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It took a few years kommen sie gain momentum, but 4K ultra HD Blu-ray ist now a for sure fixture of virtually every major film releases.

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The first 4K TVs go on revenue back an 2012, but it wasn"t till 2016 the the zuerst 4K Blu-ray football player from Samsung and Panasonic walk on sale - alongside, thankfully, an increasing number des 4K Blu-ray discs. Heute there are a number von 4K players on ns market, you tun können pick trost a 4K Blu-ray film in your neighborhood supermarket or online and, together streaming service step up kommen sie compete through 4K content, both are getting an ext affordable von the day.

So what is extremist HD Blu-ray, how kann sein you get it and how viel does it all cost? enable us zu provide part answers...

What ist the ultra HD Blu-ray specification?

The preliminary spec weil das 4K discs was revealed at CES 2015, ~ which ns Blu-ray Disc kombination made the extremistin HD Blu-ray spec main (along with die name and the logo).

This layout supports a resolution von 3840 x 2160, and while the specification is no guarantee that a film was actually shot and edited bei 4K the does deshalb offer extr technologies that improve foto quality such as greater frame rates of up zu 60fps (frames von second) and high dynamic selection (HDR). An physical media, HDR is currently delivered an three hauptsächlich formats: HDR10, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision HDR.

The majority von 4K discs kommen sie with ns standard HDR10. What sets Dolby Vision und HDR10+ apart from HDR10 zu sein the inclusion des dynamic metadata, a proprietary HDR technology that it is adapted its image frame-by-frame and, theoretically, makes each shot at its best. And what set HDR10+ apart from Dolby Vision is its lack des licensing price – TV manufacturers and content studios oase to salary Dolby zu use Dolby Vision and have wenig control over its development and implementation.

Initially, HDR10+ had only amazon Prime videos promising supported content on its streaming site, und although amazon remains ns only major VOD dienstleistungen to sell it, more and more 4K discs bei HDR10+ schutz made their way to market. Nevertheless, it"s fair to say that Dolby Vision zu sein comfortably ns more commonly available von the two formats.

4K Blu-rays room encoded using ns High Efficiency video Coding (HEVC) conventional (also known as H.265), use 10-bit colour depth und can hülle the complete spectrum von the Rec.2020 color space.

The discs themselves kann sein be produced an three sizes: 50GB with assistance for in 82Mbit/s data rate, 66GB with 108Mbit/s and 100GB through 128Mbit/s.

What about ultra HD Blu-ray audio?

The UHD Blu-ray specification so includes object-based role playing game soundtracks such together Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. Some Blu-ray discs already support this formats, dafür it"s not unique zu UHD Blu-ray, but die next-gen audio soundtracks are more prevalent on extremist HD Blu-ray discs.

So far Dolby Atmos has been ns prevalent style on 4K bowl releases, however DTS:X discs perform exist. It"s worth noting you won"t uncover Atmos and DTS:X soundtracks on die same disc. It"s one or die other.

What rather does ultra HD Blu-ray offer?

4K discs also support bei optional digital bridge feature, enabling you kommen sie copy extremistin HD Blu-ray content to in external difficult disk drive and portable gadgets such as smartphones und tablets.

The spec also mandates all extremist HD Blu-ray football player be able zu play tradition Blu-ray discs. Sadly, 3D isn"t featured bei the extremist HD Blu-ray spec – however with ns majority von TV manufacturers having actually abandoned 3D periods ago, that"s understandable.

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What extremistin HD Blu-ray players space on sale?

Current UHD Blu-ray players kann sein be sorted into two categories: ns under-£400 (affordable) models and the £600-and-above (high-end) players.

The Panasonic DP-UB9000 is the deluxe Blu-ray player of choice these days (we"re deshalb big fans of die Pioneer UDP-LX500 and Oppo UDP-203, however both oase now been discontinued), and it"s a serious bit of kit that"s worthy of its £900 ($1000, AU$1799) asking price, transporting a picture and sound performance that"s well past that des its an ext affordable rivals.

Those an ext affordable models ausblüten offer in excellent performance, though, delivering top quality that streaming service simply can"t match. Our existing favourites include die Sony UBP-X700 and Panasonic DP-UB820EB.

Other budget modell from Panasonic und LG carry out exist, despite new modell are now released reasonably infrequently. Moreover, samsung dropped a bombshell in February 2019 by confirming that would ende Blu-ray player production entirely.

On the games console front, Microsoft"s Xbox One s was the zuerst console zu be compatible with 4K Blu-rays, though be warned, it"s not quite up zu scratch compared to rival standalone players.

The Xbox One X deshalb incorporates a UHD Blu-ray bowl player with indigenous 4K, HDR and Dolby Atmos support. It’s pricier, has a more powerful processor to handhaben 4K gaming and, while devoted players ausblüten win out, is in entertaining performer v 4K HDR discs.

The recent console native Microsoft, the Xbox series X, deshalb plays 4K Blu-rays yet without Dolby Visionsupport despite die format being available über streaming apps (there"ll be Dolby Vision games soon, too). That significant disappointment, linked with its noisy bowl drive, dents die Series X’s credentials as a 4K Blu-ray player – which is a shame because the picture performance zu sein broadly good, with lots of detail, nicely judged colours und sharp edges.

As zum the PS4 Pro and PS5? Surprisingly, Sony chose notfall to give ns former ns capability, concentrating instead ~ above 4K streaming. However, die PS5 does play 4K discs – though as soon as again there is no Dolby Vision. While die picture is impressive an terms of deep blacks, drama, dynamism und colours that isn"t really a match zum even die most affordable dedicated4K Blu-ray playerswhen the comes to subtlety von shading und stability bei motion.

What extremist HD Blu-ray discs are on sale?

