Asia'S Next Top Model

The treatment of a South Korean contestant in the latest episode of TV show Asia's Next Top mã sản phẩm has sparked a backlash on social media.

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Kim Sang-in, 23, made a tearful apology to Subaru executive and guest judge Glenn tung after he lambasted her for rolling her eyes during a photo shoot.

The shoot involved models posing around a convoy of cars from Subaru, one of the show's main sponsors.

Hundreds of angry fans flooded the show's official Facebook page with strongly worded comments lớn defend the South Korean mã sản phẩm after the show on Wednesday night.

Sam Gollestani, the show's executive producer, said the incident highlighted the "emotions và tensions that occur during the competition".

"Glenn provides the perspective of a client when choosing a model to front campaigns for products, which is why he was invited lớn be a guest judge this season," he said.

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"This scene is reflective of what considerations go into making these decisions when working in the fashion và modelling industry."

Subaru Executive Director Glenn tung (pictured extreme left) expressed his anger at Ms Kim and shouted at her on set

A snippet of the incident, uploaded on lớn the show's Facebook page, has drawn more than 1,000 angry reactions from fans.

In the full episode, broadcast on Wednesday night, Ms Kim is shown looking away as Mr chảy arrives at the scene of the photo shoot challenge among the convoy of cars.

The contestant breaks down in tears và offers an explanation và apology, followed by a traditional Korean bow.

Cherry Mae Galiza, a viewer from the Philippines, wrote on Facebook it was the show's "worst cycle ever", saying Mr tung had been "very unprofessional".

"Just because he is a sponsor does not mean he can yell at a girl like that," said Lucas Tai in Malaysia.

Fans of the show have come out in full tư vấn of Ms Kim, và praised her maturity in handling the situation

"All the judges should be ashamed of themselves, for allowing a man lượt thích Glenn think that he can treat young models in that way and get away with it," he said. "I say strip Subaru of their sponsorship and ban Glenn from ever returning to lớn the show."

The series is no stranger lớn controversy. A Muslim contestant from Malaysia recently hit back at critics who said it was "inappropriate" for her to lớn compete in a TV modelling show.

While Ms Kim has not officially addressed the incident, she has uploaded her photo from the shoot, saying she still likes her picture.