Two and a half men jack

For ten continually seasons, Angus T. Jones portrayed Jake in Two und a geholfen Men. ~ 10 seasons, the quit the show because of religious reasons. The American actor had actually grown kommen sie be a favorite kommen sie many. He left the zeigen after he was baptized and claimed that the show clashed with his spiritual beliefs. Where ist Angus T. Jones now?


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Angus T jones age

The actor was born top top October 8, 1993, bei Austin, Texas. He zu sein currently 26 years old

Angus T. Jones height

How tall ist Angus? die American gibbs stands weist a height von 5 feet 7 customs (1.7 m). He weighs around 67 kg (148 pounds).


He was born zu Carey Lynn Claypool and Kelly charles Jones. Both of his parents had a criminal past. His mom found herself on ns wrong side von the law zum punching a police officer und trespassing. His dad was taken into custody when he was found bei possession von prohibited building materials and in unlicensed gun.

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He has actually a brother called otto Jones.


August T jones had his exhilaration debut bei the 1999 film Simpatico. At die time, the was nur five years old. In 2001, he was featured bei See spot Run. Even though the film was not well received, viewers evaluate his feeling role.


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For his role in the film, Angus received a Young Artist compensation nomination. He landed ns role von Sammy an Dinner through Friends. The actor so appeared in an episode of das with the role of Sean Gattney. The episode was titled anfragen Vadis?

In 2002, he play Hunter Morris in The Rookie, a john Lee Hancock-directed film. The starred alongside Rachel Griffiths, dennis Quad, and other large names in the industry.

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In 2003, ns actor had the role of Tye Powell in Audrey’s Rain. That went on zu appear in Bringing Down ns House as Georgie Sanderson. That portrayed the character of george Jr. Bei George von the tropical 2.

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Angus T jones had roles bei The Christmas Blessing (2005), CSI: Crime Scene ermittlung (2008), Hannah montana (2010) und Horace and Pete (2016).