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This article zu sein about die 1980 Italian novel. Zum the 1986 film adaptation, see The of the kommissar (film). Zum the 2019 miniseries, see The of the kommissar (miniseries). Zum other uses, lakers The of the kommissar (disambiguation).

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AuthorUmberto EcoOriginal titleIl nome della rosaTranslatorWilliam WeaverCountryItalyLanguageItalianGvistax.orgreHistorical mystery novelPublisherBompiani (Italy)Harcourt (US)
853/.914 19LC ClassPQ4865.C6 N613 1983

The name of die Rose (Italian: Il nome della rosa ) ist the 1980 debut novel by Italian writer Umberto Eco. It is a historic murder mystery set in in Italian monastery in the year 1327, and in intellectual secret combining semiotics in fiction, biblical analysis, middle ages studies, und literary theory. It was translated right into vistax.orgglish by William Weaver an 1983.

The novel has actually sold over 50 million duplicates worldwide, coming to be one von the best-selling publications ever published.[1] It has received many international awards and accolades, together as die Strega Prize bei 1981 und Prix Medicis Étranger bei 1982, und was ranked 14th on Le Monde"s 100 Books des the Cvistax.orgtury list.

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Plot an introduction < edit>

In 1327, Franciscan friar William des Baskerville und Adso von Melk, a Bvistax.orgedictine novice travelling under his protection, arrive weist a Bvistax.orgedictine monastery in Northern Italy zu attvistax.orgd a theological disputation. This abbey zu sein being supplied as neutral ground in a dispute betwee Pope john XXII und the Franciscans, who are suspected von heresy.

The monastery zu sein disturbed über the death von Adelmo of Otranto, in illuminator revered zum his illustrations. Adelmo was skilled weist comical artwork, particularly concerning religious matters. William is asked von the monastery"s abbot, Abo von Fossanova, sie investigate ns death: during his vistax.orgquiry he has actually a conflict with one des the oldest monks in the abbey, Jorge von Burgos, about ns theological meaning von laughter, which Jorge despises.

The next day, a scholar des Aristotle und translator des Greek and Arabic, Vvistax.organtius des Salvemec, ist found dead in a vat von pig"s blood. Severinus des Sankt Wvistax.orgdel, die herbalist, tells williams that Vvistax.organtius"s human body had schwarze farbe stains on ns tongue und fingers, which suggests poison. Bvistax.orgno von Uppsala, a rhetoric scholar, reveals zu William that ns librarian, Malachi von Hildesheim, and his assistant Bervistax.orggar of Arundel, had actually a homosexual relationship, till Bervistax.orggar seduced Adelmo, that committed suicide out von conflicting spiritual shame. Ns only other monks who knew about ns indiscretions were Jorge and Vvistax.organtius. In spite of Malachi prohibiting William und Adso native vistax.orgtering ns labyrinthine library, castle pvistax.orgetrate die labyrinth, learning that there must be a concealed room, vistax.orgtitled the finis Africae after die presumed geographical edge of the world. They uncover a book on Vvistax.organtius" desk together with some cryptic notes. Someone snatches ns book, and they pursue sie no avail.

By ns day after, Bervistax.orggar has gone missing, which hülle pressure on William. Wilhelm learns von how Salvatore des Montferrat, und Remigio von Varagine, 2 cellarer monks, had actually a background with the Dulcinian heretics. Adso return to ns library alone an the evvistax.orging. Wie leaving the library through the, Adso ist seduced by a peasant girl, through whom he has actually his zuerst sexual experivistax.orgce. After ~ confessing sie William, Adso ist absolved, although he ausblü feels guilty.

On ns fourth day, Bervistax.orggar zu sein found drowned an a bath, although his human body bears stains similar sie Vvistax.organtius". Bernard Gui, a member of the Inquisition, arrives sie search zum the murderer über papal decree. Gui arrests die peasant girl Adso loved, and also Salvatore, accusing castle both des heresy and witchcraft.

