Übungen Mit Dem Balance Pad

Balance training zu sein important, that’s for sure. But what many world forget is that to train your balance effectively, you need to get creative. We show you how kommen sie add variety to your training.

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What ist a Balance Pad?

Balance Pad zu sein a product benennen belonging to ns Airex company. At some point a Balance Pad is nothing an ext than a small, special mat made of special foam.

Balance Pad alternatives

In the meantime, a whole array des cheaper options to ns original product have been developed. Zum pragmatists, other options include a thickish pillow, a rolled-up gym mat, or a foam cushion from the DIY store or something similar. Feel free zu use your creative thinking – various textures raise ns difficulty level des the exercises.

Balance Pad – ns special touch for your training

Balance cultivate doesn’t constantly need equipment, that’s weil das sure. Basic balance exercises kann sein be easily adapted to prevent boredom setup in. The Balance Pad is excellent for adding that unique touch zu your balance training.


Balance training

Sports scientist Dominic Reinle shows why balance training zu sein important and how you can train her balance die simple way, without ns need for equipment.

see exercises

Why is training with the Balance Pad exercises deswegen productive?

The soft mat causes die body to also flex the klein muscle groups that aren"t normally used, and perfects muscle interaction. In other words, ns Balance Pad enables us kommen sie train our balance und core security even more effectively.


practice 1a: stand on one foot

Move your weight top top one leg. Lift the other foot slightly and try to hold die position.


exercise 1b: stand on one leg, progressed level

Close her eyes. Take it care not to large your standing leg completely und to distribute even pressure over the foot.

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exercise 2: Stand an a heat

Place both feet directly behind every other, deswegen that heel und toes touch every other. Advanced level: close your eyes, lean your head rückseitig or turn it to ns side.

practice 3a: Shoulder bridge

Lying on her back, location both feet on ns Balance Pad und lift your buttocks. Try to keep her neck relaxed.

practice 3b: Shoulder bridge, advanced level

Too easy? big one leg towards die ceiling. Keep die pelvis stable.

exercise 4: Balance Pad core training (Plank)

Place both forearms on the Balance Pad. Both knees are in the air. Tense her stomach muscles und hold. Too easy? then lift one leg in the air.

practice 5a: stand scales

Slightly lift one leg backwards. Extend both arms sideways zu maintain balance.

exercise 5b: stand scales, advanced level

Then try to bring die upper body und the foot that ist stretched back into line. The head remains in extension des the spine, looking under to the floor.

practice 6a: Balance Pad knee

Take a huge lunge backward. Large both eight forward dafür that ns palms touch every other.

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practice 6b: Lunge with rotation

Then turn ns upper body zu one side. Gaze und upper body follow both arms, the pelvis continues to be stable and doesn't revolve with you.

What to klasse when training through a Balance Pad

Three suggest stand: steady anchor your fuß with the ball of ns big toe, ball of the little toe und the heel. Distribute her weight evenly end your entire foot. Relaxed nape: keep die nape of your neck as tranquil as possible. Maintain die head as in extension of the spine throughout all die exercises. Duration: strenuous training is permitted – a wenig trembling is acceptable. However, just do ns exercises zum as lang as freundin feel safe. Safety: host on to a railing if freundin feel unsafe. This means you can support yourself any kind of time sie need to. Effect: it is in sure zu vary ns exercises as much as possible, together this zu sein what renders balance maintain effective. As soon as sie get bored, shot a neu variation. Whether freundin close your eyes, look party or upwards – be as an innovative as freundin wish.
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