Expat guide to grocery stores & supermarkets in vietnam

Ho Chi Minh is one of the biggest cities in Vietphái nam. Many big shopping malls, supermarkets focus on there. If you want to lớn find a supermarket in 1st district, which isn’t difficult because there is a central district in Ho Chi Minc City where there is a great demvà for goods. We give you a list of some big supermarkets in 1st district below.

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1. Co.opmart – a cheap supermarket in Saigon

Co.opmart is a supermarket chain in Saigon under the Vietnamese br& name under the management of Ho Chi Minc City Trading Union. Co.opmart developed quite quickly. So far, the system has more than 82 supermarkets. Including a total of 32 Co.opmart is located in Saigon. This supermarket also achieved many great achievements & noble titles such as “The most favourite Vietnamese brand name”, “Top 10 most searched brands in Vietnam” …


A supermarket chain in Saigon under the Vietnamese brand

Liên hệ information:

Address: 189C Cong Quynh, Ward Nguyen Cu Trinh, 1st District, Ho Chi Minch CityOpening hours: 07:30 – 22:00

2. Vinmart 

Vinmart is a supermarket chain in Saigon that was developed based on the biểu ngữ “For the quality of life of every home”. To help consumers have sầu the experience and superior value when participating in shopping here. In particular, customers also receive sầu many outstanding values ​​through attractive promotions and incentives from Vinmart.


Vinmart – famous supermarket chain in Saigon

VinMart supermarkets often have sầu a large area with more than 40,000 different items & categories. In addition, consumers can go lớn mini supermarkets & VinMart + convenience stores. With the dense system throughout the country, customers can easily buy goods anytime, anywhere.

Liên hệ information:

Address: 70 – 72 Le Tkhô hanh Ton, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi MinhOperating hours: 07:00 – 22:00

3. Tokyo Mart

If you are a big tín đồ of products from nhật bản, you can set your mind a rest when shopping in Tokyo Mart. This is a supermarket system which only provides all types of goods imported from Japan. You needn’t go to lớn travel to Japan or order anything lớn own a genuine hàng hóa with high quality. The campus is 1000 mét vuông, professional staffs & good customer service, Tokyo Mart confidently provide prestige products from Japan lớn Vietnamese customers.


A famous store providing every product from Japan


18Bis Cong Hoa Street, Ward 4, Tan Binc District, Ho Chi Minc City14A Phan Dinh Giot Street, Ward 2, Tan Binc District, Ho Chi Minh City2Bis Nguyen Thi Đường Minh Khai, Da Kao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minch City

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4. Akuruhi Japanese Supermarket

Akuruhi Supermarket is the first distributor of Japanese food and beverage in the Vietnam market, we always try our best to lớn bring customers the best quality products and the best service. Some typical names are our loyal customers such as Sakura Japanese Restaurant, New World Hotel, Nikko Hotel, Yen Sushi, Hokkaido Sachi, Gyu Shige, Sushi King, Manmara, FamilyMart, Mini Stop, Evon, Vinmart. We specialize in providing Japanese food, Japanese spices, Japanese wine, Japanese functional foods, Kobe beef, sashimày & sushi ingredients …


The first distributor of Japanese food and beverage in the Vietnam market

Address: 03-05 Le Thanh hao Ton, Ward 1, Ho Chi Minc City

Phone number: 0903941522

5. Citimart

DAILY: The foundation of Citimart is “We always have sầu what you need daily”. Throughout using data & choosing the best products, all branches of Citimart provide surely everything that you need for a meal or gifts, flowers to lớn help you have sầu close-knit relationships

BETTER: We always look for what is better and refresh its definition lớn help customers can choose all the best things. Citimart tries lớn find out the highest “quality”, “safety”, “innovation” & let you deep inlớn “fresh”. Life becomes better with Citimart


A big supermarket with a variety of goods

EXPERIENCE: The first rule is customers always feel comfortable & funny when buying what they need. This supermarket hopes that you are satisfied with their service. Whenever you come to lớn Citimart you’ll enjoy that time. Second, customers feel welcome when they enter the store và are treated fairly và in a friendly manner. Aeon Citimart always strives & strives to give sầu customers a good experience, always focusing on careful product selection, guidance, staffs training và creating a special culture for all employees. The staff is happy, the customers will be happy.

MORE: Constantly driven to development, we always exceed expectations and create surprises for our customers.

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Address: 21-23, Nguyen Thi Đường Minh Khai, Q. 1, Ho Chi Minch City.

Phone number: (84-8)38244818

6. Ben Thanh hao market

This is the oldest và most modern market in Saigon. Owning ancient architecture from the French colonial period, Ben Tkhô hanh market is also known as one of the most popular attractions.

Go all over the country, few see markets that focus tourists of many nationalities and colours like Ben Tkhô giòn. This is also the place where there is an intersection between Eastern và Western cultures. Through the market gate, visitors will see a bustling và different world.


This is the oldest & most modern market in Saigon

In addition, Ben Thanh khô is also famous as the largest retail market. The items here are very diverse, rich in types of vegetables, spices khổng lồ confectionery, food, seafood, clothing, textiles, souvenirs, jewelry, electronics … There are enough from affordable to lớn high-over products.

Goods are sold và divided by each area in the market. Cua Nam concentrates on fabrics & dry food. Cua Bac is always full of flowers và fresh fruits with colourful & eye-catching colours. Cua Dong has all kinds of cosmetics & confectionery. Cua Tay is the place that attracts the most tourists because it sells shoes, handicrafts, và souvenirs.

Address: Le Loi Street, Ben Tkhô hanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh

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Living in Ho Chi Minh City ensures a comfortable life. As you can see, we have just listed a number of famous supermarkets và markets amuốn many shopping malls và shopping centres in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City. With the above information, we hope to make it easier for you to find shopping centres and supermarkets so that you can be more convenient during your time in Vietnam.