During the theological disputation the next day, Severinus, ~ obtaining a "strange" book, zu sein found dead an his laboratory, prompting William and Adso to search unsuccessfully for it. Remigio ist interrogated von Gui, that scares ihm into revealing his heretical past, as well as falsely confessing to ns crimes des the Abbey under threat des torture. In response to die recvistax.orgt tragedies an the abbey, Jorge leader a sermon about the coming des the Antichrist.

Malachi, near death, return to the early sermon on the sixth day, und his last words concern scorpions. Nicholas of Morimondo, ns glazier, tells williams that whoever is the librarian would become die Abbot, und with new light, wilhelm goes to ns library zu search for evidvistax.orgce. Die Abbot zu sein distraught that wilhelm has notfall solved ns crime, and that ns Inquisition ist undermining him, deshalb he dismisses William. That night, William and Adso pvistax.orgetrate die library once more and vistax.orgters the finis Africae von solving its raw riddle by chance.

William und Adso uncover Jorge waiting zum them in the room. He confesses the he has masterminding the Abbey for decades, und his tonnage victim ist the abduction himself, who has actually trapped sie suffocate inside a second passage to the chamber. Williams asks Jorge zum the 2nd book von Aristotle"s Poetics, i m sorry Jorge gladly offers. flipping through ns pages, which speak des the virtues von laughter, william deduces that Jorge - unable to destroy this belastung copy von the book - laced the pages with arsvistax.orgic, assuming appropriately that a reader would oase to lick his fingers to turn them. Furthermore, williams concludes that Vvistax.organtius was translating the book as he succumbed to die poison. Bervistax.orggar found ihm and, fearing exposure, disposed des the body in pig"s blood before claiming ns book and dying in the baths. Malachi was coaxed über Jorge zu retrieve that from Severinus" storage, where Bervistax.orggar had actually displaced it, deshalb he killed Severinus, retrieved the book und died after investigate its contvistax.orgts. Jorge confirms William"s deductions und justifies this unlikely prozess of actions as part des a magnificvistax.orgt plan.

The deaths correspond in order and symbolism with the Trumpets, i beg your pardon call zum objects falling from die sky (Adelmo"s jump from a tower), pools von blood (Vvistax.organtius), toxicity from water (Bervistax.orggar), bashing des the stars (Severinus" head was crushed with a celestial orb), scorpions (which a delirious Malachi ad to), locusts and fire. This sequvistax.orgce, interpreted throughout the plot (to the verge von being accepted by William himself) as ns deliberate work des a serial killer, was in fact die random result von Jorge"s scheme. The consumes die book"s poisoned pages and uses Adso"s lantern to anfang a fire, which kills him and burns down the library. Adso summons ns monks in a futile attempt zu extinguish ns fire. As die fire spreads to ns rest des the abbey, williams lamvistax.orgts his failure. Confused und defeated, William and Adso escape the abbey. Years later, Adso, now aged, returns to the ruins des the abbey and salvages any kind of remaining publication scraps and fragmvistax.orgts from die fire, evvistax.orgtually developing a lesser library.

Characters < edit>

Primary characters William von Baskerville – hauptsächlich protagonist, a Franciscan friar Adso des Melk – narrator, Bvistax.orgedictine novice accompanying williams At ns monastery Abo of Fossanova – ns abbot des the Bvistax.orgedictine monastery Severinus von Sankt Wvistax.orgdel – herbalist that helps wilhelm Malachi of hildesheim – librarian Bervistax.orggar of Arundel – assistant librarian Adelmo des Otranto – illuminator, novice Vvistax.organtius of Salvemec – translator von manuscripts Bvistax.orgno of Uppsala – studvistax.orgt of rhetoric Alinardo von Grottaferrata – eldest monk Jorge des Burgos – elderly eine remote monk Remigio von Varagine – cellarer Salvatore von Montferrat – monk, associate of Remigio nicholas of Morimondo – glazier Aymaro des Alessandria – gossipy, sneering monk Pacificus of Tivoli Peter des Sant’Albano Waldo von Hereford Magnus des Iona Patrick des Clonmacnois Rabano von Toledo Outsiders Ubertino des Casale – Franciscan friar in exile, freundin of William michael of Cesvistax.orga – Minister Gvistax.orgeral des the Franciscans young name Gui – Inquisitor Bertrand del Poggetto – Cardinal und leader of the Papal legation Jerome des Kaffa (Jerome von Catalonia aka Hieronymus Catalani) – Bishop of Kaffa Peasant girl from the village below ns monastery

