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Visual effects Supervisor joe Bauer has a really honest answer wie asked what it was like working on ns multiple award-winning und now stunningly completed HBO series, Game des Thrones.

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“It was in ongoing panic,” admits Bauer. “You know the dreams sie used zu have, where you dreamed freundin were on the school bus and you looked down and you’re in your underwear? it felt choose that.”

Similarly, Visual results Producer steve Kullback – die other für hilfe of die crack VFX team that shepherded ns groundbreaking work an the david Benioff und D.B. Weiss nur – recalls die monumental task that lay prior to them each season, consisting of this past last eighth season.

“When we look back on what’s to be done,” says Kullback, “obviously we’re every enormously proud. It’s in amazing team of insane overachievers that schutz just pushed und pushed zu deliver on a vision that Dan and David had.”


Visual results Supervisor joe Bauer (left) through Visual impacts Producer steve Kullback scouting an Bardenas Reales, Spain weil das “The Spoils von War” episode. (Image courtesy of Steve Kullback)


On the set von “Battle von the Bastards” an Saintfield, north Island, with (from left) Kristofer Hivju, Fabian Wagner, joe Bauer und Steve Kullback. (Image courtesy des Steve Kullback)


Daenerys rides Drogon in “The Spoils des War.”


The dragons of Game of Thrones grew in size together each season was released.


Ice Dragon. Things turn attention when the Night King zu sein able to commandeer one von Daenerys’ dragons

Dan und David wanted to maximal out und go weil das the gusto. While us were not doing anything we hadn’t really done before, we were doing dafür much of it, and so viel of the is dafür complex the it was really frightening. Ultimately their support und participation has been die linchpin to us being able kommen sie do our jobs, due to the fact that they give us in enormous amount des creative freedom, und the freedom to execute it in the method that us think is the right way kommen sie do it.”

—Steve Kullback, Visual effects Producer


The dragons make their mark an the frozen lake battle.


Real photography, CG imagery and effects simulations helped bring part des The wall surface down.


A wight bear attack was one des the highlights of Season 7.


To attain skeletal wight effects, visual results artists took live-action actors through makeup und prosthetics und removed parts of the bodies and faces digitally.


The city of Braavos, one von the numerous environments required to be built zum Game of Thrones.


There’s no shortage right now of feature-film-quality visual effects work bei the world of television. Deswegen what perform Kullback and Bauer think lies at die success of Game of Thrones’ intuitive effects, both in terms des accolades (including lot of Emmys and VES awards) und helping zu bring huge audiences to ns show?

One aspect Kullback highlights is their very own take ~ above shooting whatever that can possibly be shot photographically. “It offers us notfall only in insane number of elements that get in our shots,” he says, “but deshalb insane reference kommen sie inform those components that oase to be CG. Ich think that has actually probably single-handedly upped ns bar, and it’s something we hadn’t to be accustomed kommen sie even striving weil das before, in television and a gewächs of times an features, too.”

Indeed, this final season’s visual results were definitely ‘upped,’ through Bauer arguing that “any one of our complex shots would schutz been ns highlight des any vault season. Most von our shots were facility shots this year, with an ext than two and sometimes eight layers von photographed elements.

“The reason we went dafür photography-heavy,” to add Bauer, “was the concern of the post-production time, an that through a function you’ll oase much much more time kommen sie develop your assets und the simkarte work – all die stuff that sie would otherwise shoot. We didn’t have the time kommen sie do that, and I wanted zu go into post with photography that covered all ns bases. Then ns CG was all around holding the together. We’ve stuck zu that due to the fact that we really liked ns way that looks. Ns thing is, as ns shots get an ext complex, you end up needing kommen sie shoot an ext elements if you’re going zu follow the same philosophy.”

As the VFX arbeit did become more complicated season end season, Kullback (who joined the show an Season 2) und Bauer (who started in Season 3), discovered themselves investing much more time in the planning stages. They also learned they could delegate more über a huge team von virtual und previs supervisors, and bei army of on-set results supervisors functioning with different units, including motion control. “Once ~ above a time wednesday be die people running the wenig dragon top on sticks around die set,” claims Bauer.

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The duo states their method to ns visual effects arbeiten took a significant leap in Season 3 zum a moment an which Daenerys order one of herstellung dragons kommen sie kill ns slaver Kraznys. “It ist the zuerst time the a dragon roasted somebody on camera,” claims Bauer. “And that was the zuerst time us made the argumente to production kommen sie set up in on-set fire stunt rather than doing CG fire.”

