Episode:Staffel: 12, Episode: 16(Two and A hilfreich Men 12x16)
Deutscher Titel das Episode:Natürlich ist das tot (2)
Titel das Episode in dem Original:Of course He"s dead (2)
Erstausstrahlung der Episode in USADonnerstag, 19.Februar 2015 (CBS)
Erstausstrahlung das Episode in Deutschland:Dienstag, 26.Mai 2015

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Der zweite Teil des großen Serienfinals by Two und A für hilfe Men, an dem wieder viele anfrage hinsichtlich weiß Harper fabrizieren werden.

Die kritik zum das ende der serie Two and a half Men

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Zitate ende der episode Two und A geholfen Men 12x16

Alan: weiß escaped?Rose: Uh, no. Prisoners escape. Lovers operation away due to the fact that they"re afraid des commitment.

Walden: Okay, this one"s a little more specific.Alan: What does the say?Walden: sie despicable troll. Sie thought sie could replace my ninja awesomeness, freundin lame clown? ich will deploy my army des assassins to destroy you. Ich will bring my bayonets des truth

to the hexagon of death, where i will carve mine initials into your reptilian skull and cover you in tiger"s blood.

Walden: This guy has some serious rage issues.Wagner: has actually he tried rage management?Alan: Yeah, but it didn"t work.

Alan: What are you doing here?Walden: Yeah, i thought freundin were bei the Army. Jake: kommen sie on. Look weist me.Jake: Do i look favor someone who"s in the Army?Walden: notfall on ours side.

Bridget: Hey, Walden. What"s up?Walden: ich can"t enter detail, but ich just... Walden: ich wanted to say that i wish I"d been a far better husband.Bridget: Well, say thanks to you. Und I just want kommen sie say that... I"m having geschlechter with john Stamos. I"m not lying.John Stamos: Go for Stamos.Walden: Stamos, you"re nur a handsome guy who gott lucky top top a sitcom.John Stamos: Listen, um, I"m nur gonna set ns phone down so you can listen to me shish-kebab your alt lady, okay?

Christian Slater: I"m telling you, I"m not weiß Harper.Wagner: then who room you?Christian Slater: My name is christen Slater.

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Two und A geholfen Men Staffel 12 | vorn Episode: Natürlich ist das tot (1) (12x15)