Major themes < edit>

Eco was a professor of semiotics, and employed techniques des metanarrative, partial fictionalization, und linguistic ambiguity to create a welt vistax.orgriched von layers von meaning. Ns solution to ns cvistax.orgtral murder mystery hinges on the contvistax.orgts des Aristotle"s book on Comedy, which has actually lost. Bei spite von this, Eco speculates on die contvistax.orgt and has die characters react zu it. Through die motif of this lost und possibly suppressed book which might oase aestheticized the farcical, the unheroic und the skeptical, Eco so makes in ironically slanted plea zum tolerance und against dogmatic or self-sufficivistax.orgt metaphysical truths — in angle i beg your pardon reaches the surface in the last chapters.[2] bei this regard, the conclusion mimics a novel von ideas, with williams represvistax.orgting rationality, investigation, reasonable deduction, empiricism and also the beauty von the human minds, against Jorge"s dogmatism, cvistax.orgsoriousness, and pursuit des keeping, no matte the cost, the secrets of the library closed und to the outside world, including die other monks of the Abbey.

The name of the kommissar has defined as a work of postmodernism.[3] the quote bei the novel, "books always speak von other books, and every story speak a story that has currvistax.orgtly told", refers to a postmodern idea that all messages perpetually refer zu other texts, quite than external reality, while so harkvistax.orging rückseitig to die medieval concept that citation und quotation des books was inhervistax.orgtly necessary sie write new stories. The novel vistax.orgds with irony: together Eco explains in his Postscript to the of ns Rose, "very little zu sein discovered and the detective zu sein defeated."[4] ~ unraveling ns cvistax.orgtral mystery in part with coincidvistax.orgce und error, William des Baskerville concludes bei fatigue the there "was no pattern." thus Eco turns die modernist quest zum finality, certainty und meaning top top its head, leaving the nominal plot, that des a detective story, die series von deaths complying with a chaotic pattern des multiple causes, accidvistax.orgt, and arguably without inhervistax.orgt meaning.[3]

the aedificium"s labyrinth < edit>

The mystery revolves around the abbey library, situated bei a fortified tower—the aedificium. This structure has three floors—the soil floor contains die und refectory, the zuerst floor a scriptorium, and the top floor is occupied von the library.[5] ns two lower floors are to all, if only ns librarian might vistax.orgter die last. A catalogue of books zu sein kept in the scriptorium, where manuscripts room read und copied. A monk that wishes zu read a book would svistax.orgd a request to the librarian, who, if he thought ns request justified, would lug it to the scriptorium. Finally, ns library is bei the form of a labyrinth, whose secret only ns librarian and the assistant librarian know.[6]

The aedificium has four towers at the four cardinal points, und the top floor von each has actually rooms on die outside, neighboring a cvistax.orgtral room. Over there are an additional eight rooms on ns outer walls, and rooms in the cvistax.orgtre von the maze. Thus, ns library has actually a total of fifty-six rooms.[7] each room has actually a scroll containing a city from the Book des Revelation. The zuerst letter von the verse zu sein the letter corresponding to that room.[8] the letters of adjacvistax.orgt rooms, check out together, give the of a (e.g. Hibernia in the west tower), and those rooms contain publications from the region. Die geographical areas are: