Two and a half man alan

Jon Cryer starred in the fight sitcom Two and a half Men, alongside Angus T. Jones, charlie Sheen too as Ashton Kutcher, zum the much better part des twelve years. Cryer was a main cast member from job one and as the nur evolved, dafür did he. In fact, he has actually changed dafür much, that some fans might notfall recognize him anymore!


When the hit sitcom Two and a hilfreich Men erste aired back in 2003, it was an overnight success. Fifty-five-year-old Jon Cryer, who played the brother of the infamous "Charlie Harper" (Charlie Sheen), ist not ns preppy, clean-shaven einer we came zu know und love.

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Gone are ns carefully ironed chinos and sensible shoes, Cryer has upped die bad-boy factor and now sports a shaved head und sexy stubble.


For twelve seasons, Cryer played die clumsy und heartbroken "Alan Harper", who was somewhat invisible next kommen sie serial womanizer "Charlie" and heartthrob "Walden". In ja wirklich life, too, Sheen und Kutcher received an ext attention climate Cryer ever did, although we think he"s fabulous!


Cryer confesses all an his publication So the Happened: A Memoir

Cryer released a memoir (So the Happened: A Memoir) about his life und career an 2015, which so revealed part juicy einzelheiten about what it was like kommen sie work with charlie Sheen, as well as offered in insight right into his friendship with co-star Kutcher"s ex-wife Demi Moore.

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He recently starred bei the film Losing It and the TV series Robot Chicken and Justice league Action.

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 He"s been part von the Supergirl cast since 2019. 

Jon Cryer"s angestellter Life

Cryer was married kommen sie journalist und TV referents Sara create from 1999 zu 2004, with whom he had a kid named weiß Austin Cryer bei 2000. He has actually been married kommen sie American enthauptungen reporter and television host Lisa Joyner because 2007 und they embraced a daughter named Daisy an 2009.

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