Ultra HD Blu-ray discs are now on sale worldwide, with significant studios such together 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures und Warner Bros all bei on ns action.

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Disney joined die ranks an 2017 v Guardians des the Galaxy Vol. 2 together its zuerst 4K disc relax (and blieb one des our most-used prüfung discs) before following nach oben with Thor: Ragnarok an 2018.

The likes of Amazon, HMV und Zavvi all stock loads of extremistin HD Blu-ray releases, with the average price von a 4K disc around £20.

Will extremist HD Blu-ray football player play present Blu-rays?

Yes, ultra HD Blu-ray players are totally backwards-compatible with existing Blu-rays. Extremist HD Blu-ray discs won"t pat on old players, though, und you can"t upgrade old decks, deswegen you wollen need a 4K Blu-ray player in order kommen sie play 4K Blu-ray discs.

When the comes kommen sie regional restrictions, die good news zu sein 4K Blu-ray discs have just one regionen code: worldwide. Essentially, they’re region-free. They can be play on any 4K player, bei any part of the world.

However, your neu UHD Blu-ray player will ausblüten have to observe die regional restrictions zum DVDs and standard Blu-rays the continue kommen sie exist.

Most 4K Blu-ray discs kommen sie bundled v a conventional Blu-ray version of the very same film und those discs tend zu be region-free together well. Search for the "ABC" logo design or read die fine print on ns box, or look it up online to be certain – specifically if you"re thinking des importing ns latest discs from exterior your region.

However, it very much depends on the studio the owns ns rights and the distribution von individual films as to whether a Blu-ray has bereich restrictions or not. We"ve noticed die major film studios (20th Century Fox, Sony und Warner Bros) schutz released their Blu-rays together region-free, but smaller studios are more likely to have restrictions.

What TV do sie need for extremistin HD Blu-ray?

(Image credit: Future / Leonardo, amazon Prime)

An ultra HD Blu-ray player will work through pretty much any TV, yet unless it"s a 4K extremist HD TV freundin won"t seen the disc"s full-fat 4K resolution on screen. If her TV doesn"t support it, the player wollen downscale die disc"s inhalt accordingly.

Any 4K TV should provide a 4K picture, but only TVs with more recent specs wollen be able kommen sie take complete advantage des what extremistin HD Blu-rays kann sein offer. This has HDR, which ist one of the an essential factors weil das getting the best feasible picture.

Most - if not all - 4K TVs top top sale now support die standard HDR10 spec. When it comes to Dolby Vision and HDR10+, it depends on which manufacturer has actually backed which tech. LG and Sony room all an on Dolby Vision, through no HDR10+ TVs bei their lineups, when Samsung is the the opposite – all HDR10+ und no Dolby Vision.

Higher end models native Panasonic und Philips assistance Dolby Vision and HDR10+, which is great news zum those who don"t want to pick a side in this details format war.

While 4K and HDR (or Dolby Vision) aren"t necessarily connected technologies, if you"re looking zum a TV with one, it must ideally have the other in order kommen sie get die best gemälde performance.

Look so for a TV bearing the extremistin HD Premium logo design - this method it meets certain 4K HDR standards, including support zum standard HDR10. However, it doesn"t mean the set necessarily support Dolby Vision HDR.

Do sie need a neu AV recipient for extremistin HD Blu-ray?

(Image credit: Future)

Yes und no. If your system currently uses bei AV receiver to do die HDMI switching, and carry audio/video over HDMI approximately your system, climate this won"t work with 4K Blu-ray uneven your AV receiver ist 4K-compatible.

The great news is most, if not all house cinema amplifiers an the market now are 4K compatible, including ns excellent Denon AVR-X2700H and Sony STR-DN1080. Look for HDCP 2.2 und HDMI 2.0a (or HDMI 2.1) in the specifications zum a clean indication des 4K compatibility.

Some higher end 4K Blu-ray players have two HDMI outputs dafür that video tun können be sent über one to ns TV und audio tun können be sent out to bei AVR via ns other. Alternatively, you tun können send video and audio native a 4K Blu-ray player straight zu your TV and then schutz the audio sent out from ns TV to your AVR durch optical cable or HDMI ARC.

Is ultra HD Blu-ray worth it?

We absolutely think so. It may be bei increasingly niche market yet 4K Blu-ray continues zu impress us with its very detailed bild quality, und better hardware and advances an HDR technology oase improved performance also further.

Ron Martin, VP of Panasonic"s hollywood Lab und a critical player bei the advancement of ultra HD Blu-ray, told What Hi-Fi? 4K discs wollen beat 4K streaming: " ist the just repeatable, reliable way zu do it. Streaming has particular advantages however many disadvantages."

We"ve compared how 4K streaming stacks up against 4K Blu-rays and standard full HD Blu-rays - and it"s no surprise that 4K Blu-ray beats castle all.

What about 8K Blu-ray?

You shouldn"t host your breath zum 8K Blu-ray players or 8K Blu-ray discs. If 4K Blu-ray has actually proven fairly popular und will likely stick around zum a lang time zu come, it"s blieb a drop bei the ocean contrasted to die popularity von streaming und we can"t seen a future in which any kind of company ist prepared kommen sie invest the huge sums of money into a new physical movie format wie man the war is deswegen clearly currently lost.

Given die inherent qualitative advantages von physical formats, that"s definitely a shame, but with internet connections generally coming to be exponentially faster with yearly that passes, there"s plenty of hope zum higher top quality movie streaming. Sony"s neu Bravia main point service, while notfall 8K, it is intended streams an far higher quality than any dienstleistungen before it, perhaps pointing the way kommen sie a future bei which physical media isn"t necessary an order to get die best picture und sound.

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