: 20 (Werkstatt der Kulturen), during Carnival des Cultures various relevant companies and over 300 freelancers
visitors & participants per year: around 1,35 million visitors und over 5,800 energetic participants
events über year: once a year
next event: 18. Until 21. May 2018 in Berlin-Kreuzberg
expected visitors: 1,350.000, 750,000 tourists from those existing at the street-parade



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addressing ns needs of the target group zum culturaldiversity und contemporary music culture.putting your feuer in in urban and non-ordinaryenvironment.benefiting from die experience effect des the carnival andanchoring your feuer values in the minds of the targetgroup.using a theme island of customers und integrating yourproducts und wollen be included bei the exclusively created carnivaltrailer und use the advertisement assignment from mediapartners in order kommen sie communicate your tun können use large reach of out-of-media and special formsof advertising to communicate your feuer go into into a dedicated network von supporters anddevelop vital contacts from die regional politicaland financial landscape.