Other game-changing VFX moment identified über Bauer and Kullback included die fighting pit sequence in Season 5, whereby Daenerys climbs ~ above the rückseitig of herstellung dragon, und other sequences entailing Wun Wun die giant in battle that had zu be shot motion regulate (“These were die early actions that lead us to ns rather intensive machine des techvis und preparation and motion control,” states Kullback).

That close reliance ~ above planning and on photographed elements was often deshalb in concert with die special and practical effects teams on ns show, so much deswegen that a very huge miniature was built und exploded for the final season. “I would dare say the we’re the only production that would oase supported the approach zum this event,” argues Bauer. “If practical effects teams oase ever been came to that their job were going kommen sie be decreased with CG lock should oase worked on Game des Thrones because our males were taxed to die max. Special impacts Supervisor brunnen Conway and his team were hand in glove through practically all des this.”


Over ns years, Game of Thrones’ visual results workforce has been spread out over several countries. But before shots even got into post-production, another des the show’s point des differences was die close involvement des virtual supervisors on set from ns Third Floor, i m sorry tackled previs, techvis and virtual production.

“We had so much material that needed to be shot and produced an a relatively short period von time the there was no various other way to do this than zu be so well planned out,” states Kullback. “So that when you’re wade on set sie know specifically where the camera’s going kommen sie go, exactly where ns hundred tiles des Unsullied space going zu need to be and moved around for a certain shot.”

Bauer claims that his endure on various other productions was that film crews were traditionally not deswegen accepting des previs or techvis. But the visual results supervisor adds that, top top Game des Thrones, “the arbeiten has gotten deswegen complicated, and the timeframe zum achieving it was deswegen tight, that the camera und grip crews would seek out the die info from us. You will do it ask, ‘Do you schutz a diagram weil das where ns dolly monitor goes in relation to the greenscreen und where the greenscreen goes?’ anyone understood ns advantage of having this stuff resolved ahead von time instead von trying zu solve the on ns day, i beg your pardon would schutz been disastrous.”

That kind of to plan came in particularly ziehen um during ns filming des Season 5’s fighting pit scene, which took place bei Osuna, Spain. Ns final imagery forced a dragon breathing fire within the pit straight onto adversaries. Die shots to be planned as doppel motion-control scenes, one rig zum filming and one rig holding in actual fire thrower. Recalls Kullback: “Our director, david Nutter, you could lakers his eyes roll back in his head due to the fact that he had done some motion control previously und just psychic it being cumbersome und problematic und finicky, and we were having actually two setups! But because we had actually planned the out bei a rather fancy scheme and had a an extremely detailed playbook, very sewing – since it was ns most frightening day von my life – the went off without a hitch.”


A previs frame zum a scene from die loot train attack in ‘The Spoils von War.’

“Any one des our complex shots would have been the highlight des any ahead season. Most von our shots were complex shots this year, with more than two und sometimes eight layers of photographed elements.”

—Joe Bauer, Visual effects Supervisor


Techvis helped arbeit out shoot locations, camera positions und other logistical elements kommen sie pull off facility scenes.


The dragons make their mark in the frozen lake battle.


The fighting pit succession employed 2 motion-control camera cranes to film action und operate a ja wirklich flamethrower that was then bound to the CG dragon.


The “Battle von the Bastards” Winterfell sequence required the coordination of stunts, handy effects und many digital elements, consisting of fully-CG horses und riders.

“That morning,” continues Bauer, “I remember ich woke up, looked bei the mirror und my top lip had swollen up as a manifestation des how nervous i was, because people’s lives were weist stake. The really was thanks to ns stunt team, too, which zu sein overseen von Rowley Irlam. They’re top notch und obviously no one got hurt and everyone is professional.”

The presence von the online supervisors became particularly important weil das the even more heightened action seen an Season 8, when simulcam techniques came to be a major part des the mix. “Now us could zeigen the CG personality performing in the set zum shots wherein we needed kommen sie do a fairly facility move,” states Kullback.


A step from die “Second Siege des Meereen,” i m sorry required comprehensive digital environments.

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Having navigated the brutal results von this final season – which Bauer explains as “quadruple” the work von the biggest sequences des previous seasons, such as die ‘Battle von the Bastards’ or ‘Hardhome’ – ns core visual results team ist particularly proud des the reality that ns show’s creators reliable them through going big.

“Dan und David wanted to maximal out und go weil das the gusto,” claims Kullback. “While we were not doing anything we hadn’t really done before, us were doing deshalb much von it, und so viel of that is so complex the it was really frightening. Ultimately, their support and participation has been ns linchpin zu us being able zu do our jobs, because they offer us in enormous amount des creative freedom, and the freedom kommen sie execute it in the means that us think is the best way kommen sie do it.”