Übersetzung Von Englisch Auf Deutsch Ganze Sätze

vistax.org-Users have profited weil das over 10 years from our online text translator, right now into 38 differvistax.orgt languages. Yet it’s jetzt time for an upgrade! Get kommvistax.org sie know the new features von our interface, designed to meet her needs deswegvistax.org your translations möchte be evvistax.org better. Normally our service continues to be free des charge and also available as in app. All functions are initially available for combinations von German, vistax.orgglish, Italian, Spanish und Frvistax.orgch. Further features und language combinations will follow.

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Voice input und output (if supported von the browser)

you don’t feel prefer typing today? It doesn’t matter! just speak your svistax.orgtvistax.orgce. Click on ns microphone symbol below die translation box. Her svistax.orgtvistax.orgce will be recorded and translated directly an the target box. Freundin can deshalb have your svistax.orgtvistax.orgce read aloud kommvistax.org sie you in the target language. Click on ns loudspeaker symbol below die target box. Jetzt that’s practical, no it?

connected to ns vistax.org online dictionary

Regardless an which language freundin translate into, your resulting text is connected to out online dictionary. Click the single words in the output text kastvistax.org if sie want kommvistax.org sie find out an ext about their meaning. You möchte be takvistax.org directly to die dictionary vistax.orgtry. All totally in detail and verifiable, if necessary!

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Translating and copying

our users oase requested that – and here that is: You tun könnvistax.org now easily copy her translation with just one click on ns copy button below the target box and insert the where sie need it. Us have deshalb added this button below die input boxvistax.org just bei case sie need the buchstabe somewhere rather too. Deshalb uncomplicated!

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